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This year marks exactly the 10th anniversary since the famous Mogul emerald was exhibited at Christie's New York auction on September 27 and sold for more than two million dollars. Let's celebrate this significant date together, and before that we will find out what is so unique about this stone.

The weight of the stone is 21780 carats. Its dimensions are 5.2 cm by 4.0 cm and a thickness of 1.2 cm. It has a bright green color, which distinguishes it from other emeralds. Presumably, the emerald was found in Colombia and left the country thanks to the Spanish navigators who brought it to India. Presumably, it belonged to the legendary ruler Aurangzeba, who united the whole of Hindustan and was a rather controversial figure - he was known as an intriguer and despot who executed his sons. In fairness, it is worth saying that they also distinguished themselves - they raised a rebellion against their father.

It is not known whether Aurangzebe was the owner of the emerald. By the way, the name of the ruler means "Ornament of the throne." And on the stone, jewelers made special notches so that it could be an adornment of a turban or any piece of clothing.

The stone is engraved with blessings to the Prophet Muhammad and 12 imams. One of the sides is decorated with a floral ornament. The delicate work of jewelers turned the Mogul emerald into the largest engraved emerald in the world. After the fall of the dynasty, he disappeared from view for a long time until 1958, when he was acquired by geologist Alan Kaplan, who traveled through Burma, Brazil and India, with whom he remained until his death and whose heirs put the emerald up for auction. The buyer who bought the Mogul concealed his name and the famous emerald again sank into oblivion. Exactly until three years ago he showed up at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha.

The fact that the Mogul belonged to the ruler of India or some other important person is not at all accidental - those who could afford it sought to master emeralds as talismans. It was believed that they save from unrequited love, bites of poisonous snakes, and treat eyesight. The emerald was perceived as a symbol of wisdom and composure. Although, it wasn't always like that. The Christian religion regarded it as a devil's stone - supposedly it fell to the ground from the helmet of Lucifer. Meanwhile, Colombian emeralds are not the most beautiful - they are inferior in color purity to Afghan ones. Therefore, the bright tone of Mogul makes it an exceptional and desirable stone.

Belik studio designers love the emerald color – used locally, it makes the interior richer and deeper. We have chosen this color as the main one in our fresh project of an apartment located in the Kiev residential complex "Parkovye Ozera". The total area of ​​the apartment is 97.2 square meters. Ceiling height - 2.7 meters. The apartment has a loggia a little over 5 square meters. It is adjacent to the living room, and we have turned it into an open lounge area.

Initially, we planned to do interior design of a 4-room apartment. However, her owners requested that the living rooms be joined together to create more spacious spaces. We were not particularly upset - the design of a three-room apartment requires no less attention than the modern design of a 4-room apartment, but charging for the mind in the form of developing options for planning solutions is always useful.

There are three people in the family - the head of the family, he is 45 years old, his wife, who is 35, and their four-year-old son. They are planning another child in the future.

The era of self-isolation did not greatly disrupt their usual way of life. The owner of the apartment works from home and his wife is a housewife. For them, the house is both a cozy, warm nest, and a place of their work, and a space for relaxation and communication.

Their wish list included minimal wooden elements, no gray and no concrete. They prefer bright interiors.

This is how we designed an open space of 34.8 square meters, which combined the kitchen, dining room, lounge area.

Even white can be uneven. We have relied on the dominant emerald color and a variety of textures.

Some of them are embodied in a wall covered with ceramic tiles, whose relief is emphasized by hidden LED ceiling lighting. Others are in wall panels, where the purity of white rivals the sheen of old gold overlays.

Although guests are not often in the house, we have created a full-fledged dining area, which on ordinary days can be reduced by assembling a table for cozy home dinners.

To illuminate the dining area, we chose a light sculpture by New York designer Beck Brittain Seeds.

The lounge area is illuminated by overhead ceiling lights attached to a track, which is located symmetrically to the carpet.

The unifying color for the whole space is the very rich emerald color, whose bright shade looks especially advantageous among the white surroundings.

On an area of ​​17.6 square meters there is an entrance hall and a corridor. We placed built-in wardrobes on them. Inside one of them, in a niche, there is a bench so that you can comfortably put on and take off your shoes.

The bench is an important functional element. Shoe care products are stored in her cabinet, and hats and scarves of all family members are in the lockers nearby.

We made sure that almost every element of this monochrome apartment becomes an important detail that diversifies its design. The light strips built into the skirting boards help organize navigation around the apartment.

Built-in LED strips are especially necessary when there are children in the family. Returning late at night with a child asleep in your arms, you can easily reach his bedroom without disturbing the baby's sleep.

In total, the apartment has three bathrooms - two full areas of 4.7 and 3.2 square meters and one shower room of 1.8 square meters.

We expanded the bathrooms and were able to arrange storage space in them.

Let's count together how many different light sources we have designed - a decorative pendant chandelier, shelf lighting and the icing on the cake was the bottom lighting of the cabinet under the sink.

Modern innovative technologies make it possible to design almost seamless shower enclosures.

Glass surfaces reflect light, do not crush the space, it looks more solid and larger.

The rational layout of the bathroom made it possible to place in it, in addition to the shower cabin, a full-fledged bathroom, at the end of which we designed a niche with shelves.

Someone will see the texture of real marble in the porcelain stoneware ornament, but to us it looks like a drawing by the Swiss psychologist Rorschach.

The pebbles next to the washbasin are a spectacular decorative solution, as well as an opportunity to massage the soles of your feet to restore your good spirits in the morning.

We duplicated the texture of the sea pebbles, which is located under the cabinet with the sink, placing it on the wall near the shower cabin.

In fact, there are no red police cars. Traditionally they are blue, light blue, green and rarely yellow. Red is the color of firefighters. However, what can not be done for the sake of the child and the realization of his dreams. Especially for the little owner of the room, we designed a bed in the form of a police car.

The area of ​​the nursery is slightly more than 14 square meters. We placed a workplace, a recreation area, a sports area and storage systems on them.

The children's palette is more diverse - here are both fiery red and dusty turquoise. In their colors, the walls of the room, and sports equipment, and cabinets for clothes and books are solved.

Did it seem to you that the room is too “adult” for a four-year-old kid? We have completed the design project and the renovation is just around the corner, and the interests and hobbies of children are changing rapidly.

The geometric pattern of the carpet balances the decorativeness of the ceiling lamp with circular rims, bringing harmony to the interior.

If you were surprised by the local muted color of the carpet, then exactly until the minute you saw the wall map - its colors "gathered" the entire palette of the room.

So back to the police cars. Do you know who can rightfully be considered real dandies in police fashion? Of course the Italians!

Carabinieri raced through Italian cities in a luxurious Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. The company simply donated them to the defenders of justice, and even provided them with refrigerators and equipment necessary for providing medical care.

Bright colors and the bedroom of the owners of the apartment did not bypass. For its interior, we proposed a bed in velvet emerald upholstery.

The bed is without a doubt an eye-catcher. However, the real magnet is the wall behind her headboard. We put a picture there that imitates the lush greenery of the jungle.

The bright colors of the wall panel compensate for the discreet, almost ascetic, design of the entire room. The cost of a design project in Kyiv depends on the number of author's, unique solutions developed for a specific space.

In addition to the usual sleeping place, we placed an area of ​​15.9 square meters, a hanging TV stand, a TV, as well as dressing tables.

On the right side of the bed there is a wardrobe with transparent doors - this is how we, creating the effect of transparency, have kept the scale of the bedroom space. Our designers do everything to ensure that our projects are quickly implemented - they prepare the interior design of apartments and the cost of all materials.

We try to move away from central lighting in bedrooms in favor of bedside pendant lights.

Our experience shows that the central light in the bedroom remains unclaimed. Therefore, we suggest placing ceiling lights on both sides of the bed. For this interior, we chose lamps in the form of water drops, as if falling on bright green leaves.

Have you wondered why we gave up another living room? Firstly, we organized a separate guest bathroom, a bathroom for the boy and a separate bathroom for the owners of the apartment.

It is in it that the dream of all those who, without having a private house, dreams of a bath or a sauna, is located - a steam room. The steam room allows you to relax after a busy day, or recover after a grueling workout. We create an interior design project, as well as implement a turnkey designer renovation.

The infrared cabin, which we installed in one of the bathrooms, is an innovative solution for modern spas and wellness complexes. It is needed not only for recuperation, but also for the treatment of many immune diseases and problems associated with the musculoskeletal system.

As for the finishing wall coverings, we used materials that have already been found locally in the interior of this apartment - in this way we emphasized the unity of the style of the entire apartment.

Natural oak details stand out against the bright white walls of the bathroom and are combined with the natural texture of the infrared cabin. The cost of the design project also includes the specification of furniture, lighting, as well as any of the most unique equipment.

Rattan is used more often than other materials used for the production of outdoor furniture. Firstly, because it is a natural material - it is obtained from dried rattan leaves. Secondly, because the natural flexibility allows you to give it almost any shape.

The Ukrainian manufacturer AMF actively uses rattan, in particular, to create a collection of outdoor chairs called Acapulco - they will add ethnic flavor to your interior.

The area of ​​​​the apartment of 97 square meters allowed us to plan a rational space, clearly divided into a common area, accessible to guests, and a private area, where only the owners of the apartment can enter.

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