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The debate about which came first, the egg or the chicken, is still hot-headed. It is also difficult to say what came first - innovative technologies in lighting or the humanistic concept that lighting should correspond to human life cycles.

Let's leave the debate to those who love it. And we ourselves will enjoy what is called Human Centric Lighting or biodynamic lighting. It affects the mood of a person, his performance and the quality of rest. A few years ago, it was mandatory in the offices of companies that wanted to increase the productivity of their employees.

Now that during the lockdown, offices have moved into their homes, the question arose of the need for proper organization of the lighting scenario in the homes as well. It changes throughout the day depending on the time of day or season. During the day, when it is important for a person to remain in working condition, the light is colder - the light temperature of cold light is 6500K, which helps to concentrate better and work with greater productivity. But warm light promotes the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, it is recommended to turn it on in the evening.

Automatic biodynamic lighting systems adjust the lighting according to your biorhythms. In our new project, we complemented biodynamic RGB lighting with light, creating a spectacular decoration of the apartment with it, which makes the rest of the decor superfluous. Let's go through it together.

The apartment is located in the residential complex "Slavutych". It will be inhabited by a young woman, 32 years old, who prefers a minimalist style and loves music. The most important part of her terms of reference was the description of the place for the turntable and the system for storing them.

Since the owner of the apartment is an adherent of discreet aesthetics, we suggested that she create accents in the interior with the help of light using RGB LED strips. Of course, you are interested in the reasons why we chose them. First, it's beautiful. Secondly, the installation of LED strips does not require large financial, physical and professional costs. Thirdly, LED strips help to change the space, spreading light by 120 degrees. They visually make the ceilings higher or rooms larger.

We placed RGB LED strips in niches at the junction of walls and ceiling, as well as around structural columns, turning them into decorative elements.

We installed ordinary LED strips under the wall shelves, creating additional light.

The living room with an area of ​​16 square meters also combines the function of an office, for which we created a separate zone, placing a desktop, shelves in it and organizing additional lighting in the form of overhead bus lamps by the Italian company Artemide of the Vector Magnetic model.

It's time to tell you what RGB is. This is an abbreviation derived from the initial letters of the names of the colors red, green, blue, which in English are written as red, green, blue.

These colors are chosen as primary because they are needed to create other colors. Their absence causes black color. The mix is ​​white. If you combine red and blue, you get purple. Red and green - yellow. Green and blue - cyan, which is sometimes mistakenly called turquoise.

This year we are celebrating 160 years since Scottish mathematical physicist James Maxwell proposed using color synthesis to produce color images.

For the living room floor, we chose Belgian parquet from Quick-Step's Pulse Click collection.

Under the TV, we placed a wide hinged shelf 2120 millimeters long, on which the player will be located, and the collection of vinyl records will be stored in it.

We put a desktop by the window and extended it to a low window sill - there is a comfortable soft mattress, sitting on which you can comfortably work with a laptop overlooking the city.

As a floor covering for the kitchen area, we offered Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Atrium factory of the Kiel collection in Perla color. The dark, minimalist kitchen contrasts with the tile design, which imitates the surface of a seashell.

The pearl flooring is repeated on the kitchen apron. There we used Italian porcelain stoneware from the Ragno factory from the Bistrot collection.

In order to enrich the design, we also integrated LED strips into the underside of the kitchen cabinets, which effectively illuminate the pearl-effect tiles.

The advantage of LED cords is that they are both a functional and decorative lighting element, which is applicable in interiors of different styles. They look appropriate in the classics, and in high-tech style. It is also easily integrated into spaces of different typologies - it is organic both in the design of the living room and in the decor of the bedroom. We will see this with you a little later.

In this project, LED lighting also plays the role of a marker for different functional areas, establishing a boundary between, for example, the living room and the kitchen.

In this interior, everything is built on the game of contrasts of dark and light, cold and warm. We chose dark finishes for furniture and walls, leaving the floor light.

To the left of the door is an open wardrobe with a hanging shelf, under which there is a pouffe. Under the shelf, we built an LED cord that responds to a motion sensor.

We also made the ceiling of the entrance group and the kitchen dark, anthracite, in the same color as the walls. Against their background, red lighting looks especially spectacular.

To the right of the front door, our designers placed a closed wardrobe with a mirror that visually expands the space of the hall.

The perimeter bathroom mirror is illuminated by a hidden LED strip and a pendant lamp from the Scandinavian brand Nordlux model 22430.

We kept contrasting materials and details in the bathroom as well, choosing a crisp white sink and bathtub as partners with black taps, a wall hung toilet and a hygienic shower.

For the bathroom floor, we have chosen gray polished stoneware from the Opoczno Pl factory from the Grava collection.

Along the perimeter of the room at the junction of the floor and walls, we placed LED strips that will respond to motion sensors.

For the shower cabin, we selected a shower set from the German company Hansgrohe of the Vernis collection of the Blend Showerpipe model.

The bed is illuminated by MJ Reader Snake overhead wall lights. Their main advantage lies in the flexible legs, which allow you to change the direction of light with a single movement of your hand.

To the left of the bed, we placed an overhead Stick lamp, which will additionally illuminate an unusual art object placed at the head of the bed.

Of course, a modern interior cannot be imagined without art objects. For this space, we chose a black and white photo.

LED cords frame the entire space of the room. We ran them along the walls and the bed, making it feel like it was floating above the floor.

We also placed LED strips under the ceiling and around the window - this solution looks especially exciting in the evening when the general lights are off.

The mirror is also framed with an LED strip, which eliminates the need for additional lamps.

For the dressing room, we chose a mobile glass partition so as not to reduce the space of a small bedroom.

Low window sills are always a plus for apartments. They allow you to organize an additional recreation area on them. So we did in this interior, placing a soft mattress with a pillow on them.

The floor of the dressing room is also covered with Polish stoneware from the Opoczno Pl factory of the Grava collection in a deeper shade of gray - anthracite.

Contrary to popular belief that dark colors reduce space, professional designers know that the opposite is true.

The dark color visually makes the room bigger, and the ceilings higher. Therefore, we suggest our customers to use dark paint for the ceilings of small rooms.

In the layout of this apartment, we used the axial placement of rooms. In it, all personal spaces are located to the left of the central axis, and those available to guests are located to the right. This helps to keep the hostess comfortable and private.

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