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This May marks exactly 10 years since the funny bear cub Bearbrick was presented to the public. Its creator was Akashi Tatsuhiko, who worked in the IT industry before becoming interested in developing toys. His passion led to the creation of the Medicom Toy company, which he founded with the support of one of the Lego employees.

Akashi dedicated his first toys to his favorite director Stanley Kubrick. The Kubrick collection attracted attention with its unusualness, and Akashi was contacted by the owners of companies wishing to adapt the collection's heroes to their advertising needs. This gave Akashi the idea of ​​creating a simpler hero. Simple but easily recognizable. Thus, Bearbrick was born.

It is currently available in 6 sizes. The most popular are figurines with a height of 70 millimeters. They are sold in closed boxes and the buyer never knows which Bearbrick look he got. It could be an Andy Warhol teddy bear, wearing Nike clothes, carrying the Italian flag, or a character from Star Wars or The Simpsons.

More serious collectors prefer the 280mm teddy bear. Serious collectors, serious prices. At auction, figurines from the Swarovski x Colette collection went for $17,000, and a limited-edition Chanel bear cub went for $28,000.

The customers of our new project also could not resist the charm of the Japanese bear cub, and we understand them. Understanding, we developed an effective system for storing them, which emphasized the unusual design of the cubs and which we will discuss below.

The owners of a two-level apartment in the residential complex "Boulevard of Fountains" are a married couple of 30 and 32 years old. Friends and parents often come to visit them, stopping for a long time. For them it was necessary to plan two guest bedrooms.

Household appliances of the Italian company Smeg are not even recognized by the logo, but are read at a glance by the shape. The company's designers fell in love with the smooth, rounded shapes of the streamline style that dominated America in the mid-20th century. And for those who want high fashion items to accompany them everywhere, the company has released a collection in collaboration with the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. The design of the kitchen was created to serve as a monochrome backdrop for the Italian company's brightly colored home appliances.

Stefano Gabbana and Dominico Dolce chose the Sicilian artists Bevilacqua brothers to create the pattern for the Fab28 refrigerator, using the typical motifs and colors of their homeland – yellow lemons, juicy greens and bright tomatoes.

A Brunching Bubble chandelier by American designer Lindsey Adelman, imitating tree branches with water drops frozen on them, spread its branches over the dining table.

Our designers designed a specially illuminated glass display case for Bearbrick cubs for this project.

The interior style of the entire space can be called a modern classic. Symmetry is characteristic of classical interiors. We tried to keep it. In the interior of the lounge area, the balance was achieved by the arrangement of showcases for bears and for wine opposite each other.

Above the table, we placed three lamps created by the Dutch company Moooi and designed by the Dutch engineer and mathematics professor Raymond Pats.

The glass display case serves as a storage area for Bearbricks of various sizes and also serves as a frame for the TV panel. The lower part of the showcase became a shelf, which housed art and books.

The apartment has two closets. The first, with an area of ​​5 square meters, is located to the right of the entrance. We chose transparent glass facades for furniture, so as not to visually reduce the space of the dressing room.

For the floor of the entrance group and the dressing room, our designers proposed Polish porcelain stoneware from the Cerrad factory of the Diamond Lake collection in beige color.

Opposite the front door is a banquette with a spacious drawer under a soft lid. Next to it is a wardrobe with mirrored doors and a two-tier storage system for clothes.

To the right of the door is a closet with transparent doors for outer seasonal clothes, bags and shoes. Its width of 600 millimeters will allow you to store voluminous suitcases and other luggage in it.

The floor of the outdoor terrace is covered with a deck board from the Ukrainian company Woodmart of the Woodmart Premium collection. It does not require additional maintenance, is resistant to weather changes and its service life lasts 25 years.

The terrace is a self-sufficient space where, in good weather, you can spend the whole day with friends or family.

We placed hanging chairs, sofas with tables, portable lamps, a barbecue and cabinets for storing dishes. Their upper surface is covered with soft cushions so that guests can sit comfortably on it.

The 6.5 square meter guest bathroom is located on the first floor. We placed in it a capacious shelf 2120 mm long with a built-in sink, a shower cabin and a hanging toilet bowl.

For the floor of the guest bathroom, we chose Spanish porcelain tiles from the Pamesa factory from the Cr.Manaos collection.

Behind the hanging toilet is a hidden storage system. The fronts of the closed cabinets are painted in a darker shade of beige, which dominates the bathroom. It's called Thunderstorm Echo.

Above the hanging pedestal, we placed a mirror, as high as the ceiling - so we visually expand the space and make the ceilings higher. An LED cord was installed under the mirror, which is activated by a motion sensor.

Apartment owners try to avoid shelves or freestanding furniture. Therefore, we replaced them with niches whenever possible. So, for example, in the bathroom in the space of the shower cabin, we placed a niche for shampoos and gels.

The office is intended for work on weekends and rare receptions of clients, so we have located it on the first level of the apartment behind the stairs, providing the owner of the apartment with privacy and peace.

Behind the desk is a large bookcase with a plastic panel. First, you can write on it with a marker. Secondly, it is a sliding door that moves along the bookshelves.

And we did not leave the office without decor. The wall opposite the table is decorated with a light installation, which looks especially impressive in the evening.

To the left of the desk is a large closet 3 meters long. We diversified its surface by placing a decorative niche in the middle and decorating the front of the cabinet with metal plates that form a geometric pattern.

On the left, for safe movement, the staircase is decorated with LED cords installed in the side panels. The light is switched on by a motion sensor signal.

The corridor is illuminated by built-in luminaires of the Spanish factory Kohl Lighting of the Sun Down model.

The walls and doors of concealed installation are painted in a single tone called “Fleeting Moment. We created open niches with shelves in a wenge color contrasting with the walls to diversify the design of the corridor. Below and above the niches are hidden storage systems.

Are you familiar with the work of the Dutch graphic artist Maurice Escher? Our designers are inspired by his works in the style of optical illusions. They are so distinctive that they were given the name imp-art. Art that depicts what cannot be. With the help of lighting, textured tiles and shiny surfaces, we created a space filled with illusions.

The walls of the stairs are decorated with Italian tiles from the Decoratori Bassanesi factory from the Segments collection.

On the second floor, to the left of the stairs, we have located a laundry room equipped with everything necessary for washing and ironing things.

The washing machine and dryer are built into cupboards, where detergents are also stored in insulated drawers.

The floor and walls of the bathroom are covered with Polish porcelain stoneware from the Cerrad Calacatta collection, imitating traditional Carrara marble.

As a partner for luxurious porcelain stoneware with a pattern of natural marble, we chose wood-like tiles, opting for warm colors. Cold marble looks more elegant in contrast with simple wooden textures.

Wood effect porcelain stoneware was created at the Spanish factory Peronda Museum. It is part of the Haute collection.

We planned the interiors of the guest bedrooms so that over time they could easily be transformed into children's rooms. To do this, we chose neutral wall colors, calm decor and furniture that is comfortable for both adults and children. We have designed enough children's rooms in Kyiv and other cities to understand how the interests of the child will change and how the room should change with him.

Opposite the bed, we placed a wardrobe for storing clothes and a low shelf for books and toys.

The wall behind the headboard is decorated with a monochrome landscape in the style of traditional Chinese painting. It seems to come to life in the evening hours when the LED lighting behind the headboard turns on.

The second guest bedroom is wonderful in soft tones. Of course, we planned that over time the daughter of the owners of the apartment would live here. For her, we organized an individual dressing room behind slatted sliding doors.

To the right of the bed there is a wardrobe with open and closed shelves, which transforms into a window sill. On it we placed a soft mattress and pillows. A little dreamer will be happy to read books sitting by the window overlooking the historic Pechersk.

Opposite the bed, we organized a work area with a bookcase and a desk, which receives natural light from the left, which is the most comfortable solution for the eyes.

Opposite the bed, we placed a hanging shelf with a TV above it for evening viewing of your favorite cartoons.

From the bedroom of the owners of the apartment there are doors to their separate dressing room and bathroom. One of the most important tasks was to disguise them so that the owners feel comfortable.

To the right of the TV is a dressing table, which has become a continuation of the TV panel. Above it is a mirror with a frame of LED strip.

We placed the bed with the headboard towards the doors leading to the dressing room and bathroom. Having decorated the central part of the wall behind the headboard with chic fabric panels with mirror and metal inserts. So we diverted attention from the doors.

By the window, we organized a lounge area for a leisurely morning coffee. It's moments like these that stay in your memory forever.

A freestanding bath by the window is a dream come true. We made it a reality!

For the floor and walls, we chose porcelain stoneware from the Italian factory Atlas Concorde from the Marvel collection, choosing the Calacatta Extra line in white Lappato finish. The interior design of the bathroom echoes the design of the rest of the rooms, giving rise to a sense of a unified style.

For the bathroom, our designers have designed a special cabinet and hanging shelf for sinks built into the marble countertop.

As a partner for snow-white porcelain stoneware, we also selected Italian porcelain stoneware from the Atlas Concorde factory of the Marvel collection of the Gray Stone line in gray.

The shower cubicle is illuminated by LED-lights with a high level of moisture protection, built into the ceiling.

Most of the ground floor is reserved for receptions that the owners of the apartment like to host. Immediately at the entrance there is a dining room, a lounge area with access to the terrace. We decided to separate the kitchen with an interior partition to hide the usual mess when preparing dinner for a large company. On this project, we wanted to avoid the kitchen of the studio in order to preserve the formal character of the space.

We turned the second floor into a space for relaxation. Here is the bedroom of the owners of the apartment and two rooms for their guests and parents. Over time, when children appear in the family, the second floor will become a completely private territory of the apartment owners.

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