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What do we know about British design? There are connoisseurs and lovers of the Victorian style, which is distinguished by an abundance of plush fabrics, floral prints, massive furniture, porcelain, a bold combination of pink and green.

Why bold? Pink and green are so difficult to combine with each other that choosing the wrong shade of pink or making a half-tone mistake with green, you risk creating something vulgar. Therefore, one must have courage, and somewhere even recklessness, in order to decide on their combination.

What do we know about contemporary British design? Not so much. But among local designers there are stars, about one of them, designer Lee Broom, the Guardian newspaper wrote that he is in furniture design, all the same that Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford are in fashion. It is no coincidence that Lee Broom is compared with the masters of the fashion industry - he is a graduate of the world fashion industry talent blacksmith - Central Saint Martins College, which Stella McCartney, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen graduated from, and not only the stars of the fashion world - actors Michael Fassbender came out of its walls and Colin Firth.

Lee Broom was early noticed by the legendary Vivienne Westwood, a college teacher, and for several years the designer worked on her team. Then he continued to collaborate with the king of shoe fashion, Christian Lobutin. And now young designers are striving to get into his studio, because Lee Broom is a recognized star of British design. Lee Broom received the 2015 Queen's Award for Entrepreneurship, the British Product and Interior Design Award three times, and was named UK Designer of the Year in 2011.

Why is Lee Broom loved, given that the designer has staked out the premium segment and it is difficult to attribute his design items to the mass market? First of all, for simplicity. Immediately make a reservation, for expensive simplicity. Broom knows how to take simple shapes, basic colors and get luxurious designs. It slightly shifts the usual round ceiling and turns out a lamp with the effect of an optical illusion Optical or Crescent lamp, which our designers love and which we offered to the owners of an apartment whose interior design we recently completed.

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The apartment is located in a residential complex Lviv quarter. It was owned by a family of three - spouses 42, 41 years old and their nine-year-old son. And, of course, everyone's favorite ... fish.

The head of the family spends a lot of time at work. Mom and son are at home. She loves to cook and enjoys growing homemade flowers. In view of the different schedules of employment, together they manage to spend only evenings at dinner. Therefore, it was especially important for us to create a cozy, conducive to communication, dining room space.

To illuminate the soft group in the lounge area, we selected the Motvikt ceiling lamp from the Anzazo factory. Thanks to plafonds installed at different heights, it creates even illumination of several functional areas at once.

The working apron of the kitchen is covered with ceramic granite from the Italian factory Saime of the Ceramiche Frammenta collection.

With the same porcelain stoneware, we laid out the working area of ​​the kitchen, separating it from the living room.

For the flooring of the living room, dining room and entrance area, we proposed the Belgian parquet from the Quick-Step factory of the Balance Click collection in a rich color called pearl gray-brown oak.

We love solutions in interiors that allow us to solve several problems at once. For example, the slatted wood panel behind the ottoman serves as a wall decor, part of the lighting installation, as we built LED cords into it, and it also protects the painted wall from scuffs that would come sooner or later from outerwear leaning on it.

To the right of the door, we organized a small clothes rack with a pouffe-cabinet for shoes.

The whole apartment lighting scenario is built on a combination of hidden lighting, architectural and decorative lighting. Architectural lighting in the entrance area is represented by built-in Laguna Lighting magnetic rails, along which you can move the lamps, changing the illuminated areas.

And here are the heroes of our story. Of course, its real heroes are the designers of the Belik studio, who proposed to make Crescent pendant lamps by British designer Lee Broom an accent detail in the bedroom interior.

"Crescent" in English means "crescent". From two crescents, Lee Broom made a full moon, which now illuminates the bedroom of the owners of the apartment.

In the bedroom we have created a space for reading. It will be convenient to sit in an easy chair late in the evening and leaf through a book or magazine under the light of the Linear floor lamp from the Markslojd factory.

In addition to British designer lamps, the bed is illuminated by an LED strip, which makes the shadows on the wooden wall panel more pronounced and dramatic.

In the bedroom, with the help of an interior partition, we organized a place for a spacious built-in wardrobe 3 meters long and more than 60 centimeters wide.

For the niche and the wall above the washbasin, we offered the Spanish Peronda porcelain stoneware from the Grove collection.

The floor of the bathroom is covered with porcelain tiles from the same collection, imitating the natural texture of oak.

To play on the contrast of warm and cold tones, in partnership with porcelain stoneware that reproduces the yellowish shades of oak, we chose a slightly grayish porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Porcelanosa from the Metropolitan Nature collection.

The drawer doors above the washing machine are painted in the same shade of gray. Behind the doors is a boiler and shelves for cleaning products.

The spaces most loved by our designers are the children's rooms. They study children's preferences and hobbies for a long time so that the room reflects the lifestyle of their little owners as much as possible. We have already done many interiors of children's rooms in Kyiv and other cities. So much so that we know all the hobbies of children.

It is difficult to say exactly how many shades of blue there are. There are 180 of them in the Pantone palette alone. For the boy's room, we chose the one that is called "blueberry".

In the child's bedroom, we have created several functional areas - sleep, study and storage. As they grow older, they can be easily transformed.

The wall above the bed is decorated with Walldeco "Dense Fog" wallpaper. Our designers, who love visual effects, prefer to decorate the walls with landscapes to give the room more depth and dimension.

The owners of the apartment liked the Spanish tiles of the Ceramiche Frammenta collection from the Saime factory, which we chose for the kitchen, so much that they suggested using them for the guest bathroom as well.

A wonderful menthol mood was created by the Spanish factory APE Ceramica with the Three-D collection.

Of course, a more familiar place for a bar counter is a kitchen or a living room. However, the owners of the apartment love to spend time looking at nature outside the window, surrounded by plants, the hostess's hobby. Therefore, we took a balcony of 3.5 square meters under the bar.

Our designers have planned a wide tabletop with a length of just over 2 meters, behind which our clients and their guests will spend their evenings together.

The owners of the apartment already have an extensive wardrobe in the bedroom. Therefore, we created a separate dressing room of a small area - a little more than 2 meters.

We placed hangers, shelves for seasonal clothes and boxes for accessories in it.

The entire space of the apartment is clearly divided into private and public areas. To the left of the entrance are the private bedrooms of our customers and their son. Whereas opposite the door we placed the living room, the kitchen and all the sanitary facilities.

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