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When you hear about luxurious Italians and discreet Scandinavians, it seems that there is no design in other countries. The key word is "seems". France has been supplying the design market with more than one generation of successful designers. Another thing is national modesty. The French are quiet. How can one not recall the sacramental "love loves silence."

Yes, the French create in silence and with love. They create for the same Italian and Scandinavian companies. For example, French design star Matali Crasset, a student of another Frenchman, Philippe Starck, made a portable lamp for IKEA in 2017. Stark himself designed chairs for the American company Emeco and worked for the legendary company Alessi, known throughout the world for designing items for the home. And the brothers Bouroullec, Ronan and Erwan, among other things, designed the Aim lamp for the Italian lighting industry leader Flos. Last year the lamp exchanged its first decade. And it's still a top seller.

What is the reason for its global popularity with an excess of lamps on the world market? First, its naturalness. The Bouroullec brothers say they drew inspiration from nature when they observed lianas and other climbing plants. Secondly, combinatorism - thanks to the long cable stems on which the ceiling hangs, you can change the place of lighting. The main thing - it would be where to fix the cable. This allows you to create many lighting scenarios with one lamp.

Finally, the last - an important role, as it seems to us, in the demand for Aim is its restrained beauty, which turns the lamps into art objects. Hanging on long cables, the shades look like inclined inflorescences. We love Aim and are glad that the owners of the cottage where our new project is located shared our love.

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The cottage, the implementation of the interior of which is almost completed, is located in the cottage town "Green Boulevard". Its area is 87.5 square meters. The inhabitants of the cottage will be three people - the owner of the house, his wife and their five-year-old son.

The total area of ​​the living room and kitchen is 38.7 square meters. This is a rather complex space with an interesting sloping ceiling configuration. In such spaces, the loft-style design looks most organic. It is for such interiors that the Aim ceiling lamp, which is produced by Flos and designed by the Bouroullec brothers, is ideal.

Thanks to 9 meters long cords, the luminaires can be hung on any difficult ceilings. You can also easily vary the angle of the shades.

The kitchen apron is covered with textured tiles from the Italian factory Decoratori Bassanesi of the Segments collection in ice color, ice.

As a floor covering, Italian porcelain stoneware from the Rondine factory from the Daring collection, soft natural honey color, was proposed.

Above the dining area, we placed two ceiling lights in the form of Raffin balls from the Anzazo factory.

The owners of the cottage are fans of Scandinavian design, the main visual characteristics of which are light natural colors, natural unpainted wood surfaces and spaciousness, which our designers call "air".

We made one of the walls accent by creating a canvas of solid oak on it. To make the game of multi-level dice more contrasting, we put a hidden LED backlight around the perimeter.

Scandinavian interiors welcome nooks for reading or needlework. We have created several of these hideaways, one of which is illuminated by a Hoper copper wall light.

Along the working space of the kitchen, we placed Maytoni recessed spotlights that create uniform illumination of the entire area.

To emphasize the textured surface of the tiles from the Decoratori Bassanesi Segments collection and for comfortable work, our designers placed hidden lighting under the top drawers of the kitchen.

The design of the kitchen is based on the play of matte white and wooden surfaces. We recommend our customers to choose matte materials for work areas, which do not leave marks during operation.

The whole interior is full of references to nature. We even chose a mirror in the entrance group of an asymmetrical shape, reminiscent of river pebbles.

Unpainted wood panels cover the dominant wall area, blurring the line between floor and walls. We got a feeling of more space than it really is.

And here our designers could not resist visual tricks. Our "copperfields" placed a mirror on one of the walls. Due to the reflection of the opposite wall, the illusion is created that there is a door to another room.

We have selected doors, the texture of which is most suitable for the natural wooden pattern of the floor and walls. Flush-mounted doors allow you to avoid unnecessary details, creating a unified visual image.

The entrance group is illuminated by Pride recessed gypsum lamps. We installed them in pairs, creating a light path that acts as a navigator.

Some of the wall wood panels hide storage systems for shoes and clothes.

On both sides of the bed, we placed Jellyfish sconces. They are the only decor of the cottage owners' bedroom. Lovers of discreet, clean interiors will appreciate its atmosphere.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and the landscape outside the window make it easier for designers to work. In such interiors, they should work like doctors, acting on the principle of "do no harm."

It is impossible to realize a Scandinavian interior without Louis Poulsen lamps. So we think, and so do our customers now, having approved our choice of a table lamp from this Danish company, whose history goes back 147 years.

There are countries in which an interesting tradition has existed for centuries - after the bird is eaten, two people take the ends of the thymus bone, which is located between the sternum and the spine. Each of the players pulls their end of the bone and when it breaks, they measure who has the larger part. The wish of the winner will surely come true.

This tradition gave the thymus its name, in English it is called the "wish bone", "wishbone". We decided to tell you about this tradition because it inspired the Danish designer Hans Wagner to create a chair whose back is shaped like a wishing bone.

Wishbone armchair Hans Wagner made especially for the Danish furniture company Carl Hansen & Son. She has been producing it for over 70 years.

The Italian factory FMG was established in 1998. She specializes in creating tiles that imitate natural materials.

For the interior of the bathroom, we proposed her Venice Villa collection, which continues the tradition of Venetian terraces.

On both sides of the mirror, we placed minimalistic Plate Lamp pendant lights.

Part of the wall is covered with Italian FMG porcelain stoneware from the Select FMG Maxfine collection, which recreates the structure of Italian marble.

For the shower enclosure, we have selected FMG tiles from the Venice Villa collection. Hidden ceiling lighting makes it play differently depending on the angle of view.

In the shower room, we placed a shelf with high sides for shampoos and cosmetics.

Good taste is instilled from childhood. This fact is confirmed by our customers, whose children grew up in the interiors created by the Belik design studio.

Keeping in mind the love of children for hide and seek, we placed a bed in the house, which will serve as both a resting place and a playground for the kids.

A little time will pass, and the child will go to school. We have already planned a workplace for him and storage systems for textbooks and school supplies.

To the left of the table there was a capacious custom-made wardrobe - because of the sloping ceiling, there was no question of a factory model.

Toddlers love to draw. And parents prefer to see clean walls. Going to meet both of them, we created a section on the wall, covered with special paint for school boards, on which the boy will draw.

The area of ​​​​the dressing room turned out to be enough to place on it, in addition to shelves and cabinets, a washing machine and dryer.

Our experts have developed a dressing room design and a system that maintains the temperature regime necessary for the room.

Above the dryer, we placed a sealed box for powders and conditioners, the smell of which will not mix with the scent of clean clothes.

In this cottage, we applied an axial layout. Rooms are “strung” on the central axis of the corridor, creating an enfilade typical of classical houses.

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