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In 1977, Colleen McCullough's The Thorn Birds was published, and continues to be one of the bestsellers - it is said that two copies of it are sold every minute in the world.

The title of the book refers to an ancient Celtic legend about a bird that, from the first minute of its birth, is looking for the perfect thorn in a blackthorn to pierce its chest and sing its most beautiful song. This legend remains a beautiful legend. No scientific confirmation of its reality has been found.

And this book made real and popular the color “ash roses”, the color of the dress of the main character Maggie Cleary. The dress that became her triumph and the omen of her tragedy. McCullough describes it this way: "matte, light gray with a delicate pinkish tint - in those years this color was called" rose ash ".

In those years, the complex shade of pink was given just such a romantic name with a touch of drama. Later it was called "withered rose", "dusty rose" or "silver peony".

This warm shade of lilac has become a favorite among fashion designers and interior designers. First, it's beautiful. Secondly, it gives the interior a sensual, emotional character. This color is not dominant. It is delicate and can be easily combined with other colors - milky, aquamarine, olive, black, cinnamon, which is now very popular. Interior designers especially appreciate it for its airiness and lightness.

Over time, the ashes of the rose gave rise to many shades - the color of pink powder, peach skin, purple glow, apricot jam, heather wine, wedding roses. We do not know what color the roses were at the wedding of our customers, but they accepted our proposal to create the interior of their apartment in the Novopecherskaya Tower residential complex with enthusiasm.

The owners of the apartment and our new clients are a married couple of 22 and 20 years old. They have children in their plans in 5-6 years. In the meantime, the inhabitants of the apartment will be them and their Spitz, as well as numerous friends who often come to visit them.

The owner of the apartment described her image in this way - a cozy nest, a visiting card, a fortress. Usually our clients stop at one of the requirements for an apartment. And in this case, we got bingo!

The area of ​​​​the kitchen-living room is 34 square meters. The area is sufficient to place on it an area for cozy family breakfasts or friendly gatherings at the bar counter, a grand dining room, a recreation area and a working kitchen area. The design of a studio kitchen in a classic style is always a challenge to the professionalism of a specialist. He needs to maintain a solemn style, make it functional and prevent guests from seeing dirty dishes.

For quiet family dinners, we have allocated a small part of the kitchen with a round table and comfortable chairs.

The crystal pendants of the Waterfall Round Suspension lamp, which we placed above the dining table, fall in waterfall cascades. Look at the photo of the kitchen and enjoy its design!

The living room and dining room are separated from each other by an artificial fireplace. The fireplace is artificial, but the warmth and comfort that it gives to the inhabitants of the apartment are real. The design of the living room is built around a lounge area with a sofa, tables and a fireplace.

On either side of the sofa group and above the lounge area, there are chic sconces and a ceiling lamp from the Newport collection.

Pure styles no longer exist in the 21st century. When our customers say they want a classic interior, we know that in their understanding it can be Empire, Classicism, and Art Deco. In this interior, it was Art Deco that became the main stylistic trend, which was reflected in the details and materials.

In finishing, we proposed to move away from the usual gold plating of details in favor of the rarer rose gold. It has accompanied humanity since ancient times, when, due to impurities, gold had a reddish tint.

One of the most spectacular elements of the interior was the floor, for which we chose luxurious tiles imitating the marble floors of classic castles. This is Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Aparici factory in the Magma collection in Ivory Pulido color.

To the left of the front door, we placed a built-in wardrobe system for outerwear.

On the right is a banquette in a niche next to open decorative shelves for figurines, which the owners of the apartment brought back from their travels.

The design team of the Spanish factory Peronda was inspired by the expensive onyx material, which creates the effect of a luminous translucent material.

We offered our customers one of the brands of the Peronda factory - Museum, which specializes in luxurious textures.

For the interior of the bathroom, the Lumina collection in beige color was chosen, the tiles from which cover the floor and the shower area.

The rest of the walls are covered with moisture-resistant chipboard in the main color of the interior of the entire apartment - rose ash.

The master bedroom is a large space of 31.6 square meters. The correct shape and impressive dimensions allowed us to make the grand interior with maximum symmetry in the arrangement of furniture and lighting.

The bedroom has several functional areas - relaxation, storage, dressing table. We organized two large wardrobes in it - 3360 and 2360 millimeters long.

The dressing table is positioned correctly so that natural light falls from the left side. Artificial lighting is provided by LED lighting hidden in the ceiling niche.

“The devil is in the details” - this phrase is attributed either to the architect Mies van der Rohe, or to the writers Gustav Flaubert or Stendhal. Let us leave to historians their task of searching for the truth. We believe that there are no trifles in the interior and carefully consider every design detail. To verify this, take a look at the photos of the bedroom and dressing table.

Bedside tables have become part of the bed. In order to preserve the compositional unity, we decided to make the top of the tables from the same fabric as on the bed and on the walls.

For the floor of the hall and the corridor, we chose parquet from the French company L’Gart Parquet from the San Vito collection.

The parquet is absolutely environmentally friendly - it is coated with oil and wax from the Italian factory Borma Italy.

Lighting in the bathroom is created by recessed spotlights and LED strips installed around the perimeter of the room and around the mirror.

We created a decorative panel from Turkish porcelain stoneware of the Kutahya factory in the color of ivory opal.

Behind the wall panels, we have created a hidden storage system, the doors of which are equipped with a soft touch system.

In addition to hidden shelves in the bathroom, we created a spectacular open showcase with internal LED lighting.

The area of ​​​​the dressing room is sufficient to accommodate wide shelves on its three walls - 4.3 square meters. However, the shape of the room is elongated.

Our designers proposed to caisson the ceiling and install lighting into the resulting niche in order to visually increase the height of the ceiling, let “air” into the interior and correct the shape of the dressing room.

Shiny drawer fronts are no accident either. The surfaces reflected in them create the effect of depth. And the light doubles and makes the room brighter.

In addition to overhead lighting, we installed hidden lighting under the shelves, which makes choosing the right color clothes quick and easy.

Everything in the interior of the office speaks of the strong character of its owner. In the interior palette and materials, we combined a delicate lilac shade of pink, which is present in the rest of the apartment, and rich masculine colors.

The office is also a rest room for the owner of the apartment - we placed a sofa and a TV stand here. Over time, when the baby arrives, the room will become a guest bedroom.

A desk with a view? Desk with a view! We spend a lot of time at work even when we are at home, so sitting by the window will allow us to relax, switch, and, perhaps, looking at the beautiful landscape and the sun, change plans and go for a walk with the family.

The furniture in this interior performs, in addition to the main functional task, also decorative. Our designers have developed a unique bookcase design that maintains the overall style of the apartment. The finish coating used copper lining, wenge. And the hidden interior lighting looks especially impressive in the evening hours.

For those guests who prefer to stay overnight, we have created a guest bedroom. Over time, this room of 18.3 square meters is transformed into a children's room.

The wall at the head of the bed has become the main decor of the guest bedroom, thanks to the main color wood paneling, rose gold metal decor and mirror inserts.

On either side of the bed are oval bedside tables with table lamps from the Newport collection.

And although the current guest room will inevitably be transformed, some of its elements will remain. For example, a built-in spacious wardrobe that forms an arch around the opening with a TV and a hanging shelf.

One of the characteristic features of a classic interior is the symmetry in the arrangement of rooms, furniture, and lighting. For obvious reasons, we cannot radically change the layout of the apartment. However, in each room, we have carefully achieved a balance in symmetry, which brings a sense of calm and balance.

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