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The name of Michael Anastasiadis is known to all lovers of modern design. He is of Greek origin. Ross in Africa. He lives in the UK. And he gained popularity together with Italian factories, for which he creates the design of lamps and, less often, furniture.

His designs are easy to recognize - they are surprisingly simple. They are dominated by clear geometry. He is often called a purist for the purity of the design, which is so neutral that it is harmonious in the interior of any style. Perhaps, for this versatility and for the fact that he introduced, or rather, revived the fashion for brass, copper, bronze, and interior designers love him.

Our Belik studio designers were no exception – in our new project we used lighting fixtures by British designer Michael Anastasiadis.

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The two-level house in Bucha will house a two-year-old cat, a married couple of 39 and 28 years old who are planning to have a baby in the next few years. Relatives often come to them for the weekend, who stay for several days - it was necessary to plan a comfortable sleeping place for them.

For the space of the kitchen-lounge-dining room, we proposed Polish parquet from the Barlinek factory of the Windermere Molti collection from ash. Kitchen facades are also made of this type of wood, which creates a single harmonious solution for the entire space.

The kitchen apron is lined with ceramic granite from the Spanish factory El Molino of the Siracusa collection, named after the Spanish city founded by the Greeks and preserving the remains of their buildings, household items and decor, carved from white marble.

Along the perimeter of the lounge area, we installed the built-in Modulight lighting system, which is manufactured by the Spanish company BPM Lighting. Double En-suite spotlights from the Belgian Delta Light factory were installed along the tracks.

The owners of the apartment are adherents of a restrained style. Therefore, our designers decided to make the functional elements of the interior decor.

We chose a stark black railing for the staircase, which creates an interesting graphic effect against the snow-white walls.

Partners with black handrails and stair balustrade were black door trims, which turned into a kind of frame for doors.

For the corridor of the second floor, we selected porcelain stoneware from the Polish factory Cersanit of the I love wood line from the Royalwood collection.

Our designers found a spectacular green tile in the Flora collection of the Polish factory Opoczno.

The mirror in the bathroom is framed with a contrasting black frame, along the perimeter of which we have installed hidden LED lighting.

As a floor covering, we offered white porcelain stoneware from the Spanish company Emigres from the Sleb collection.

In the bathroom, we created the same decorative effect as in the other rooms - we used black accessories, details and materials in contrast with the dominant white background.

To emphasize the masculine character of the office, we offered brushed oak parquet from the Ukrainian manufacturer Porta Vita for the flooring.

Brushing involves removing the upper soft layer of wood to age it and give it more texture.

In the center of the guest bedroom, to emphasize the correct shape of the room, we placed two Alberta lamps from the Spanish company BPM Lighting.

The installed false ceiling made it possible to create a niche in which we hid the cornice and built-in LED lighting.

For comfortable reading before going to bed, a single Rudi suspension is designed to the right of the bed. It is represented by the American company Roll & Hill.

Hanging on both sides of the bed are IC Lights Suspension pendant lights, which are produced by the Italian factory Flos.

You have already guessed that the designer of geometrically simple suspensions is the British Michael Anastasiadis, who in 2014 created them for the Flos factory.

Matte glass balls that create diffused light are attached to static sticks made of brass and coated with a colorless varnish.

The bedroom of the owners of the apartment is not only a place of rest. In it we placed a capacious wardrobe measuring 3350 by 600 millimeters.

Judging by the color chosen by our customers, they dream of a son.

The children's room is dominated by two cold shades of blue - hyacinth and the blue of a little boy.

On one of the walls, we placed a minimalist painting in blue and white with a landscape image. The wallpaper and the design of the whole room create a calm atmosphere, which is especially important for a small child.

The opposite wall is partly painted with Finnish paint Tikkurila Liitu. On it you can draw with multi-colored crayons and attach your drawings, photographs and collages.

The second bathroom, in addition to its direct functions, plays the role of a laundry room - we placed a washing machine and a dryer in a tall pencil case, and above them boxes for detergents.

For the walls of the bathroom, we selected porcelain tiles from the Ukrainian factory Allore Group from the Allore Group Concrete collection, which imitates white-tinted concrete.

The floor is covered with ceramic granite of the Ukrainian factory Cersanit of the Cersanit Libra collection, which repeats the structure of natural wood.

For the wall of the shower cubicle, we offered porcelain stoneware from the Spanish company TAU Ceramica from the Forever collection. It also reproduces the natural grain of the wood.

On the ground floor, we have located all public spaces - the kitchen, dining room, living room, as well as an office where clients sometimes come to the owner of the apartment.

All personal spaces - the master's bedroom, their unborn child and the guest room are located on the second floor.

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