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What do we know about Barcelona? What is the tourist center of Spain? In 2019, it was visited by more than 11 million people. That this is one of the most popular European cities among tourists who prefer to combine beach holidays and cultural entertainment? Perhaps that's all. By the way, the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, does not like tourists.

It's hard to imagine, but until 1992 there were no beaches at all in Barcelona. Now, according to a National Geographic magazine poll, Barcelona has received the title of the best beach city. It is the largest city in the Mediterranean and the largest cruise port in Europe.

What other records have Barcelona set? Here is the largest park in Europe. This is the city park Collserola, whose area is more than 84 thousand square meters. It's difficult to imagine? Then we will share information with which you will present its dimensions. It is 22 times the size of Central Park in New York.

Barcelona has the largest football stadium in Europe. It can accommodate 100,000 fans at the same time. And you may not even be a fan of this sport, but most of us know the Barcelona football club or simply Barça, founded in 1899. It is the most titled club in Spain and ranks fourth among all football clubs in the world in the history of civilization according to FIFA. One of Barcelona's churches, Santa Maria del Mar, bears the coat of arms of Barça. In the middle of the last century, the team made a large donation to restore the church.

There are over 20 Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona. And many of them have not one, but two or three restaurant awards shining on their chests.

Barcelona is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, seven of them by the Catalan genius architect Antoni Gaudí. One of them, the Sagrada Familia, the construction of which began in 1882 and continues to this day, is the most famous and most visited long-term construction in the world. It has been built longer than the Egyptian pyramids, which took about 20 years to build.

For architecture lovers, Barcelona is a must-see city. The British Prize of the Royal Institute of British Architects has been awarded since 1948. It is awarded to architects or architectural bureaus. Usually. In 1999, an exceptional event took place when the city, Barcelona, ​​was awarded the award, thus becoming the first city to receive an award in the field of architecture.

The slogan of the Barça football club is "Més que un club", which translates as "More than a club". And Barcelona is more than a city. This is the pride of Catalonia and Spain. A city that inspires writers, artists, architects and designers. It houses factories and companies that have become world famous in the world market, for example, Vibia. One of the leading lighting manufacturers.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain. Catalonia has always occupied a special place among the Spanish regions. It is the border separating the country from the rest of Europe. The whole of Spain seems to be emotional, sensual, somewhere even exalted against the backdrop of a more restrained and rational Europe. The Catalans managed to combine both seemingly opposite qualities - rationalism and emotionality.

Vibia lighting is, on the one hand, very technological, ergonomic and comfortable. On the other hand, it captivates with its unusual shapes and non-standard approach to the design of lamps, one of which we have chosen for our new project.

Do you want to fill your interior with the novelties of the global lighting and furniture industry, as in the photo of the interior design of this apartment? Call us at the Belik design studio. We will tell you how prices are formed for the design of apartments in Kyiv, prices for apartment renovation in Kyiv or other cities, and what architectural supervision is.

A family of four will live in an apartment with an area of ​​just over 93 square meters. A married couple of 45 and 40 years old, their seventeen year old daughter and eleven year old son. Very soon the girl will live separately, and the boy will turn into a teenager, with new interests and tastes that are now difficult to predict.

In addition to the permanent residents of the apartment, the parents of the owner of the apartment live in it for two to four weeks, for whom a luxurious sofa in the lounge area is planned. It is also needed for friendly parties - friends quite often come to visit our customers. Thoughtful lighting with neutral light in the living room space is associated with one of the hobbies of the hostess of the house - she is fond of hairdressing and natural light is important for her.

For the kitchen backsplash, we chose a tile from the Ukrainian factory InterCerama from the Terrazzo collection in light gray.

For the flooring of the living room-kitchen, we have selected a Belgian factory Quick-Step vinyl flooring with a high level of wear resistance. The color of beige oak looks the most organic in combination with the natural pattern of the facade.

Designers of the Belik studio in selecting lighting for this project were guided by two principles - beauty and ergonomics. The jagged silhouette of the Gap pendant luminaire fits in nicely against the same jagged graphics.

The working area of ​​the kitchen is illuminated by spotlights from the German manufacturer Maytoni.

Ceiling-height cabinets are always the perfect solution for housewives who love to cook and prefer to keep all appliances, supplies and utensils hidden from the eyes of guests. This is especially important when a kitchen-studio is designed in the interior of the apartment.

The lounge area is illuminated by architectural surface-mounted luminaires Brant from the Azzardo factory.

Wall-mounted wooden panels look more textured thanks to hidden LED strips installed under them.

Crescent pendant lamps by British designer Lee Broom, who initially worked for Vivienne Westwood, graced the interior of the entrance lobby.

For the space at the front door, we chose a vinyl covering that is darker than the main color from the same Belgian manufacturer Quick-Step.

All interior doors are painted in the same milky white tone as the walls of the apartment - this is how we achieved a harmonious solution and a sense of a single space, which is especially important for interiors with many doors, as in the design example of this apartment.

To illuminate and decorate the bathroom, we have chosen one of the lamps from the Spanish factory Vibia - the Palma pendant.

We offered Ukrainian porcelain stoneware from the Cersanit factory, Carter collection, for the bathroom floor.

Above the wall-hung toilet, we designed a niche illuminated by a hidden LED cord and covered shelves.

We created a dark panel above the bathroom with the help of Ukrainian tiles from the Allore Group factory from the Marmolino collection.

In the master bedroom, we created a balance of light and dark tones to create an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation. Light gray and white colors were responsible for light tones. The dark accent remained behind the rich chocolate color.

On either side of the bed, we placed single Quest pendants from the Imperium Light factory.

In addition to decorative lighting, we planned built-in paired spotlights from the German Maytoni factory in the bedroom.

For many of our clients, the bedroom has evolved from a place of limited relaxation to a multifunctional space. In this bedroom, we planned a dressing table, as well as a work area.

In the working area, we placed a filing cabinet with partially open and illuminated shelves and a computer desk with a spacious pedestal.

For comfortable reading before going to bed, we offered the Focus wall lamp with a transforming leg from the Ideal Lux factory.

Next to the bed, we placed a chest of drawers with a combined closed and open storage system and a mirror.

We thought that there are never too many storage systems and suggested that the girl complement her desk with a mobile multi-tiered Raskog Pockor shelf from the Swedish company Ikea.

The girl's bed is illuminated by a funny Fumi Low Table Lamp, created by designer Harry Thaler for the German brand Pulpo.

Pin wall lamp for the Spanish brand Vibia was designed by Japanese designer Ihiro Iwasaki. We love it for the ability to create countless configurations from basic elements that turn your interior into a light extravaganza.

The boy's room, unlike the sister's room, is designed in darker masculine colors.

The workplace of the owner of the room is illuminated with a light cord hidden in the shelves, as well as a table lamp and a wall sconce.

The wall lamp was created by Ideal Lux.

As a finishing coating for the floor, we offered Ukrainian porcelain stoneware from the Atem factory from the Pimento collection.

A small area, 2.7 square meters, was enough for us to install a washing machine and dryer in the bathroom, as well as plan a closet for freshly laundered linen.

The classic layout convenient for the residents of the house means the location of public areas near the entrance to the apartment. In this interior, they are located directly opposite the entrance group. All private spaces are located to the right of the front door.

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