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Have you heard the name "cinereous"? Most likely, if you are not an ornithologist, then no. Meanwhile, this is the English name for the black vulture, a large bird whose body size can exceed 1 meter.

The vigilance of the neck has become a proverb - it exceeds the human by 7 times. Its plumage is also notable. It only looks black at first glance, in fact, its color range varies from black-brown to dark gray with a warm brown tint. Coincidentally, a similar shade of gray was also called "cinereous", but it comes from the Latin word "cinis", which means "ash".

It was the similarity of color to copper-gray ash that gave rise to this name, which was first recorded in 1661 in England. From this name came the name of Cinderella in English - Cinderella.

This shade of gray has become the main one in the monochrome palette of our new project for a 69.5 square meter apartment located in the Kiev residential complex "Lvovskiy Quarter".

A family of three will live in the apartment - the husband is 35 years old, his wife is 30 years old and their three-year-old daughter. We had to organize places for their rest, as well as for their many guests, whom they often host.

The space of the kitchen and living room is located on an area of ​​18 square meters, the center of which is an electric fireplace. It seemed to us symbolic that the main color of the interior, reminiscent of those distant times when houses were heated with coal in stoves, in which ash and ashes remained, would find its continuation in the fireplace. Modern fireplaces are devoid of the disadvantages of operating their predecessors. They provide warmth and light, indispensable during family dinners or leisurely conversations with guests.

The entire interior design of the living room is built on a combination of gray matte surfaces and natural chestnut and oak in a warm honey tone. For the floor of the living room and kitchen space, we selected Belgian vinyl from the Quick-Step factory from the Balance collection.

The interior of the kitchen-studio was decorated with a black matte Nortberg hood. It looks especially impressive against the backdrop of a kitchen backsplash, for which we offered Italian porcelain stoneware from the Atlas Concorde factory of the Time collection in black and brown.

The family leads an active lifestyle and an important part of the technical task was the creation of a storage system for scooters and roller skates. We have thought of a perforated metal rack, which, thanks to mobile hooks, allows you to place sports equipment, equipment and clothes on it.

Bottom lighting always looks spectacular - it feels theatrical and dramatic. In addition, it is convenient in the evening hours, because it does not hurt the eyes, but creates a diffuse light that is comfortable for tired eyes during the day. In this project, we proposed to install LED strings in the skirting boards. The lighting will turn on when the motion sensor is triggered.

To make the space of a small entrance group visually wider, we chose a sliding door for the dressing room, whose surface is a mirror.

For the floor of the dressing room and the entrance group, I chose porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Baldocer from the Carpathos collection. The creators of porcelain stoneware drew inspiration in the Carpathian mountains or in the island of the same name in the Aegean Sea, it is difficult to say. We were attracted by its texture, imitating the natural pattern of wood.

The owners of the apartment appreciate a good movie, and in it - a high-quality image and sound. For their joint movie screenings, we placed the projector above the bed with an automatically retractable screen on the opposite wall.

The area of ​​the bedroom is 15 square meters and its unusual configuration with the letter “G” allowed us to place a workplace in a small recess, the lighting from which will not interfere with rest.

For comfortable evening reading, lamps of the Ukrainian company Eglo of the Townshand model are placed at the head of the bed.

We organized a workplace for the still small daughter of the owners of the apartment on the balcony, which was attached to her room. For office equipment, we chose ergonomic furniture from the Scandinavian brand IKEA.

The most spectacular detail of the bathroom interior was the washbasin, created specifically for this project. It is a brutalistic bowl as if created by hand.

As a floor covering for the bathroom, we offered Ukrainian ceramic granite from the Zeus Ceramica factory from the Briccole Wood collection.

For the walls of the bathroom, porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory APE Ceramica of the Argillae collection was chosen.

In the girl's room, furniture solutions will also be implemented, designed according to individual drawings specifically for this interior of the children's room. For example, a bedroom, to which she will climb a comfortable and safe staircase thanks to the fence.

Since everyone in the family is a sports enthusiast, we placed a sports corner in the children's room for active games, including home basketball.

"House in a house" - so I want to call a bedroom that has everything, including a window from which she can watch your favorite cartoons.

Our clients often invite us together to see apartments for a potential purchase. We, working with apartments of different layouts, can assess their benefits and compliance with the wishes of the customer. Thanks to this service of the interior designer they receive effective plans and effective interior design projects.

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