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Walkie Talkie is a portable transceiver, in other words, a walkie-talkie. This is the name of one of the London skyscrapers, in which the business center is located, for a similar shape.

In 2013, when the building was built and almost finished, residents of the area noticed that it was collecting sunlight and purposefully sending it to a small area nearby - an effect that neither the architect, Uruguayan Rafael Vignoli, nor the owners of the building had predicted. First, the owner of the Jaguar car suffered, whose parts were burned, then the owner of the nearest hairdresser, whose rays burned the carpet. And then the Londoners started frying scrambled eggs right on the pavement in front of the building. The fun did not last long - only two hours a day for a couple of weeks, until the sun changed its position. The developer covered the facade with a protective film and set about solving the problem.

This incident made the building famous even at the construction stage, but when it opened in 2015, lovers of enchanting views, greenery and delicious food rushed into it. On the 43rd floor of the Walkie Talkie, the public garden Sky Garden has been launched, free for everyone to visit it - this was the main condition of the authorities when they gave permission for the construction. Sky Garden gives you the opportunity to see a 360-degree panorama of London and not just see it, but do it surrounded by tropical thickets.

In total, Sky Garden has three gardens located on different levels. On the first, the lowest, fragrant flowering plants are planted. On the second - seed tropical and subtropical plants. Palm trees and ferns grow on the highest level. A true heavenly garden!

But for design lovers, Skygarden is not associated with a London skyscraper at all, but with a lamp. In 2007, the studio of the Dutch legendary designer Marcel Wanders presented a pendant lamp, which was released by another legend, this time of Italian design, the Flos factory. In appearance, it is quite simple - the ceiling, which is produced in three sizes with a height of 197, 300 and 450 millimeters, and in several coatings - glossy and matte black, glossy and matte white, gold (the factory went a little crazy, for our taste), brown-rusty .

Classic ceiling and why all the fuss? Why has Flos been producing it for 14 years now, adding built-in lamps to its lineup? You have to look under the ceiling to understand the charm of the sky garden by Marcel Wanders. From the inside, the plafond is covered with a classic gypsum ornament, which looks especially impressive when the light is on. And that's not all - in the very center of the ceiling is a diffuser. Not just a diffuser, but covered in signature Wanders swirls.

Like all objects that come out from under the hand of Wanders, Skygarden has an unobvious beauty, and all the more attractive. We filled our new project with this beauty.

The apartment with an area of ​​57.7 square meters is located in the Podol Grad residential complex. A young married couple with a small dog will live in it. Whatever your family composition and whatever your plans for the future, we will create a space that will fulfill all your aspirations. Call us at the Belik design studio - we will tell you what is included in the cost of interior designer services, answer questions about the cost of a design project and what architectural supervision is.

The owners of the apartment are young, they have many friends of the same age who often come to visit them, sometimes staying overnight. We had to organize the design of a studio apartment, where it would be pleasant and comfortable for all of them to spend time, and then have a fruitful rest. In addition, this space must be stylish, because our customers do not yet consider their apartment as a nest, for them it is an indicator of their status and ambitions, their business card. We combined the kitchen and living room to create an open space of 25.2 square meters.

For the common space of the kitchen-living-dining room, we selected tiles from the Spanish factory Pamesa Ceramica from the Choice collection in ash color. This is a durable porcelain stoneware that accurately mimics the structure of natural stone.

The color palette of the interior is graphic - we played on the black and white contrast, adding gray to it and spicing it with gold details.

To illuminate the bar counter, we chose another legendary lamp - Tubular Horizontal, which was created for the Italian factory Henge by designer Massimo Castagna.

And here is the chandelier with which we started our acquaintance with this interior - Skygarden, in a black glossy finish, illuminates the dining room. The choice of a table and a round lamp is not accidental - we deliberately wanted to emphasize that the circle of friends with whom they spend time with and with whom we worked on this interior is important for the owners of the apartment.

The Vibia factory was created in Barcelona and with its very first lamps, it stated that design is important to it. For us, it is also important, which is why we choose lighting from this Spanish brand. You definitely noticed the multi-level light tubes to the left of the bed. This is a 45° surface-mounted lamp designed by Victor Carrasco. By combining lamps of different heights, we have created a light art object.

Art in the interior is no longer a luxury, but a means of self-expression. Without a work of art, the interior is not considered complete. Usually we choose art objects together with clients when the project is nearing completion. In this case, we chose expressive graphics that fit into the modern interior of the bedroom.

For the walls, we chose a pearl shade of grey, with a clear cold undertone. To balance its coolness, we chose Belgian factory Quick-Step's Majestic flooring in a warm shade called Valley Oak Light Beige.

In a niche of one and a half square meters, we created a spacious wardrobe with glossy doors that reflect the entire room - this is how we created the illusion of a large space.

Our customers have long appreciated the advantages of busbar lighting. They allow you to quickly change the lighting scenario by moving light sources along the tires or supplementing them with ceiling lamps of various configurations. Thus, you can change the design of luminaires indefinitely without making costly design changes.

We also created a light installation in the lobby, also with the help of the Spanish brand Vibia. We put together several Puck wall lights in different diameters, created by designer Jordi Vilardell.

The bathroom looks like a solid piece of marble - we have achieved this illusion with the help of matte porcelain tiles that imitate this natural stone. It is part of the Leeds Castle collection of the Chinese factory Kito.

This is not just a black wall that looks like velvet. These are the facades behind which we hid the storage system. The facades are coated with a special soft touch coating. It appeared on the market in 1992 and at first they covered the buttons of calculators and remote controls for equipment. After a while, it was appreciated by furniture makers and now it is in great demand, first of all, for its high tactile qualities - no one has canceled the joy of pleasant touches.

We could not create a stylish interior without lamps by British designer Lee Broome. He worked with top fashion brands, Christian Louboutin and Vivienne Westwood, before moving on to industrial design. For the bathroom, we have selected Fulcrum Light pendant lamps of his design.

The undoubted advantage of the layout is the bay window in which we placed the dining room. It is located on a line that divides the apartment into almost equal parts, creating a balanced, symmetrical space.

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