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This 75 m² apartment was bought by a foreigner in love with our beautiful Kyiv as an investment. The customer, as it turned out, even has an architectural education. Therefore, despite the language barrier, we understood each other from a half-word and, as they say, from a half-project. Thanks to this mutual understanding, our cooperation turned out to be very productive, and the interior design of the two-room Khrushchev apartment was interesting and functional.

Looking at this spacious living-dining room with an area of ​​31 m², it is hard to believe that in the original version of the Soviet builders it was part of an ordinary Khrushchev, where the layout was rather unsuccessful and was called "tram" or "trailer". But nothing is impossible for architects, so our team made two separate rooms and turned a dwelling with history into modern comfortable apartments for a cosmopolitan. Fortunately, the style of minimalism, in which we create most of the projects, is relevant in any country in the world.

We created the Khrushchev design in calm colors with a predominance of light and pastel colors. The emphasis was made on bright and different textures, as well as interior items of interesting shape. Like, for example, this huge clock, which is somewhat reminiscent of a rim from a bicycle wheel. Metal, only more silvery, chrome-plated, gleams on the legs of the chairs and emphasized the massive base of the dining table. The steel character of the furniture is softened by the velvety textiles of the curtains and sofa upholstery. Three large windows add space and daylight to the interior.

The owner, who entrusted us with the design of a kopeck piece-Khrushchev, is a real hero of our time, so he is not used to spending hours preparing food. Based on his wishes, we made the kitchen, combined with the living-dining room, small and compact. The dining area, accentuated by a pair of elegant pendants, smoothly flows into the entrance hall, which we decided not to separate with doors, because this is how you can invite the sun from the room to the corridor and save space, which was rightfully occupied by a table and a magnificent six chairs. This is an ideal location where you can have a feast - if not for the whole world, then for all your friends for sure!

The sun that sets in the house is also reflected by the mirror panels on both sides of the TV. By the way, in one of them is hidden the same mirrored door leaf (door to the bedroom). Thanks to such a cunning design technique, symmetry is achieved and at the same time a strict vertical is emphasized.

The wooden panels that decorate the TV area are absolutely in solidarity with the mirrors. Wood and a fluffy carpet create warmth and comfort in the interior. The graphite gray color of the carpet is in harmony with the TV cabinet, which is responsible for the horizontal proportions of the room.

The kitchen area is a kind of "dessert" in the main menu of the living-dining room. It is fenced off by a bar with three chairs and an ultra-modern suspension on the ceiling. Here you can have a quick breakfast, and on weekends arrange a buffet for guests invited, for example, to a youth dance party - as you can see, there is plenty of space for them.

The kitchen is located in a small recess, which absolutely does not interfere with the view of the interior. Since the cooking area should be made in the same stylistic manner as the living room, we integrated the built-in refrigerator behind the light wood panels. The corner of the room, bordering the hallway, is trimmed with the same textured material.

The kitchen is designed according to all the laws of ergonomics. Despite the compact placement, it has everything you need: a hob, extractor hood, oven and, on the other side of the countertop, a sink. The lower part of the facades is made in wood-like panels, and the upper rows of cabinets are two rows of them, and, up to the very ceiling, they are beige, neutral. In contrast with them, a spectacular black countertop and tiles on the backsplash in light marble with brown veins are chosen. Their beauty is emphasized by the LED strip mounted at the bottom of the cabinets.

The floor in the kitchen is finished with porcelain stoneware with a concrete texture. The end of the bar counter is made in the same grayish-black color as the countertop. The composite sink and even the faucet are also black. All the same wooden planks with which we emphasized the TV area act as an original decor. The repetition of elements helps to combine the interior design of a two-room Khrushchev into a general minimalist style.

All roads, as you know, lead to Rome, and all the "paths" of this Khrushchev apartment lead from the living-dining room to the bedroom. The area of ​​​​the room - 18.2 m² - made it possible to place all the necessary furniture in the interior, leaving a lot of space. And all because it was possible to plan a full-fledged dressing room next to it - behind smoked glass doors.

The center of the composition was a large double bed. Symmetrically on both sides - gray bedside tables. But there is only one comfortable modern chair here - for the owner.

The wall behind the bed is an accent wall, so here we gave free rein to the design fantasy, while not forgetting the strict framework of the minimalist style. Fashionable wood-like panels are divided by gray planks into large squares and rectangles. The mirror panel, which the owner liked so much in the living room, we repeated "encore" in the bedroom. It reflects a night light in the spirit of a loft, which is selected from the same series as the hanging above the bed. The floor in the bedroom is laid out with the same laminate as in the living room - with a chaotic shift in the step of laying the planks.

Opposite the bed there is a TV-zone and a chest of drawers, which “supported” a dressing-laptop table with an armchair on a spectacular tripod. Above it are original shelves for books and souvenirs brought from travels. We chose the curtains the same as in the living room. The cornice for them is hidden right in the false ceiling with LED lighting. Therefore, it seems as if someone easily threw the curtains up and they just “hung” in the air.

The lights of the big city in the bedroom are replaced by the lights of a small wardrobe hidden behind smoked glass. Thanks to a well-thought-out layout, we placed chests of drawers, racks for trempels, and shelves for clothes and shoes in it. Blackened metal, glass and lighting turned a utilitarian room into a real object of modern design!

The design of the Khrushchev apartment, even in the corridor, shows what minimalism is capable of. It pushes the boundaries with a mirrored panel, creates a warm coziness with asymmetrically hung sconces with soft light on the wall, invites you to sit on an ottoman and put things on the console. The decor of the wooden planks on the wall is like an "announcement" of the living room design.

Along the wall in the hallway, whose area is 4 square meters, we have planned a spacious wardrobe 56 cm deep and almost 2 meters wide for outerwear and seasonal shoes. Sliding doors in pearl gray with a thin chrome frame look very concise. For the floor, we chose the same wear-resistant gray porcelain stoneware as in the kitchen area.

Thinking about the interior design of a 2-room Khrushchev, we, of course, took care of the modern look of the bathroom. It turned out to be strict and elegant, and also a bit brutal thanks to the fashionable texture of concrete, embodied in porcelain stoneware on the floor and the end wall behind the bathroom - it is reflected in a large full-wall mirror above the washbasin, taken in a black frame, which is in harmony with thin ultra-modern pendants .

We installed a cantilever toilet and bidet - it is more convenient and faster to clean in such a room, and such plumbing does not “cut” the floor pattern. The cabinet for a shallow oriental-style sink is also console. The installation of a hidden cistern made it possible to equip a niche for bath trifles. It is finished with wood paneling.

A bath with a shower head is installed at the end of the room - from wall to wall. Above it is an LED strip in a false ceiling. Near the bath, we mounted a heated towel rail that resembles a white staircase. Since in the bathroom all lines are clear and all corners are sharp, plumbing has a rounded silhouette.

Directly from the kitchen-living room there is access to the balcony. On an area of ​​3.7 sq.m. we have equipped the lounge area with a spectacular coffee table and two chairs, just like in the dining area. The floor is lined with grey porcelain stoneware, which is very beautiful and practical. The sconce wall also has a grey finish - a couple of tones darker than the floor.

So that a lot of sunlight penetrates onto the balcony, and accordingly into the living room from the balcony, the glazing of the side parts is made continuous - from floor to ceiling. Thanks to this, a beautiful view of the metropolis and its surroundings opens from here. In the morning it is pleasant to drink coffee here, and in the evening to have a tea party to the "accompaniment" of the lights of the big city.

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