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Beautiful word "estuary", right? Do you know what it means? This is the mouth of a river, expanding towards the sea or ocean into which it flows.

The Thames has an estuary at its confluence with the North Sea. At the Amazon, which is the most full-flowing river of our planet. The Celts called the estuaries "genawa". From this word came the name of the Italian city of Genoa and the Swiss Geneva. The city was founded in 54 BC. The city is remarkable not only for its turbulent historical past and natural location. The famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born there in 1712.

In 1868, Patek Philippe invented the first wrist watch, which has since been called a Swiss watch. They were intended not at all for men, whose prerogative was pocket, but for women. Geneva is home to the oldest international school in the world, founded in 1924.

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, who worked for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, proposed a new way to transfer information over the Internet - this is how websites and the World Wide Web as a whole appeared. By the way, the Large Hadron Collider is located on the territory of the same laboratory.

Of course, we are interested in Geneva from the point of view of architecture. There is no definite established style in the city. As in most European cities, all architectural styles are represented here. The most remarkable building, perhaps, we will call the Palace of Nations. It attracted our attention not so much with its size, but they are impressive - the palace can only be compared with the Versailles building. And not because it was built for a long time - almost 8 years. And its anecdotal story.

In 1927, a competition was announced for its design, for which 360 projects were submitted. To give you an idea, the total length of all submitted drawings was 12 kilometers. The only project that received 4 out of 9 votes from the jury members was the project of the legendary Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The remaining finalists scored only one vote each. However, the representative of Paris demanded that their project be excluded, since it was not drawn in Chinese ink, as required by the conditions, which was done.

What project has been implemented? No. Yes, it happens. The jury invited five finalist architects to create a new joint development, which was built.

In 2014, Geneva was named the most comfortable city to live in the world. Perhaps that is why the residential complex in which the apartment is located, our new project, was named after this Swiss city. We don't have any projects in Switzerland yet, but they have already appeared in Geneva.

Is your apartment there? Or in the Lipinki residential complex or in the Metropolis residential complex? Or are you planning to buy an apartment in Crystal Park? Call us, we will create for you a modern interior that is comfortable for you and your family.

We will not say that the largest family of all for whom we have done projects will live in the apartment. However, it represents all the species living on our planet.

The family consists of spouses, their seventeen-year-old daughter, son, who will soon be three years old, a cat and a land tortoise. For each of them, we have created an individual space that reflects their habits.

By attaching a balcony to the kitchen, we were able to create a full-fledged living room, the most spectacular detail of which is an illuminated niche that separates the relaxation area from the dining room. The interior design of the living room can be different at the objects, but they all have in common a comfortable place to relax and, of course, a TV.

Along the entire kitchen there is a tire of the Pride magnetic lamp, the possibilities of which allow you to move the shades to the desired place.

We love the Swedish company Ikea for its value for money, and also for the fact that we can offer our customers Scandinavian design items to diversify their interior. This time for the dining room, we chose the Krusning pendant lamp, which means “ripples” in Swedish.

The uneven texture of the wall at the dining table is emphasized by the light from the built-in niche and the illumination hidden behind the ceiling molding.

The area of ​​65 square meters in the apartment is covered with Polish parquet from the Barlinek factory in cappuccino oak color.

Along the perimeter of the entire corridor, we distributed Nowodvorski built-in lamps, showing the direction of movement for guests from the entrance to the living room.

The walls of the corridor are decorated with wooden panels made of solid oak covered with a matte varnish, emphasizing the natural texture of wood.

Only the owners of the apartment know that behind the wooden panels there is a washer and dryer that we moved to the common areas.

The area of ​​the daughter's room is 15.5 square meters. Enough to not be limited only to the recreation area. To the left of the bed, we placed a large closet 2000 mm long and 600 mm deep.

The color of a smoky rose is the name of the shade of pink, in which the entire interior of the girl's bedroom is solved.

Knowing her love of reading, we came up with a bed with a secret - a rack for her favorite books and magazines is hidden behind the back.

It is especially important for a student to have a full-fledged workplace. We organized along the wall a U-shaped structure of a table and cabinets, over one of which we hung a magnetic board, which she needed for work.

The wall opposite the bed is decorated with wallpaper of the author's design, which is created by a Ukrainian company from the Dnieper according to the designers' drawings.

For the bathroom floor, we offered porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Cicogres from the Daria collection.

The bathroom wall is decorated with Hex honeycomb tile, created by the Spanish factory Realonda.

For other walls, we have selected the Spanish Geotiles porcelain stoneware from the UT.Sena collection.

Along the entire wall, on which the cabinet with a washbasin is installed, we placed a mirror with hidden lighting. It enlarges the space, reflecting all the surrounding textured materials.

We placed a small chest of drawers for linen and towels against the opposite wall.

Everyone in this family loves to read! Therefore, in the parents' bedroom, there is also a low bookcase and a Trio table lamp at the head of the bed.

The boy is only three years old and does not yet need a separate room. But he has his own shelving, on which he will place his collection of cars, and a bed-house, in which he will play hide and seek with his friends.

The bed is illuminated by one of our designers' favorite Bear lamps, depicting a bear flying in a hot air balloon.

In addition to the fact that everyone in the family reads, everyone also learns in it. Therefore, one of our tasks was to organize storage systems for books and textbooks.

The parents' bedroom also became a study room for their youngest child. We created a workplace for him behind the wall from his bedroom.

In order to visually separate the parents' bedroom from the son's work area, we suggested painting it in a different color.

The name of the color sounds logical, based on who is the main owner of this workplace - "little boy blue".

Concrete textures have long been in the spotlight of those who follow the trends of the design world. Knowing this, we proposed for the floor of the guest bathroom porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Geotiles of the UT.Sena collection, imitating concrete.

For painting the walls and furniture facades, we proposed a complex shade of beige - a gentle touch.

We created a beautiful panel imitating a wooden structure with the help of Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Porcelanosa factory, one of whose brands, Venis, created the Starwood collection.

Above the toilet tank with a built-in installation, we placed cabinets for cleaning products and cosmetics.

On the area of ​​​​the dressing room measuring 3.4 square meters, we organized spacious wardrobes for clothes, shoes, bags and luggage.

The shelves are illuminated with hidden LED cords, making it easy to find clothes in the right color. The most difficult task when designing wardrobes is to create lighting with the correct color reproduction.

When designing wardrobes, we rely on the number and length of clothes in order to create the right wardrobe for each type.

As a result of the redevelopment proposed by our architects, the area of ​​the kitchen-dining room has increased by 2.6 square meters related to the balcony. This allowed us to organize a comfortable living room with a sofa and TV. At the same time, each of the adult family members has their own living space.

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