design project
що це і як?
Modern project
this is an album with more than 20 drawings and visualizations, reflecting the joint work of our studio specialists and you, as customers. The project takes into account your preferences and wishes, as well as the features of a particular object and will allow you to make a turn-key construction without rash costs.
Project documentation
provided in two printed copies and a digital PDF version. One copy will be useful to you for understanding, studying and monitoring the progress of work. The second option is provided to builders and is a ready-made repair scenario with all dimensions, calculations and details.
free consultation
Designer consultation includes:

1. demonstration of a finished design project on the example of one of the objects of our studio;

2. preliminary discussion in general of your future interior;

3. detailed explanations of the content of each sheet of project documentation, taken as an example;

4. explanation of all stages of future cooperation;

5. discussion of general planning recommendations adapted to a specific living space;

6. we will definitely provide for reviewing the contract for the development of a design project and a questionnaire, which takes into account all the questions that allow you to determine your preferences and wishes for the future interior.
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technical specifications, measurements, floor plan
For a design project, we are approached at different stages:

- at the stage of construction of the object;
- when signing the act of acceptance and delivery of the object;
- upon receipt of all documents for an apartment or house

If during the consultation at the apartment or house you make the final decision on cooperation, we immediately take measurements of the premises.

Followed by:

- a meeting to sign the contract, hand over the completed questionnaire and pay 30% of the total cost of the work. At the same time, a working group is created in the messenger;
- preparation of technical specifications;
- creation of several planning solutions and their adjustment to obtain the optimal final version
Do you know why 80% of all our customers come to us?

The answer is very simple: they want to see the future interior in bright photorealistic pictures even before the construction starts. And this helps the second stage of work on the design project - visualization of the interior.

And at this stage, the same serious issues are solved as in the development of the optimal floor plan. Visualization is not a set of beautiful pictures. This is a huge amount of work that is done by the designer and takes into account your preferences for color and style, as well as your budget for future construction.

We help you not only to make the interior stylish and modern, using all the advanced technologies and programs, but we also consciously approach the selection of furniture, lighting, tiles, flooring, etc.
The final goal of developing a design project is, of course, a thoughtful modern construction, in which everything will be provided. And for this you need competent drawings in all areas of construction.

Drawings, they are project documentation, you need in sufficient quantities. We prepare and issue to you after the completion of the development of the design project more than 20 drawings, among which there are electricians, and plumbing, and wall reamers, and ceiling cuts, and drawings for heating, sockets, cabinet furniture, etc.

None of our drawings are part of the project just like that. It was in the process of implementing our projects and communicating with all participants in the construction that we found the optimal amount of project documentation.
design project cost
for a design project
objects up to 50 m2
1200 /m²
from 50 m2
to 160 m2
1000 /m²
from 160 m2
750 /m²
750 /m²
36 000
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