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We cannot say that the color yellow has been very lucky with the attitude towards it. Throughout the history of civilization, he was treated diametrically differently - he was either deified or feared.

Let's start in order. Let's remember Egypt - the hot yellow sun, yellow sand, yellow pyramids and even the favorite drink of the locals, haleba, is also yellow. It is not surprising that this color has been welcomed in the country since the earliest times. The ancient Egyptians most revered the sun, whose colors were yellow and white. Priests during ceremonies painted their bodies yellow, and clothes were also chosen in white and yellow.

In the Roman Empire, this color was the prerogative of only very rich people. Yellow symbolized money and wealth. The clothes of one of the shades of this color, saffron, were worn only by the emperor in ancient China. Now in Tibet, the monks still wear yellow robes as a symbol of humility and humility.

In the Middle Ages, bright yellow was traditionally considered divine, but its shades got it - they began to denote greed and deceit. Judas was depicted in a yellow cloak. A little time passed and yellow began to be associated with the color of murderers, heretics and women of lighter behavior. As time went on, yellow was still the color associated with betrayal, lies and jealousy.

As we approached our days, the situation changed little - we all know that cheap pulp fiction, full of gossip and speculation, is called the "yellow press". However, this color should not be demonized. Psychologists say that it brings love to life and inspires optimism. By the way, according to studies, it stimulates the production of gastric juice and increases appetite. Therefore, use it in the kitchen and dining room carefully and best of all locally, in individual elements and details.

Yellow led the first batch in our new design project for an apartment located in the Kakhovskaya residential complex.

Often, after the first visualizations received from us by clients, they change their preferences in colors. Those who initially advocated a calm monochrome are asked to include one or two partner bright colors. It happened this time too - after receiving the first visualizations of the apartment, its owners, husband and wife aged 27 and 26, wanted to diversify the color palette. To do this, our designers introduced a sunny shade of yellow.

Belik design studio, in addition to creating a design project, conducts architectural supervision and helps in its implementation. The owners of this apartment were determined only to cooperate on the design project. However, having visited their neighbors, whose project we led, they continued our joint work.

We try to support Ukrainian companies, especially when they have something to offer. The Ukrainian lighting company Pride has created a ceiling lamp 9834-3, whose main advantage lies in the possibility of its installation in the most difficult places. Thanks to the long conductive cords, there is not a single place in the apartment where it could not be installed.

In an apartment with a total area of ​​71.1 square meters, we have organized spaces for all the areas necessary for the owners, including the dining room and lounge.

The Anzazo factory, which created the cone-shaped Contour lamp, is responsible for the spectacular lighting of the dining room.

Whatever you think, NCS S 0560-G90Y is not a code, it is a color code that we have chosen for kitchen fronts.

With the help of decorative and color solutions, we have done everything so that the owners of the apartment and their guests have a feeling of spaces flowing into each other. For the lounge area, we proposed a wall panel identical to the one that decorated the dining room, and the color of the sofa is similar to the color of the kitchen facades.

Has your attention been drawn to the sconce over the dressing table in the hall? Ours too, when we saw it for the first time in the showroom. The Air Indi wall sconce was made by SLV.

The entrance group includes everything you need to apply the final touches before leaving - a full-length mirror and a table with a pouffe.

Parquet boards laid parallel to the walls help in navigation by determining the flow of the main movement.

Navigation is also facilitated by lights built into the ceiling, setting the direction in which the living room and the private territory of the apartment owners are located.

The goal of any activity is the result. What happened as a result of our cooperation? In five months, which includes a stop for the New Year and Christmas holidays, together we are approaching the full completion of work on the implementation of our project. You call it a record. We call it the well-coordinated work of the entire team of the Belik design studio.

In Kyiv, apartment renovation can be stressful, or it can be an amazing experience that will unite your family. Are you interested in apartment renovation and price in Kyiv? Call us and we will answer these questions, as well as others - how much does it cost to repair houses in Kyiv, design and repair of cottages. And very soon its new inhabitants will settle in this cozy bedroom.

As a decor, apartment owners prefer textured wall panels. You've already seen them in the dining and lounge areas. Our designers created a unique pattern for the 3D printed panel. Hidden ceiling lights add theatrics to the lighting and dining space.

For representatives of the IT industry, any room is a work room. For their comfort, we placed a small backlit computer desk in the bedroom, which will not disturb the rest of the family.

Whether the occupants of the room will be working at the table or reading in bed, Plamb ceiling hangers from the Anzazo factory will create comfort for them.

We vote for diversity and do not repeat the same technique twice. On one side of the bed, we placed ceiling lamps, and on the other side, a minimalist floor lamp became a surprise.

For comfortable screen lighting, we designed two types of light - a hidden LED strip and an overhead linear lamp.

There are no children in the family yet, but they are already in the plans and a room is ready for them, which will function as a guest room for now.

All children love cards. And as it turned out, some adults too. Especially for our clients and their future kids, we have created a map that, thanks to its black and white graphics, plays the role of a wall decor.

There are two main functional areas in the room so far - a space for relaxation and for work. To illuminate each of them, we offered Lucide surface luminaires from the SLV factory.

We are curious, what association did the chair at the desktop cause in you? It really does look like a tulip. And this is not just an association, but also the name of a comfortable chair.

The chair has one leg on a stable platform. It rotates 360 degrees, which creates maximum comfort for those who sit on it. We recommend using these chairs for both offices and dining rooms.

Two bathrooms in the apartment are the realities of today. Firstly, it is convenient regardless of the number of family members. Secondly, it is very convenient, even when the family is small, the arrival of guests will not create discomfort. In this project, we planned a 4.5 square meter bathroom and a guest bathroom.

For the textured wall, which became the accent of the entire bathroom, we used Gray Pop Nat Rett tiles from the Italian factory Ergon from the Medley collection.

For the walls of the bathroom, we chose a neutral option - white porcelain stoneware from the Spanish brand Peronda, P.Grunge collection.

On both sides of the mirror, we placed ceiling lamps 89312 P-1 from the Ukrainian factory Pride with a matte gold base.

For the floor, our designers chose porcelain stoneware imitating real marble from the Italian factory Italgraniti from the Lux Experience collection. It has become a pleasant experience for our customers in understanding the quality that brands from the Apennine offer.

In addition to the bathroom, we have planned a guest bathroom with an area of ​​3.3 square meters.

The small size of the bathroom did not prevent us from fitting all the necessary plumbing, a hygienic shower, a sink and a mirror with hidden lighting into it.

To say that gray was chosen for the dressing room means to say nothing. Gray has 256 shades, one of which, zinc, is ideal for furniture and room walls.

We love contrasts, they add life and movement to the interior. Therefore, as a floor covering, it was decided to use light porcelain stoneware, repeating the natural pattern of marble, from the Spanish factory Ape Ceramica of the Vita collection.

For our customers, this apartment was the first jointly created house. The first does not mean the worst. They, perhaps due to their profession, husband and wife are representatives of the IT industry, thoroughly and deeply studied the issue. The couple came to the first meeting prepared and explained exactly what layout would suit them. A clear understanding of your desires and our tasks is more than half the success of the project.

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