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In 1964, the Seletti company appeared in Italy. The fact of its creation could have gone unnoticed, there are few furniture companies in the country, if it were not for the unique approach that its owners used when designing furniture collections, lighting and decor items. Seletti invited the most funky, wild, unpredictable designers and artists to create objects unlike anything else.

Pop art, which before Seletti was exclusively an artistic style, moved into the realm of design.

Among those who noted their collaboration with Seletti, the most prominent figures were the art duo Toiletpaper, consisting of photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and artist Maurizio Cattelan, who presented the Comedian installation at Art Basel in Miami in 2019. It was an ordinary banana taped to the wall. One could treat this piece of art as a joke, if he did not find fans, one of whom bought it for 120 thousand dollars.

Other designers working with Seletti include the provocative Belgian duo Studio Job and the flamboyant Italian artist and designer Elena Salmistraro.

You have definitely seen funny monkeys at least once that carry the function of lamps - they are the product of the work of another Italian artist - Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. Our designers have placed a funny monkey in one of the interior rooms of our new project.

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The two-storey cottage is located in the Kyiv region, the village of Ivankovichi. A family of three will live in it - a couple of 35 years old and their ten-year-old son. So far, three people. The plan is to have another child. Therefore, our designers had to plan two children's rooms, one of which will be used as a guest room for now.

On a combined area of ​​33.6 square meters, we placed the kitchen, dining room and seating area with sofa and TV.

For the flooring, we offered the Spanish laminate from the Faus factory of the Elegance collection in Emocion Oak texture.

At the head of the sofa, our designers placed a geometric bas-relief. Pride luminaires installed on the Sun bus are responsible for its illumination and illumination of the entire recreation area.

The backsplash and wall with a window are adorned with porcelain stoneware created in the Emirates by Rak Ceramics. The collection we have chosen is called Portoro, after the unique marble quarried from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

The floor of the working area of ​​the kitchen is covered with Italian porcelain stoneware from the Novabell factory of the Imperial collection in deep gray.

The cabinet walls are covered with wooden chipboard panels produced by the Italian factory Cleaf. For this interior, we have selected the Engadina line with an oak structure.

The cabinet is decorated and illuminated by a map of the world, which we have placed above the desk. LED bulbs placed under it provide a comfortable diffused light in the evening.

The office is often not only a place of work, but also a place of rest. This is especially true for parents of young children.

We have placed a comfortable corner sofa and a coffee table in the office to make your work breaks especially effective.

The decoration of the entrance group was a full-length mirror, in which LED cords were installed. Reflected in a mirrored surface, they double the lighting effect.

To illuminate the hall and the corridor, we offered spotlights built in by the German factory Maytoni.

The staircase is illuminated by Mantra Davos facade luminaires, known for their high level of noise and moisture protection.

Black tiles imitating a marble pattern are porcelain tiles from the Ukrainian company Allore Group, which created the Ashford collection in a deep ash color.

We have selected all accessories and sanitary ware in matte black for the bathroom, including a toilet bowl with a hidden installation by the Swiss company Geberit.

The shelf placed in the shower cabin for shampoos and gels also serves as a kind of lamp thanks to the waterproof LED strip located under it.

The boiler room also serves as a laundry room and a room for storing detergents. We placed a washer and dryer and spacious wardrobes in it.

The floor of the laundry room is covered with Italian porcelain stoneware from the Ragno factory from the Woodchalet collection, which imitates the natural structure of wood.

On an area of ​​4.9 square meters, we placed spacious cabinets, in one of which we hid the boiler.

Champagne lovers probably know what Blanc de Blanc means “white from white” in French. So in the homeland of champagne they call sparkling wine made only from white grapes.

And it is also the name of a shade of white, in which, along with a subtle yellow, there is also silver. Such a complex combination plays differently in daylight and artificial light.

Half of the effect of a work of art belongs not so much to the artist and his skill, and not even to the frame, but to the right lighting. We illuminated the abstract painting that adorned the corridor with a special wall lamp from the Eglo factory.

We suggested using concealed doors, choosing for them a color identical to the color of the walls. So they are less noticeable, which is a plus in halls and corridors with a large number of doors.

Above the stairs, as if in free fall, hung an asymmetric suspension from the German factory Maytoni.

The dramatic wall at the head of the bed draws attention thanks to the legendary Mirage factory, which created the Wanderlust porcelain stoneware collection, recreating the structure of the famous local marble.

On both sides of the bed, we placed spectacular Light Stick V sconces, which have become a decoration of the interior due to their unique shape.

Under the porcelain stoneware panel, we installed LED lamps, whose warm soft light is especially pleasant at dusk.

For the bedroom floor, we selected Quick-Step Classic Waterproof Belgian laminate with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty. For us, such long-term guarantees are always a marker of quality.

Above the bed of the owners' son, a funny monkey-lamp hangs, which is created by the Italian company Seletti and designed by the artist Marcantonio Raimonni Malerbo.

A sloping ceiling is always a task with an asterisk for designers. In this interior, we decided not to hide it, but rather emphasize it. In the niches between the ceiling and the wall, we built LED strips.

In the boy's room, we organized storage space - spacious wardrobes, and a workplace with a table and cabinets forming an arch, on top of which we placed LED strips.

The floor and walls of the bathroom were decorated with Spanish porcelain tiles from the Geotiles factory from the Valeria collection.

In the bathroom, we decided to play with contrasts, choosing black Polish porcelain stoneware as partners with white. It was created by the Paradyz factory.

A free-standing bath is a separate pleasure, tantamount to hedonism. It needs a fairly large area. In this project, the bathroom of the owners of the 7 square meter apartment allowed their dream to come true.

The Barro collection includes porcelain stoneware with a natural marble pattern.

Above the dressing room window, we placed a wide hanging shelf for suitcases and shoe boxes.

We do not get tired of being surprised by the imagination of those who come up with names for new shades of colors. This time we were captivated by a shade of gray called “color of height”.

The window in the dressing room played a major role in the logic of the shelves. We placed closed chests of drawers under it.

On one of the walls under a hanging chest of drawers are shelves for shoes, lit by LED cords installed below them.

The second children's room is still used as a guest room for relatives or friends who decide to extend their visit to the family of our customers.

The decor of the room is simple. We placed the most necessary things in it - a bed, a storage system and a work desk.

Above the work table is a pendant lamp with light bulbs, whose angle of illumination can be changed depending on the wishes of the person working at the table.

For the cabinet fronts, we chose light gray fronts with small niches that play the role of both decoration and handles.

We arranged the rooms so that the entire visible public life of the owners took place on the ground floor - a kitchen-dining room for receiving guests, an office where the owner of the apartment receives his customers, and a sanitary zone. All personal spaces are logically placed on the top floor.

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