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These spacious apartments, located in a modern glass residential complex, the owner of the apartment decided to equip for his adult daughter. Therefore, in fact, we had two customers and we had to take into account all their wishes in terms of style. Moreover, a caring father wanted minimalism, and the girl dreamed that there were notes of classics in the design of the home. As a result, we got a laconic and, at the same time, elegant interior design of the apartment in bright colors, which will always be timeless and out of fashion, and will remain relevant.

We tried to combine the laconicism of shapes and colors, the beauty of high-quality finishing materials with functionality. Moreover, the presence of rooms of different purposes does not interfere with the feeling of spaciousness. For example, sitting on a soft sofa in the seating area in the living room, the hostess can simultaneously appreciate the arrangement of the kitchen or the comfort of the dining room located by the window.

A lot of classic interiors actively use the texture of natural marble and its imitations. Finishing under this natural stone inspired us too. We decided to use her in an unconventional role and in an unusual place. This is how the accent wall in the TV zone was “born” - black with white veins, framed, like a picture, with a thin white molding.

Classics in the interior - a win-win option. But in its purest form - not always modern and fashionable. What to do? Supplement this style with another, more relevant one. For the design of this three-room apartment in Sherwood residential complex in Kiev, we chose a combination of classics and minimalism. The smooth flow of one zone into another is another plus of the project.

Harmony is also felt in the combination of classic and modern elements. So, a laconic sofa and armchair look much more interesting thanks to the moldings on the wall and ceiling. Classic baguettes bring the necessary clarity of lines to the interior. A modern suspension, resembling a large black branch with icicle bulbs, brings the composition together. And light brown curtains and an elegant floor lamp with a figured glass leg visually stretch everything vertically and balance the wide horizontal.

In this interior of the living room-kitchen-dining room, minimalism is seen in all its glory: light, laconic forms and discreet shades. In this project, we not only managed to stylistically combine all three zones, but also make each of them original and unique. So, the living room in pastel colors enchants with an imposing corner sofa, made at an angle, and a small rounded armchair. The latter is paneled in dark brown marble. It is a zoning element in relation to a small kitchen and dining room - they are located parallel to each other and perpendicular to the TV partition. The light pastel color scheme chosen for the walls and furniture upholstery emphasizes the large amount of air and daylight. It flows from large windows up to the ceiling, framed by simple plain curtains.

In this project, we tried to move away from the usual layout of the public area in the form of a studio and created a kitchen that is open to the living room and dining room, but at the same time visually isolated from the rest of the premises. How did we achieve this? They drew a parallel, and in the literal sense of the word. That is, we have two parts of the working ruler located in parallel. The one adjacent to the wall includes cabinets with built-in appliances and a surface with a sink. A kitchen island looks at it, in which the cooking and eating area is combined - a hob is built into the countertop from the kitchen side, and the remaining space from the dining room side is provided for quick breakfasts. In terms of finishing, we used light pearl painted walls, and in the wet area we used brick-like white tiles that echo the same cladding in the dining area.

Light and light colors make it possible to play with colors. We chose black, delicate gray and gray-blue as accents. The latter is a complex natural tone. Embodied in fabric, it runs like a red thread through all the rooms and unites the design of the apartment into one concept. In the dining room - these are elegant high-back chairs. In the kitchen area - high bar stools. And in the corridor and the bedroom, poufs of various shapes are made in the same upholstery. For greater effect, the velvety fabric is assembled using the capitonné or carriage tie technique that is fashionable today. This classic version of the upholstery gave a special decorative effect to the laconic setting, and the interior - a noble character.

On the border of the dining room and kitchen - an impromptu bar counter. The island rests against a wall standing perpendicularly, which zones and slightly covers the kitchen from the living room. In terms of style, we combined minimalism here with a loft and elements in the Scandinavian spirit. The most spectacular was the kitchen island with a brown marble countertop. A glass-ceramic hob is embedded in it. The rest of the appliances are integrated into the traditional vertical column.

Hid behind the blank facades and built-in refrigerator. At the end on the left there was a place for washing. Thus, two parallel lines are obtained. To make the space more democratic, we brought a trendy touch of the loft into it and lined the wall at the end with decorative white brick. Thus, one more finishing material was added to the palette of textures.

Above the kitchen island, we mounted a powerful hood in the form of a large chrome cylinder. The worktop with built-in stove has no partition and receives sunlight from the irregularly shaped bay window, where the dining room is located with luxurious grayish-blue velor chairs. Although our interior turned out to be emphatically modern, it still has notes of the classics.

We placed the dining area with an oval table, the base of which is a gracefully curved chrome element, and luxurious blue-gray armchairs near the window. We also singled out this zone due to elegant suspensions above the table.

The floor in the dining area, as well as in the living room, is lined with parquet (herringbone), and the walls are painted and decorated with thin baguettes. This design makes this corner the most elegant.

The bright laconic interior of the bedroom looks very elegant. Here everything is subordinated to sleep, rest and beauty.

The idea of ​​plafonds-spheres, originally invented for the bathroom, we used to decorate the bedroom, but only in a more elegant arrangement - with restrained gilding. Hangers mounted on both sides of the bed are selected from the same series.

The high light gray headboard of the large double bed and the ottoman are upholstered in the classic technique, the so-called carriage tie - capitonné. But the paintings on the wall are selected in a modern "genre" and laconic thin frames. In addition to the lamps, the room has a modern hidden lighting - an LED strip mounted around the perimeter of the hemmed thread.

The bright, laconic interior was created thanks to modern facade glazing, when the maximum amount of sunlight penetrates through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The accent wall behind the bed is highlighted with paintings. Bedside tables, dressing table and chest of drawers have a modern laconic form.

Luxurious bedroom interior with classic elements. The design is made in a calm pearl gray tones with light blue accents. The walls are decorated with thin moldings, as in the living-dining room. Opposite the bed there is a dressing table and a TV-zone with a chest of drawers. In contrast to the bed and light background, they are made in dark brown.

The light, laconic interior of the bedroom is stylized as a modern ladies' boudoir - refined and functional. The most interesting detail of the interior is a golden chandelier with white sphere shades and decorative golden spheres on the “legs”, which give the lamp a resemblance to a large dandelion. The air conditioner is mounted above the door and directed towards the window, which creates additional comfort for relaxation.

The third living space plays the role of both an office and a guest room, hence the versatility. Opposite the folding sofa there is a TV-zone with a black chest of drawers, like an elegant tailcoat, complemented by a snow-white table top. Near the window is a desk with a comfortable office chair.

The light, laconic interior of the guest room is made in pearl gray and white tones. By the way, in addition to traditional moldings, we decorated the walls with round voluminous rosettes, which, as a rule, can be seen on the ceiling. Here is such an unusual rethinking of classic design techniques.

Since our background design is light, this made it possible to use rich brown laminate with an exotic wood texture in the design of the floor. Moreover, the plates are stacked with a displaced step, which gives the interior dynamics.

As in the previous rooms, the ultra-modern chandelier is again in the center of attention and interior composition, which, by the way, brilliantly proved how extraordinary a classic can be if you choose the right company for it! The combination of classic-styled sconces and rosettes looks very elegant. As well as a black chest of drawers of complex configuration with a white table top.

The chocolate brown chair is matched to match the curtains. A light fabric, gathered into folds, is attached to a cornice hidden in a false ceiling, decorated with wide polyurethane moldings. This practical design technique allows you to make the ceiling more accurate.

Life is a full bowl, especially if it is your bath! Just as good furniture adds status to a living room, a designer bathtub creates an atmosphere of special chic in the bathroom. Moreover, it is free-standing and installed in a kind of “offshoot”, and even on a podium with steps. There is another bonus - she stands near the window, from where a picturesque view opens.

The combination of light and dark brown marble in this case turned out to be a win-win. It gave the interior the look of an expensive spa. Well, an unusual lamp with glass spheres, console plumbing and furniture (two symmetrical pencil cases) added a touch of modernity. The suspended ceiling looks very neat thanks to a row of recessed spotlights. However, they need to be turned on only in the evening, because thanks to the window a large amount of daylight enters the room.

The interior of the master bathroom, finished with light and graphite-brown tiles to look like noble marble, looks incredibly stylish and noble. The washbasin area is decorated no less elegantly: two washbasins are inscribed in a long console shelf, on either side of which there are hanging cabinets with smoked glass facades and illuminated shelves. The harmony of symmetry is completed by two mirrors in brass frames, whose dull gold echoes the shiny elements on the chandelier with fashionable shades in the form of transparent spheres.

The idea of ​​decorating a bathroom is built on contrasts, almost on a graph, and, you see, it always looks elegant. The wet area is clad in white, as are the walls behind the washbasin and bidet toilet. And the rest of the dark space creates a spectacular contrast with the light environment.

Marbled tiles are laid in such a way that rounded patterns go in different directions and create their own unique pattern on the wall. Since the area in the bathroom is rather big, the owners did not skimp on comfort and decided to install not only a console toilet with a hidden installation (the drain button has a common and economical option), but also a hanging bidet. By the way, in addition to aesthetics, the podium plays a very practical role - it gave us the opportunity to lay sewers without any problems.

The light, laconic interior of the hallway repeats the main design techniques and finishing materials used throughout the apartment. The combination of parquet, white walls and facades, as well as white marbled finishes can also be seen in the corridor, equipped with spacious storage systems.

To make the corridor in the form of a strongly elongated rectangle look not so long visually, part of the walls and even the ceiling near the front door were painted deep blue. The door leaf itself is veneered with dark brown wood. This shade makes up a color pair with a blue tone.

Sconces on the walls are subject to the same "laws of geometry" as the lamps in the living room. A golden table with a rounded glass top brings a touch of glamor to the interior and seems to suggest that the hostess of the interior is a fashionable girl who likes jewelry.

From the corridor you can get to the guest bathroom, which is located almost near the entrance to the apartment. By the way, it turned out due to a well-thought-out redevelopment and the addition of a part of the corridor. The interior design of the apartment in bright colors has found its logical continuation in the bathroom.

Here, the white marble effect tiles contrast with the dark gray patterned (patchwork look) finish of the shower enclosure. In it, we installed an ordinary movable shower head and a stationary one - a tropical downpour that pours from a large circle almost under the very ceiling.

Black and white is a favorite duo for interiors in the spirit of minimalism. Black decorative squares on snow-white marbled tiles echo the black console shelf for the washbasin. Even the flush button and the toilet brush are black!

Our Ukrainian minimalism turned out with a Japanese accent. The shallow rectangular sink with rounded corners looks very stylish, as does the designer faucet with a short spout that “grows” right out of the console shelf. The shower enclosure is hidden behind a smoked glass door.

To use the elongated space to the maximum, we organized (behind the wall of the bathroom) a separate pantry-laundry room. Despite the tiny space, we managed to fit everything we needed in it.

In the room, in addition to the washing and drying machines, placed in a column one above the other, there was a place for a vacuum cleaner. And above it - for the boiler. Hooray, now you can comfortably dry your laundry, and not puzzle over where to install the equipment!

A separate dressing room is the dream of any hostess, especially a young and beautiful one. The height of the ceilings made it possible to make compartments with rods and hangers in two tiers, which allows you to hang all the suits, skirts and trousers.

We also equipped open shelves for knitwear, drawers for small items, and at the bottom we left a place for boxes with shoes. The floor in the wardrobe is lined with herringbone parquet.

So that the hostess could quickly find the right thing in the wardrobe, we mounted a number of powerful spotlights on the ceiling. Open shelves near the ceiling are designed for things that are rarely used and therefore they need to be taken out extremely rarely.

Developing the interior design of the apartment in bright colors, we took care of a comfortable layout for a young girl. So, on 103.6 square meters there are: a living-dining room open to the kitchen, a bedroom and an office. As well as two bathrooms, a separate laundry and dressing room. I must say that the configuration of the apartment is quite complicated. The more interesting it was for us to develop an optimal spatial solution and come up with an original interior design.

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