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Do you know what the name of the popular game Fortnite means? Didn't expect a similar question on the website of the design studio? The right designer should be aware of the hobbies, preferences and hobbies of customers. Therefore, we are ready to answer the most unexpected questions of customers.

So, the name of the game has a double meaning. Firstly, this is a distorted form of the word “fortnight”, which means “two weeks” - as long as the original plan of the developers was to last the game. Secondly, the game consists not only of battles and battles. In it, and this especially warms our designer hearts, it is necessary to build bases or forts. Among the four classes of heroes - ninja, alien, commando and builder, we, of course, are especially fond of the builder. But the twelve-year-old son of the apartment owners in the Galaktika residential complex prefers different characters. He, like 3 and a half million players around the world, plays Fortnite daily. And one of the important requirements of him and his parents was to allocate a comfortable space for the game.

Creating interior design is a difficult task. In this case, in addition to professional knowledge, we needed all our gaming experience in organizing a comfortable place. We have no room for error, unlike Epic Games, which developed this game. They announced the release of the game exactly 10 years ago, and released it in test mode only after 6 years. We will not keep our customers waiting and think through all the features of the interior design and the project at the start stage. Even those who are only in their plans so far - the customers of this interior are 37 and 35 years old, and their plans include the birth of a second child. Our designers had to think over the interior of the nursery so that it would be suitable for children of different ages and it would not have to be radically redone for the future baby.

We had 67.1 sq. An apartment designer in Kyiv and the price for his services include an understanding of the functional features of the apartment and the aesthetic preferences of its owners.

The customer of this interior spends most of her time in the kitchen. She cooks a lot and at the same time watches her favorite films. We organized her workspace so that she could also communicate with her family during common breakfasts or dinners - the father of the family works 7 days a week and the time spent together is priceless for them, as well as for each of us.

How much does an apartment design cost? This usually starts a conversation with our future customers. As much as you are willing to pay for your peace and comfort.

The bar counter has several functions. Firstly, guests or hosts are placed behind it for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Secondly, it separates the kitchen area from the living room. The combination of these two functionally different spaces into a single whole was part of the terms of reference formed by the owners.

The color scheme of the entire apartment includes only muted pastel colors. We know from experience that they are usually preferred by active people for whom the house is a cozy nest where they return after a busy day at work.

As we have already said, the owner of the apartment spends 7 days a week in the office and often continues to work at home. Their teenage son works out 3 times a week in the pool. The calm atmosphere, for which the color scheme of the apartment is primarily responsible, disposes them to rest and rest.

One of the wishes of the customers, which we often hear and which was also voiced on this project, is an interesting lighting scenario. Light plays an important role in the organization of space. It allows you to quickly change the mood of the rooms and implement different types of activities.

Two Noon pendant lamps from the Belgian factory Lucide became the magnet of the common space of the kitchen and living room.

For the interior of this apartment, we collected lamps from all over Europe - Italian Azzardo, Ukrainian Anzazo, Belgian Lucide. The design project of an apartment in Kyiv includes the calculation of the price of lamps and furniture.

The living area is illuminated by inconspicuous built-in lights, painted to match the ceiling.

It is said that women who do not go to work take about 10,000 steps around the house every day. We respect their work and organize spaces so that they spend as little effort as possible. In this project, we placed the dining group right next to the work unit so that the hostess and her family spend less time and effort cleaning the table.

The planning decision of this interior came quickly enough - the functional areas are clearly marked in the apartment. But I had to think about the bathroom - customers prefer classic bathtubs to trendy shower cabins.

We took the small size of the master bathroom as a challenge to our knowledge of ergonomics and placed in it, in addition to the bathroom itself, a washbasin, a large mirror, a cabinet and a pencil case for storing towels and detergents.

To create a single harmonious space, we abandoned ornamented tiles, offering options that imitate the natural pattern of stone, wood, sand.

We have already written more than once about our preferences when choosing porcelain stoneware and tiles. And they even explained the reasons for the high quality of Spanish manufacturers. On this project, we remained true to ourselves, offering the owners of the apartment tiles from factories from Spain - Alaplana and Pamesa. They liked both the natural texture of the wall covering and the price. We strive to ensure that the cost of an apartment design project and the price of its implementation are relevant to each other.

Porcelain stoneware, replicating the pattern of natural wood, creates a warm atmosphere reminiscent of a spa.

Those who have done repairs at least once know that Astori is not only the name of an Italian football player, a graduate of the Milan Football Academy. By the way, his passion was design and architecture. So, Astori is also a Ukrainian manufacturer of doors.

Astori doors fit perfectly into our interior due to their neutral design and the possibility of their installation without architraves and additional structures.

We equipped the guest bathroom with a hygienic shower and places for storing powders and hygiene products.

The room turned out to be functional, and so that its small area would not be confusing, we placed a mirror on the wall. It makes the space visually larger than its actual size.

In the bedroom, we decided to abandon the traditional placement of a ceiling light in the center of the room. We kind of killed two birds with one stone by making both an overhead light and bedside lighting by placing Irix pendant lights from the Anzazo factory on either side of the bed.

Our active lifestyle makes us forget about the bedroom as a place created only for relaxation. Now it can be an office, a toilet room and even a lounge area.

We completed the task of the customers by designing a large dressing room for the numerous dresses of the owner of the apartment. It has become part of the bedroom and access to it is closed to outsiders.

For two reasons, we made the door to the dressing room mirrored. First, a full-length mirror is convenient. Its advantages will be appreciated by both men and women. Secondly, it expands the space of the entrance to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, it was decided to abandon the central light, choosing designer lamps in the bedside areas and technical light around the perimeter.

Our customer continues to work at home too. For him, we designed spacious bedside tables.

And since the owner likes to watch video blogs dedicated to the analysis of technical innovations, we placed a TV panel opposite the bed.

The designers of our studio offered an interesting decorative solution for the wall at the head of the bed. We equipped it with wooden panels with an interesting baguette design.

Window sills in our interiors are not so much a decorative as a functional interior. You have already seen window sills in our previous works, which have become a full-fledged workplace. In this nursery, we turned the window sill into a lounge area, increasing its area and equipping it with a mattress and pillows.

Designing a workplace for kids is an asterisk puzzle! We clearly remember from the time of our childhood that natural light should illuminate the workplace from the left and we try to follow this rule.

Traveling without leaving home could not only Professor Paganel, one of the main characters in the book "Children of Captain Grant" by Jules Verne. Now this option is also available to the young owner of a modern interior. An interactive map above his bed will inspire him to study geography.

Anzazo's Newton ceiling light now illuminates the living area for the owners' twelve-year-old son.

Creating an apartment design and the price of materials, furniture and equipment that we provide to our customers is the main part of the work of Belik studio designers.

On both sides of the front door, we have located open and closed wardrobes for storing off-season clothes and shoes.

For the main wall painting, we chose the Finnish manufacturer Tikkurila. It offers a wide palette of colors and their shades, from which we have chosen warm, light tones.

We are always looking for new materials. On this project, we offered the owners the Polish Fuerta porcelain stoneware, which became an ideal partner for the products of Spanish factories.

The layout of the apartment reads a clear zoning. To the left of the entrance is the private area of ​​the owners of the apartment and their son. On the right is a common space where they spend time with each other or receive guests.

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