turn-key construction
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All that is beautiful on paper
often does not actually materialize as we and our customers would like. Therefore, in the process of design supervision, we make sure that the work of builders and contractors is consistent with the design project. We select for further work responsible, professional builders and highly specialized specialists who implement modern apartment construction.
Our construction teams
After the completion of the design project, the next stage is its construction.

You can order design supervision and construction of the apartment or house.

We transfer technical information to the teams with which we have successfully implemented projects for calculation, and you receive a commercial offer from them, which includes the cost of construction work, as well as the cost of draft materials.

The cost of the estimate remains fixed until the end of the construction, unless there are significant additions or changes.

We offer you reasonable prices. Remember that behind the low cost that some teams provide, there is unprofessionalism and uncertainty in the final result.
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