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Saint Boniface was born in the south of modern Great Britain in 672 or 673. His life was not particularly remarkable - an ordinary saint, he was counted, most likely for political reasons, because he died during a road robbery, traditional for that time. However, thanks to him, we have a Christmas tree. They write that when Boniface tried to reason with the pagan Germans, he ordered the Oak of Thor, sacred to them, to be cut down. The tree collapsed and no expected divine punishment followed. The pagans, having lost faith in the old gods, asked Boniface to create a new creed for them. He pointed to a young fir-tree, which grew near the now fallen oak, and survived under the weight of its heavy, branched crown. So the spruce became a symbol of immortality, courage and steadfastness. Already at the end of the Middle Ages, decorated fir trees appeared in the homes of Europeans. This tradition has taken root in our part of the continent thanks to the reformer Peter I. We do not approve of all of his innovations, but we are sincerely grateful for this one. Because it is the smell of spruce and tangerine, the reflection of children's happy faces in glass Christmas decorations and the flickering of colorful garlands that gives rise to a naive belief in miracles in us. The owners of the apartment, the design project of which was created by our studio Belik, want to preserve this faith in their family.

Rarely in the terms of reference prepared by customers, one of the main requirements is to "think over a place for a Christmas tree." Each of us remembers how hard it is to find space for her in an already furnished apartment - holiday chores are often overshadowed by the rather difficult, in every sense, need to rearrange the furniture to make room for the forest beauty. Another challenge that our designers have accepted is the design project of a modern two-room apartment with a studio in the Misto Kvitiv residential complex.

Another challenge was that the design of the apartment began even before the commissioning of the house. Yes, you understood everything correctly - the house was still under construction, and we have already taken up the layout of the apartment. We deliberately left gaps in the distances. From our experience, we know that the final measurements on an already built facility will differ from those declared at the beginning.

The total area of ​​this two-room apartment is 88.6 square meters. Ceiling height - 2.71 meters. Our planning solution assumed a large open space, including a kitchen, a dining room, a workplace for the owner of the apartment, who is fond of sewing, a living room, as well as a bedroom, a nursery, a dressing room, a main bathroom, a guest bathroom and a hall.

The owners of this apartment are young - they are 29 years old. Their daughter is two years old. They think that in a couple of years another child will appear in their family. Their youth, easy character and the desire to create a cozy nest in the apartment prompted us to light, the most natural colors in which to decide the design and decoration of the interior.

Their parents visit the owners once a week, so the open space included a large lounge area. The central place in it was taken by a 42-inch TV, around which the whole family would gather.

Art posters on the walls are chosen in the same color scheme as the entire interior, they do not dominate it, but complement and make the decor of this apartment more refined. For zoning open space, we used built-in busbar lighting, which allows you to quickly change the lighting scenario.

The scratch card, on which the owners of the now beautiful apartment mark the places of their trips, also found a place in the lounge area. We illuminated the map, and it transformed from an informative object into a real wall decor.

We always suggest that customers use as many live indoor plants as possible. Firstly, the natural atmosphere has a calming effect on all of us. Secondly, bright juicy leaves make the interior palette more interesting.

The hall is separated from the kitchen by a constructive partition. From the side of the entrance group, we built a wardrobe with a mirror and a storage system for outerwear and shoes. Bleached oak was chosen as the main material.

To illuminate the dining table, we proposed hanging busbar lamps. Such architectural lighting finds more and more supporters of rational solutions. By changing the direction of the light of the lamp, you can change the mood and even the design of the room. And candles are responsible for romance in the dining room.

The owner of the apartment is passionate about sewing, so a workplace was created for her in open space with alternative lighting. She appreciated our layout, which will allow her to oversee the cooking and pursue her hobby at the same time.

We pay great attention to every square meter of the apartment. After all, first of all, it is an investment of our clients and, like all investments, it must work. We plan space as efficiently as possible. In the guest bathroom, we placed a washing machine and cupboards for storing linen.

For bathrooms, we always offer sanitary ware with concealed installation. In addition to the obvious saving of space, water, and easier cleaning, it also allows you to create spectacular decorative solutions in the form of niches and shelves.

The first thing you notice in the bathroom of the owners of the apartment is a huge mirror. This was one of their urgent requests. We welcome such solutions in small rooms - shiny and reflective surfaces visually increase the space.

The space of the entire apartment is united by both a single design and the same materials. Please note that we used the same German made vinyl flooring in all rooms. Pleasure is expensive. However, you must admit that in terms of the degree of wear and activity of use among all the surfaces of the apartment, it is the floor that takes the first place. And, therefore, it is not worth saving on it.

In the master bathroom, in addition to the traditional bathtub, we also placed a shower cabin with a glass partition - this solution allows you to save the size of the room. Also, to bring the different surfaces together and make the bathroom appear larger, we used the same tiles on the ceiling as on the walls, so the border between them was not so obvious.

The owner's bedroom area is almost 13 square meters. Not much, if you consider that in addition to the overall bed, we had to place on them a dressing table and a workplace with storage systems for books and documents. Our solution involved a mirror arrangement of the bed and work areas.

Opposite the bed, by the window, there is a comfortable dressing table with an ottoman and spacious bedside tables. Nearby is a workplace and closed shelves. Glossy surfaces, a mirror, light walls and wood create a feeling of "air", do not reduce the room, but make it more spacious.

The central compositional place in the bedroom is occupied by a ceiling lamp with lamps located at different heights - thus we have achieved a more interesting lighting scenario. Throughout the apartment, budget Polish Azardo lamps and German Jung electrical fittings were used.

The lamps above the bedside tables are a quotation from the childhood lampshades that hung in my grandmother's bedroom. They still give rise to a feeling of comfort, serenity and security. Those feelings that we appreciate in the house.

The children's room is the second largest in this modern apartment. Its area is 17.9 square meters. The fact that we took so much space for the nursery is understandable - firstly, the mother of the child does not work and spends a lot of time with her daughter, playing and teaching her. For this you need a place. Secondly, the family plans to have a second baby, which means that the space will need twice as much.

Since the family plans to grow and will happily accept the news of a child of any gender, we could not create a design for a girl only. Our designers chose a neutral style, a light olive color that is known for its beneficial effect - it calms and relaxes.

We have placed a bed, a wigwam, a work desk, storage systems and a wall bar in the children's room, which will allow children of different ages, as well as their parents, to play sports.

The children's palette consists of dusted olive and lemon yellow, gray and beige. Against their subdued background, the gaming tepee with active black and white graphics looks like a creative art object.

The dressing room occupies an area of ​​just over 5 square meters. The owners of the apartment have a lot of clothes and shoes, so we carefully analyzed the type of their clothes and offered an ergonomic solution that allows you to conveniently store all their belongings.

Cabinets to the ceiling - this was one of the conditions of the owners of the apartment - and we always offer the same solution to our customers. So you can store all your clothes, shoes and even suitcases until the next family trip.

We are often asked why we need closed shelves in the dressing room? First, it's beautiful. And then, you see, it is especially difficult to keep everything in order in this room, slight confusion should not disturb the overall harmony of the interior.

According to the furniture arrangement plan, it is clear that the rooms turned out to be open, there is no heap of furniture in them. And all because most of the cabinets were in the dressing room. And also due to the fact that many storage systems have become a decorative element of the interior and their presence is imperceptible.

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