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Tree in the lead! In this kopeck piece project, we showed how to stylishly play with such a fashionable and visually warm material as wood, and with what to combine decoration in such colors.

Stylistically, the whole apartment is perceived as a single whole. However, in none of the rooms you will find a repetitive design solution. We also brilliantly demonstrated how in a small area you can organize a full-fledged dressing room, where a large number of things and pairs of shoes can fit.

To create a flowing space - this is the task set before us by the owners - a young married couple. Despite the fact that the age of customers is up to 30 years old, they like to spend time at home. Therefore, we tried to create a design for a kopeck piece, in which we would like to return, where comfort would reign, and there would also be a lot of air and light.

The wood finish goes from the floor to the wall. Since the new residential complex has large windows - from floor to ceiling, in good daylight the rich brown color does not seem gloomy. We made the walls in contrast with a cold white tone. And the furniture is made in a dark graphite shade. Three colors in the interior look concise and elegant.

The heart of the living room is a large corner sofa on which 6 people can sit - this is what the owners asked for. They like to comfortably watch a movie, slowly communicate with guests. It is here that the head of the family spends time at a laptop. Fortunately, the design of the sofa provides for two whole tables on one side, and a wide armrest on the other.

The wall behind the sofa is an accent wall, and therefore we paid special attention to its design. We combined large wooden panels with a wide and narrow strip of green stabilized moss. Against the background of a tree, such a fashionable phytodesign looks very organic. To the left of the sofa is the entrance to the room from the hallway. We decided to abandon the doors and made a conditional zoning due to an open rack. Blackened metal and wooden shelves - a combination in the spirit of a loft.

A stone's throw from the place of rest, we placed a kitchen zoned with a bar counter. We finished the wall near the counter and the case with the same wooden planks as the floor. And the table top and side part, like the chairs, were made dark gray. Also, a place for a meal was allocated with the help of a laconic black suspension in the form of a long plank with two spots at the ends.

The owner of the apartment loves to cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, so we have combined beauty and practicality here. Framed by white facades, where a refrigerator is built-in on the one hand, and an oven with a microwave oven on the other, we have created a “tree island”. The second row of hanging cabinets (with ice-illuminated body) and a kitchen backsplash echo the wooden interior trim. In the cooking area, we also installed modern lighting - white turning spots on a bus system.

The wood on the floor has become a kind of constant in this project. Thinking over the design of a small kopeck piece, we tried to ensure that each room had its own character and its own zest. In the master bedroom, the wall behind the bed turned out to be the most interesting. Beige-coffee panels in the form of large squares and rectangles form a geometric ornament.

The centerpiece of the composition is a double bed with console bedside tables veneered with wood. Laconic lamps selected from the same series - a suspension and a night lamp - seemed to rush towards each other. Spotlights are also built into the ceiling, plus there is a hidden ice-light.

The upholstery of the body of the bed and chair is made of gray fabric with an interesting texture. A blackened metal coffee table is a touch of a loft in a minimalist interior. The same metal is in the lamps. In general, the repetition of textures and materials is the basis of harmony in design.

If a black cat is best hidden in a black room, then white doors with white architraves are not visible on a snow-white wall! One of the doors leads to the room, the other - to a separate wardrobe. This solution helped unload the rooms from cabinets and provided enough storage space. Because we have a lot of brown elements, the white walls don't feel sterile.

The TV in the master bedroom is very interesting. Three panels in the shape of an elongated rectangle, veneered with brown wood, form a square. Moreover, in its lower part there are two rows of shallow drawers in a horizontal strip, supplemented at the bottom with ice-illumination.

The interior design of a kopeck piece is impossible to imagine without a well-organized bathroom. In our project, it turned out to be both beautiful and comfortable. The decoration used marble tiles with small veins. Lighter - on the floor and part of the walls, and in brown tones - in the wet area.

The washbasin is fitted into a long tabletop, under which there is a console structure with drawers and open shelves. Wooden facades remind us that this material has become a key material for us in the design of this interior. A large mirror visually expands the boundaries of the room and reflects the light of the lamps. For the hostess, this is the perfect place to apply makeup.

Since the console toilet was made with a hidden installation, we decided to play with the ledges in this wall and made pencil cases with places to store bath trifles. In the niche between them there was a place for an electric heated towel rail. Its chrome sheen echoes the toilet key.

The door to the bathroom is located almost in the middle of a long wall. Therefore, when it is opened, free passage to the washbasin or bath is still provided. The latter, by the way, is also supplemented by a stationary shower door.

There are collections that you do not want to flaunt for public viewing, but which are no less expensive. The owners of this apartment have a passion for good shoes. It was for her that they asked to arrange a lot of shelves in the dressing room.

Closed sections of the wardrobe are provided for seasonal outerwear, and between them there are again open shelves. Here they are at right angles. Thus, every centimeter of space is effectively used.

Shirts, blouses and jackets hang in two rows on long rods. Knitted items are laid out in square shelves-cells. Drawers are provided for small items. This division of things helps to keep the wardrobe in perfect order.

All body structural elements were made to order, taking into account the specific footage of the room. In order for the owners to quickly find the right thing, we have provided powerful ceiling lighting.

Wooden flooring is unchanged even in the wardrobe. After all, even in such a utilitarian room there should be beauty. There is enough space near the door to open it.

Since we were ordered to design a kopeck piece for a family with a child, but the appearance of a baby is still in the plans, we arranged an office in the place of the future nursery. It also serves as a guest bedroom, if relatives come to visit for a week or two. Wooden flooring visually warms the room and makes a cozy atmosphere in a minimalist style.

In the corner, we placed a fold-out sofa with light gray textured upholstery and the same pillows, and put the desk facing the window and sunlight. The wall behind the sofa is painted milky, and the one with the door is white.

We chose a table for the office in the spirit of a loft - with blackened metal elements and a wooden top. Moreover, we have it made with the letter G and allows you to use two perpendicular surfaces at once. The curtains are selected gray - a couple of tones darker than the upholstery of the sofa. The cornice for them is hidden in the false ceiling and an LED strip is mounted there.

The door to the room is white, so it is invisible against the background of the wall. The only decor in the interior is a picturesque painting, where gray tones also predominate. A safe was also installed in a secret place, the exact dimensions of which were given by the owners even before the start of work on the project.

If the theater begins with a hanger, then the design of a small kopeck piece - right from the threshold, or rather the hallway. Part of the entrance area is decorated in graphite gray tones. Moreover, the walls, the floor, and even the door are made in such monochrome. This design technique visually reduces the length of the corridor.

Then the territory of the tree begins, where it flows from the floor to the wall. The padded seat makes it easy to take off your shoes. A number of spotlights embedded in the ceiling are responsible for lighting the corridor.

Part of the walls in the corridor is also painted dark gray. Against this background, white doors look emphatically elegant. A couple of sconces on the wall are provided for movement in the evening, if the owners do not want to turn on bright general lighting.

My light, mirror, tell me, show the whole corridor! The floor-to-ceiling mirror panel visually expands the boundaries of the space and reflects the light of the lamps. For the hostess, such a mirror is a real find, because it allows you to see yourself in all its glory and in full growth.

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