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Have you thought about the origin of the name IKEA? The first two letters are the initials of the name of the founder of the company, Ingvar Kamprad, the name of the Elmtaryd family farm begins with the third, the last one denotes the village that is located not far from it - Agunnaryd.

Kamprad was only 17 years old when he founded the company, but he entered the business 12 years earlier when he sold a batch of matches after discovering that the price for them differed in different villages. In general, observation and the ability to draw the right conclusions is a hallmark that was inherent in Kamprad. Once he saw how the movers unscrew the legs from the chair so that he got into the car, he came up with a rational solution for transporting furniture in flat boxes. In addition to the obvious convenience during transportation, buyers receive an additional bonus - the opportunity to assemble their own furniture and touch the process of its design.

And, if we continue the topic of names, then many of us were perplexed by the difficult to pronounce and read names of furniture and household items in IKEA. And there is a story behind this tradition. Kamprad suffered from dyslexia and the biggest problem for him was articles consisting of numbers. By the way, the names have their own logic. It turns out that the names of cabinets - denote professions, bathroom items - lakes, rivers and ponds, garden furniture - islands, textiles - plants and precious stones, children's furniture - animals and birds. So, with the help of IKEA, you can not only fill your interior with interesting pieces of furniture, but also replenish your knowledge of the Swedish language and the peculiarities of the country.

We quite often use some IKEA furniture and lighting items in our projects – we are attracted by the relevant value for money. Our designers skillfully mix them with interior elements of different price segments, creating a lively and stylish picture. This happened at our new facility - an apartment located in the residential complex Svyatobor. This can happen in your interior - we will create for you a design project of a house or apartment.

Our new project is a living space with an area of ​​94.89 square meters, where a family of 4 people will live - husband, wife and their two children - a daughter of 12 years and a son of 8.

The kitchen, living room and dining room are located in a space of 33 square meters. The most spectacular detail of the living room is the wall with a decorative panel above the head of the sofa. The lighting hidden in the niche creates a play of light and shadow on the round elements of the wall decor.

And, if in the living room the attention of the guests is riveted to the wall element, then in the dining room they cannot take their eyes off the ceiling lamp.

It was created by New York designer Lindsey Edelman. Inspired by water drops frozen on a tree branch, she came up with the Branching Bubble lamp.

We have selected a lamp model with shades of smoky gray color, repeating the shade of the wallpaper.

For the floor, I chose laminate from the European manufacturer IVC, which produces floor coverings in factories in Belgium, Luxembourg, the USA and other countries. The collection we chose is called Design Floors. The color Glue Major Oak came up for the living room.

In classic traditional interiors, designers have always tried to intuitively achieve complete symmetry. Modern psychologists say that this is how balance is achieved in space. Its inhabitants feel calm and balanced. In the layout of the kitchen, we managed to achieve complete symmetry, which will bring maximum zen to the owners of the apartment.

The partition separating the front part of the open space from the kitchen is also a functional element - from the side of the kitchen, we built an oven and storage systems into it.

We built the design of the entire apartment on a combination of two textures - wooden natural and matte surfaces of different shades of gray.

With the help of Nowodvorski spotlights and Pride busbars, the lamps of which move mobile along the track, we created a variable kitchen lighting.

We decided not to get rid of a small partition between the living room and the entrance group. Our climatic conditions do not allow creating absolute open space. On the contrary, we strengthened it by installing a storage system from the side of the hall.

In addition to closed shelves, it has a banquette, a shoe box and an open area for hanging clothes just after returning home.

We have written more than once about our love for mirrors. They are an important functional element of dressing rooms and entrance groups.

Our designers love to change the space with mirrors. A floor mirror placed on one of the walls expands the space and doubles the light effect from the ceiling lights and the lighting hidden in the molding.

We placed a mirror not only on the wall itself, but also on its end, creating an unexpected decorative element.

Last year marked 10 years since the Dutch company Moooi launched the Heracleum pendant lamp. Its design was created in collaboration with the creative director of the company Marcel Wanders and designer Bertien Pot.

The Heracleum LED lamp was complemented by two Miracle pendants, which we placed symmetrically on both sides of the bed.

We completely transformed the wall opposite the bed into a system of closed shelves. Immediately at the entrance to the bedroom, we placed shelves for clothes. Closer to the window is a bookcase, a TV set integrated into the system and a dressing table.

For the bathroom floor, we offered porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Baldocer Ceramicas. The brand is relatively young - it has been on the market since 1994, but it has proven itself well with its quality and adequate price-quality ratio. For this interior, we have selected the Patmos collection.

Many people know that marengo is the color of a dark sea wave, a complex shade of gray and dark blue. And this is also the name of the color of the tiles from the Aura collection, which is produced by the Spanish factory Geotiles.

The bathroom also has the texture of natural wood, which was created by the Italian factory ABK Ceramica with its Eco Chic collection.

Turquoise combines the freshness of green and the dreaminess of blue. We chose this color as the main color for the room of the son of the owners of the apartment.

Turquoise, like other colors, is decomposed into dozens of shades. For this interior, we chose a more saturated one called "Atlantis", and another - "heavenly turquoise". In combination with the warm color of baked milk, they create a rich palette.

One of the main accents of the interior was the lamps in the form of balloons that decorated the boy's room. Spot built-in lamps complemented the lighting scenario of the room.

Along the window we placed a desk with open shelves for books and toys. The whole room is thought out as if "for growth" in order to change with the boy and his interests.

We hope you love wall paintings as much as we do. They make the interior richer. And besides, the landscapes on the walls play the role of a kind of space expander, making the room visually larger.

In the entrance group, we placed a wardrobe with mirrored doors.

Canopies appeared in the Ancient East. In addition to protecting them from the sun and rain, they have become a symbol of good luck and power. These days, canopies have evolved from protective to decorative.

Beds with canopies are especially loved by girls - each of them feels a bit like a princess in such an environment. This small element has become a spectacular bedroom decoration. The bedroom and the interior were transformed into theatrical stages.

The attention in the interior of this children's room is attracted by the central pendant lamp, which looks like a light cloud hovering over the bed.

The Krusning cloud lamp was created by the Swedish company Ikea, with which we began our story. And since you can learn Swedish with the help of the names of items from the company's collection, it will not be out of place to know that this word translates as “ripples”.

As well as for the brother's room, we chose the location of the working area along the window, which will allow the girl to do her lessons in daylight for as long as possible.

On both sides of the desk, we have placed closed shelves for storing clothes and textbooks.

Cozy illumination of the bed creates a table lamp Trio.

In the additional bathroom, we repeated the same combination of textures as in the main one - marble and wood. We created wooden surfaces with porcelain stoneware from the Italian factory Novabell from the Eiche collection.

The marble texture was created by the Chinese factory Almera Ceramica. From the entire range of the company, we have chosen the Apuano collection.

The owner of this apartment has an extensive collection of shoes. We took this into account when planning the dressing room.

And, if the wife is passionate about shoes, then the husband collects shirts. For them, we organized an additional storage system.

For the floor of the bedroom and the dressing room adjacent to it, we chose a laminate from the Belgian factory Quick Step in the shade of cotton oak.

To preserve the airiness of the interior, we separated the bedroom and dressing room with glass doors.

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting layouts that we have created. The decision to place the kitchen in a windowless space did not come immediately. It suited the owners of the apartment, especially the hostess, as it gives more opportunities for the rational placement of cabinets and an increase in usable area.

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