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The perception of gray has changed at different historical stages. "Grey mouse" dubbed inconspicuous people. "Gray eminence" - lovers of intrigue. "Gray" was called cloudy weather. "Grey overcoats" - a soldier because of overcoats of this color. "Gray mass" - uninitiated people. Erica Leonard James' 2011 novel Fifty Shades of Grey gave gray an overtly erotic quality, and the novel's sequels exacerbated this image. By the way, scientists say that in fact the human eye is able to determine only 30 shades of gray.

For several years now, gray clothes have been leading on the catwalks and in mass-market stores. Gray color dominates in interiors, furniture and fabrics. Have you thought about the reason for the popularity and attention of designers to gray? Let's understand together and start with the origins of its occurrence. Gray is an achromatic color. It is obtained by mixing the three primary colors - red, green and blue. This means that it goes well with each of them, which gives designers a large field for creativity, and customers the opportunity to change the interior with the help of accessories of these colors, getting many of its variations. By changing the brightness of the gray color, we get a huge spectrum from black to white, that is, gray will be an organic companion for the classic black and white combination. In addition, there are, according to some estimates, 256 shades of gray. For example, isabelline, a pale grey-yellow variant named after Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenie of Spain. She vowed to remain in the same underwear until her husband, Archduke Albrecht of Austria, took the city of Ostend by storm. The poor thing did not take into account that the siege could last a long time. In this case, three years. Isabella suffered in dirty laundry, and we got a complex color that was interesting in terms of possibilities.

What other shades of gray are known? Dove, silver, silver fox, smoky, malleable iron, Gainsborough, monsoon, French grey, lead, platinum, steel, river mother-of-pearl, thundercloud, coal, wet stone, slate, marengo. The latter was named so because of the color of the trousers that Napoleon Bonaparte wore when he defeated the Austrian troops at the Italian city of Marengo in 1800. You understand that this color is the last on which we decided to stop in our color tour. In fact, there are many more shades of gray, and we used many of them in the interior of the apartment, which is located on the twentieth floor of the Kyiv residential complex "Galaktika".

With our help, several interiors have already been implemented in this complex, so we know all the features of its layout, which we take into account when working on projects. In this case, the main requirement of the customers was to avoid radical redevelopment and dismantling of the walls. We equipped the master bedroom with a separate dressing room and slightly changed the openings. The area of ​​the apartment is 91 square meters. Ceiling height - 2.7 meters. The apartment has a loggia with an area of ​​4.5 square meters. We transformed it into an office for the owner of the apartment. To store two professional bikes, we have designed a special cabinet in the guest bathroom. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that one part of it hides brackets for placing bicycles, and the other - a washing machine and a clothes dryer. The rest of the wishes of the family, and there are four people in it - a husband, a wife and two sons of different ages, concerned the obligatory separate rooms for children and the need to use materials that are as convenient as possible to use.

The active lifestyle of each family member implies a limit of free time, which means that cleaning the apartment should take a minimum of effort. The ergonomics of the interior was also set as a task and evaluated by the customers - each piece of furniture, planning solution or finishing material had to be justified. Statistically, we are increasingly faced with customers for whom rationality and beauty are equally important.

By the way, did you know that a lack of communication leads to the formation of bad habits, low self-esteem and weak immunity. To avoid this, we offer our customers planning solutions that inspire them to communicate. Creating more space where design allows you to communicate is our unspoken rule. We connected the kitchen with the dining room and living room. The whole family now gathers there every day during common dinners or on weekends.

Remember, we wrote that gray is derived from three primary colors - red, blue and green. This allows you to harmoniously combine gray with each of them. In the combined space of the kitchen and living room, we used a deep blue color and coral color accent detail.

Finishing wall coverings fit into the overall aesthetics of the entire apartment and also reflect the desire of its owners for rational interior design. The walls are covered with tiles and wallpaper, which reduces cleaning time to a minimum, which means that you will have more opportunities to be with family, friends and alone with yourself.

Parquet flooring and wall details in the texture and color of natural wood in contrast with cool gray create a dramatic play in the interior design of the lounge space.

Do you agree that kitchen design should be as rational as possible? We think so too! Therefore, we prefer to make upper cabinets up to the ceiling, creating maximum storage space. And we install the oven at eye level to avoid unnecessary physical effort on the part of the hostess.

Wooden wall panels visually separate the space of the kitchen and living room. To do this, we also intensively used gray in the kitchen, and dominant blue in the living room. In joint spaces, it is especially important to separate zones with different scenarios of behavior with decorative details.

The floorboard pattern shows the direction of the main movement, which works for better navigation. We think about the comfort of both apartment owners and their guests.

Since we chose a minimum of color solutions for the design of this three-room apartment, we decided to “play” with textures and drawings. We diversified wooden surfaces of the same tone with different ornaments.

Mirror inserts visually increase the space, create an impressive play of light and shadow. And, of course, they allow you to look at yourself from the outside.

To implement the design project of this apartment, we chose the doors of the Ukrainian manufacturer Vlast. Our goal is to create a single aesthetic solution that unites all the spaces of the apartment.

Ready to learn one of the secrets we use to optically widen a narrow corridor? Get comfortable and listen. It is necessary to lay the parquet board not along the corridor, but across. Then any narrow space will seem wider, that is, you will feel more comfortable and freer in it. And this is just one of the secrets of the success of our design projects.

It is believed that tiles appeared in Spain thanks to the Arabs, who brought with them the technology of making ceramics. The first, as we would say now, the plant appeared in Malaga in the 11th century. Are you wondering why we wrote about this? Read on, the answer is right there.

For the modern interiors of this apartment, we chose tiles from the Spanish factory Almera Ceramica - a balanced combination of quality, price and aesthetics.

Behind the wooden doors of the guest bathroom is a place to store two bicycles, as well as a washing machine and dryer.

We plan bathrooms with the utmost care. In order to save each of the square meters, we offer customers sanitary ware with a hidden installation. First, it is space saving. Secondly, water - since its consumption is much less than that of conventional plumbing.

Remember the front door with the original pattern? We decided to repeat it already in the master bathroom. The tiles, laid in a unique way, turned one of the walls of the bathroom space into a graphic panel.

The heated towel rail has also become a kind of bathroom decoration. We chose a model whose pattern echoes the tiles above the bathroom. On the other hand, it creates dynamics.

Thanks to the saved meters, a large-scale storage system fit in the bathroom.

The interior design of the room of the eldest son, who is about to become a young man from a teenager, gives him opportunities for self-expression. We placed color accents, created a complex combination of materials and left spaces so that he, too, could participate in the design of his room.

Surface-mounted ceiling lights form a diverse light scenario that allows you to implement different types of activities - from relaxation to focused homework.

The design of each of the rooms is individual and at the same time, it develops into a single stylistic and color scheme - for the boy's room we chose deep blue and coral colors, as well as for the living room space.

Did you know that the circle is a symbol of perfection? In the interior, round shapes are used to make the space softer, more friendly and calm.

In the children's room of the youngest son, we used colored wall panels of a round shape and placed a round ceiling lamp on the ceiling almost in a mirror image in relation to it.

It is very important for any child to have as many places as possible to store toys and books. Knowing this, we equipped the room with a wardrobe and two sets of closed and open shelves, which were designed by us according to the individual dimensions of the room.

Forced self-isolation makes its own adjustments to the interior design of residential spaces, especially children's rooms. Many parents now turn to us for the redesign of children's rooms with the desire to equip them with sports corners or exercise equipment.

We have specially selected wallpaper with an anthracite color graphic pattern, the pattern of which is almost identical to the carpet. Do you still think that carpets are a relic of the past? Time to destroy the legends! They again returned to the interiors of modern apartments and their return was a real triumph.

The bedroom of the owners of the apartment is multifunctional - in addition to the bed, storage furniture, we equipped it with a TV for quiet evenings, which belong only to the spouses.

The owners of this living space love to read, but prefer to do it in a chair. This habit is associated with the appearance in the bedroom of a large comfortable armchair, whose soft forms seem to envelop you, creating comfortable support for your back.

The entire interior of the bedroom is built on the play of cold tones of fabrics, wall coverings and the warm color of natural wood.

At the bedroom, we designed a dressing room equipped with buried and open shelves for storing clothes.

Deep shelves allow you to place on them not only clothes, but also suitcases and bags.

We always recommend that our customers go beyond open storage systems. Clothes for the autumn-winter season are recommended to be placed in closed cabinets with the correct ventilation system.

For the owner of the apartment, we equipped an office on the loggia. His workplace is planned so that natural light falls from the left, as recommended by experts.

We carefully treat every meter of space, believing that all the finances invested by our customers in an apartment should work for them. On the loggia, we also created closed storage systems for the family's personal belongings.

On the plan of a three-room apartment located in the Galaktika residential complex, it is clearly seen that the apartment is divided into sleeping areas and sanitary areas. The living room, where the family will receive guests, is located close to the entrance, which limits access to personal spaces.

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