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Do you want hot discussions? Ask an artist or designer if white is a color. Most of them will assure you that they are not. Others, and scientists who will join them, will say that it is the result of mixing all the colors in the spectrum, therefore it is. Still others will add that white is not a color, but a shade. There are those who will call it an achromatic color.

Whatever professionals think about the white color, it has always carried a great symbolic meaning in history, religion and culture. The ancient Greeks preferred to sleep in white clothes, thus attracting good dreams. The ancient Romans thought that a white rose strengthened their courage in battle, so they covered their shields with images of roses. The ancient Persians believed that all gods were white. In Siam, there was a tradition to get rid of objectionable courtiers by giving them a white elephant. It was difficult to feed him, and it was impossible to get rid of the gift of the ruler. Gradually, the courtier went bankrupt and was forced to leave the court. Since then, unnecessary purchases have been called “white elephant”.

White was a symbol of peace among the ancient Incas. The peaceful symbolism of white is still relevant today. The white dove began to mean peace, and the white flag - a truce. This centuries-old tradition originates from ancient China. The ancient Romans also negotiated peace or surrendered while waving the white flag. We can guess why. Perhaps because the fabric and clothes of this color were always at hand, and also because they were clearly visible both at sea and on land.

And today the name of this color is present in many idioms and set expressions. White noise is a sound signal with the same spectral density. Such a sound is produced, for example, by a waterfall. White noise is now called the abundance of monotonous advertising, which becomes ineffective. The expression "white collar" appeared thanks to the American writer Upton Sinclair, who so called clerks, administrators and middle managers. Their usual attire was a dark suit and white shirts, to keep them clean they used detachable white collars. Now the process of transition to the white-collar caste symbolizes career success and achievement.

Our new clients are a young married couple and their little son, owners of a 94.7 square meter apartment. It is located in the Kiev residential complex Malachite. We created a white interior for them, which, as we conceived, will become an incentive and inspiration for them for business and personal growth. We can also realize the repair and design of the apartment for you. Contact the designers of the Belik studio!

Living room area is 18.3 square meters. The owners of the apartment decided to stick to the standard layout and refused to combine the living room and kitchen.

We diluted the white interior of the living room by adding light gray, scarlet and beige details to it. Such a solution, in addition to decorative advantages, has an important practical advantage. By changing the colors locally, you can update the interior every year, while saving finances.

The main element of the living room was a corner sofa located in front of the TV. The designers of the Belik studio did everything to make the wall with the TV draw attention. They placed a locally lit 3D panel and a dark veneer overlay on top of it.

One of the owners of the apartment is a representative of the creative industry. To meet his creative inclinations, we made the design of the living room more artistic and chose paired graphics for the room. Its colors reflect the palette of the entire interior space.

As the main flooring of the apartment, we chose the Belgian Quick-Step parquet from the Eligna Hydroseal collection in dark oak color. It is waterproof, so it is appropriate both in living spaces and in kitchen interiors.

Above the table, we placed a traditional modernist lamp, which is often found in Scandinavian interiors. The pendant with the name Kirkenes was created by the Swedish company Markslojd. The design of the kitchen is discreet - it fully meets the spirit of discreet Scandinavian interiors.

Our masters laid out the kitchen apron with Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Pamesa factory of the At collection. Elite gray, imitating concrete.

Our designers make sure that every space has a key element that turns an ordinary room into a thoughtful aesthetic interior. In the kitchen, a niche with a 3D panel, illuminated by an LED strip, has become such an element.

A complex shade of red, scarlet, permeated all the main interiors of the apartment. It enlivens the color picture of spaces. However, one must be careful with him - if his presence dominates, then he makes the room too active and dynamic. The interior of the bedroom should be rather invigorating and relaxing.

Undoubtedly, the main decoration of this space are the windows and the city view, beautiful at any time of the year. Therefore, while working with this interior, we kept in mind the main rule of doctors, which is also relevant for designers: “Do no harm!”

To illuminate the bedroom, we placed built-in spotlights on the ceiling, and on both sides of the bed - a Carlton pendant lamp from the Austrian company Eglo and a Lima table lamp from the Belgian factory Lucide.

The bed of the son of the owners of the apartment is illuminated by the Olindra pendant lamp from the Austrian brand Eglo.

Our designers know how to make the lighting scenario of the interior richer. By hanging the lamp in front of a glossy surface or a mirror, they double the light.

Since the boy's room is small - 14 square meters, we created a multifunctional storage system for the working area with open and closed niches, a desk and a TV.

For the bathroom, our designers have proposed porcelain stoneware from the Italian factory Italgraniti of the Alnus collection in Mandorla color, which successfully imitates ancient wooden boards that have darkened with time.

You already recognized the tile, right? The dark wall above the bathroom is covered in the same porcelain stoneware as the floor. The white tile is the Spanish Peronda porcelain tile from the Salines collection.

We chose this Spanish porcelain tile for its texture, which is as close as possible to the material that covers traditional houses in the Balearic Islands. This collection is available in three colors - white, silver and ivory, which we chose.

We have written more than once about the importance of lighting in the dressing room. It helps to choose clothes of the right color and see negligence. In this dressing room, we planned two types of lighting - hidden lighting under the shelves and overhead ceiling lights.

Vespa ceiling lights are mounted on a mounting plate. They were made by the Nowodvorski factory.

The word "dressing room" is of French origin. It means "to keep the dress." We design them so that it is convenient to store not only dresses, but also shoes, underwear and luggage.

In the apartment, we planned two dressing rooms - for parents, with an area of ​​5.5 square meters, and for a boy - 2.6 square meters. It has more shelves for shoes, T-shirts and trousers.

Often we recommend leaving roomy shelves under the ceiling. It is convenient to hide things unnecessary for the current season there.

Do you know that white has no shades? At least that's what experts say. There are shades of other colors that are closest to white.

The reference white is the color of chalk and snow. If everything is clear with chalk, then here are the questions about the color of the snow. The Eskimos have about 500 words for snow. Among them are those that describe tomorrow's snow; snow blinding eyes; snow that does not reach the ground; snow suitable for construction and its antonym - snow unsuitable for construction.

To give the interior of the hall more life, we placed illuminated panels made of stabilized moss on its walls.

There are two types of light sources in the hall and corridor - recessed spotlights and an LED strip hidden in the ceiling niche. In addition to being a decorative element of the space, it also illuminates the built-in wardrobe and dressing table in a secluded alcove.

The floor of the entrance group and the bathroom was decorated with light gray porcelain tiles from the Italian factory Novabell from the Norgestone collection.

Do you think the wall to the left of the door is a mirror? Yes and no. One of the mirror doors is the door behind which there is a dressing room.

For the balcony, we offered one of the most famous brands in Spain - Porcelanosa, or rather, one of its factories, Venis, as a floor covering. Now the balcony floor is protected by her Dayton collection. Its textured surface conveys the structure of ash-colored concrete.

Plasta Cube white gypsum sconces from the SLV factory have turned an ordinary wall into a light installation that looks especially impressive at night.

There are no unsuccessful plans, there are only complex ones. In this apartment, we were forced to make a not entirely unambiguous decision, placing the bedroom of the owners of the apartment between the kitchen and the living room. This was a necessary measure, as the living room and balcony will be used for parties.

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