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What do you think of when you hear the phrase "Scandinavian design"? Light unpainted wood, natural materials, no plastic, textured, slightly rough fabrics of natural colors, white walls - everything seems to be covered with haze, muffled, dimmed, dusted. Let's find out if this is actually the case in the countries of the Scandinavian region.

Remember, when traveling around the Mediterranean countries, you find yourself in cool blue and white interiors, it seems that in the August heat, the turquoise color in itself brings relief from the heat. Geographical and weather conditions have always dictated their own rules, which designers and architects followed. But in the countries of Scandinavia, known for their harsh climate, residents, on the contrary, sought to create warm, cozy interiors.

From the 13th century, the inhabitants of Sweden began to use dark red Falun paint. They were joined by the Finns, who came up with a proverb describing the well-being they were striving for: "Red house and potato field." Look for fabrics or home furnishings from Finnish brands Iittala, Marimekko, Swedish Ikea, Svenskt Tenn, or Danish &Tradition. They are bright, unbridled, perhaps even violent.

Most likely, the image of Scandinavian design was formed under the influence of the image of the country itself - we live in a world of stereotypes. However, they help us to better understand our customers. And when customers say that they want a Scandinavian interior, we clearly understand what they mean.

Our design bureau is located in Kyiv, but we had to create an authentic Scandinavian style, which is preferred by the customers of our new work - a private house where a 32-year-old spouse of the same age and a one-year-old son will live. Whatever project our designers start - they design a penthouse in Kyiv or an apartment in the Dnieper, we always start by learning about the preferences of the owners and their plans for the future in order to reflect them in the interior.

The center of any Scandinavian home - authentic or as we imagine it - is undoubtedly the kitchen, which symbolizes the hearth, gathering all family and friends around it. Our customers love to receive guests - friends and relatives often come to visit them. For them, we designed a large-scale open space.

The open space combines the kitchen, dining room, bar and seating area, which has formed around a three-meter sofa. Comfortable sofa tables make it possible to transfer the evening tea from the dining room to the lounge area.

Above the table we placed a Ukrainian-made VS2 Pillar ceiling lamp. It would seem that we are very different from the Scandinavians, but our designers were able to accurately express what we call “Scandinavian style”.

The plafond of the lamp is made of ceramics. Its matte corrugated surface organically fit into the interior of the dining room.

The bar area resembles a corner for a halt in one of the park areas. We designed the bar counter, making it an extension of the area for storing food and utensils.

The seats of the bar stools are not soft and, at first glance, seem uncomfortable. Exactly until the moment when you do not notice the ergonomic curve of the seat. Well, or sit on it yourself.

To illuminate the working area of ​​the kitchen, we chose the spectacular cone-shaped sconces Cairo Contemporary Wall Light.

By the way, did you know that the idiom "The devil is in the details" came from another - "God is in the details." Whichever version of these two expressions you prefer, you will agree that it is the little things that create the mood. Kyiv design studios know exactly what elements to add to the interior to evoke positive emotions.

Since 1961, the Italian factory for the production of ceramic tiles Ceramica Rondine has been operating. We chose one of its lines, which is closest in color to honey, for the entrance group.

To separate the entrance to the house from the rest of the hall, we did not use partitions, but a purely decorative technique - we highlighted it with another tile. This time it was porcelain stoneware from the Italian factory Settecento, Vintage collection.

Facades of built-in wardrobes are made of natural veneer. Wooden surfaces combined with mirror surfaces give an interesting play of materials and reflections. Belik is a design studio in Kyiv, whose specialists know all the tricks to transform your interior.

Mirrors create an optical illusion often used by designers. They make the space look wider and bigger.

The same goal can be achieved by choosing the same paint for interior doors and walls. And, if you also use the same paint for the ceiling, then it will seem higher than it really is.

The accent brick-red color has become the main accent detail of the bathroom. This is the color that surrounds you when you travel through the Grand Canyon in America.

Stromboli is a small island with an active volcano located near Sicily. It is also a Spanish tile factory.

We have selected a collection of Equipe Stromboli in white and the color that is expectedly called "canyon".

Craoyns floor porcelain tile from the Italian factory Cerim approached him as a partner.

The children's room is designed for one child. However, the owners of the house asked to form the interior so that with the slightest changes it could be used for two children.

For a one-year-old child, activity is important. Therefore, we placed a Swedish wall in the room. However, children grow up quickly and with this in mind, we have created a working area for the baby with a full-fledged desk and cabinets.

In the center of the children's room, we placed the Pride chandelier, reminiscent of balloons gathered together.

We designed the shelves above the boy's bed in a circle, turning them into a decorative element.

Bright yellow color has always symbolized health, light, and sun. It is said to stimulate mental activity. We decided to give it preference, decorating the children's room. Working in a design studio in Kyiv, designers must understand all the subtleties of both psychology and color.

It is symbolic that the sports equipment that we placed in the nursery is called the "Swedish wall". Do you know why? It was made at the beginning of the 19th century by the Swedish doctor and fencing teacher Per Henrik Ling.

The tree allows a lot of things to be realized by designers of an interior design studio in Kyiv. Firstly, it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. Secondly, thanks to the natural texture, it turns not just into a finishing, but into a decorative coating.

Cupboards with tip-on systems, push-to-open, save money, create a single interior solution and make cleaning easier.

We were consistent to the end, creating the interior of all rooms - even in the pantry, we created a classic Scandinavian style, using white dishes and wooden accessories.

True, the pantry looks like your Swedish grandmother's wardrobe would have looked - white dishes and wooden accessories create a homely feel.

For the necessary accessories, you can always turn to the flagship of the Swedish interior industry - Ikea.

Closets in the dressing room to the ceiling are the best solution for those who have a lot of clothes and do not want to place additional storage systems in living rooms.

Connecting a laundry room and a dressing room always saves space and time, and if you still manage to place an ironing board in the room, then this is a hit in the bull's-eye.

The second bathroom has a clear masculine character. The walls are covered with tiles from the same Spanish manufacturer Stromboli.

Only this time we chose more restrained colors - deep blue and a color called "white feather".

We often hear from clients that they love pastel colors. If only they knew that they are not at all the colors that are commonly believed.

Pastels are pink, lavender, mint, purple or magenta. So today we destroyed another legend. However, we have been doing interior design in Kyiv for so long that we always understand our customers.

Paintings in the interior are a kind of point that gathers all the elements around it. This is exactly the point we chose to decorate the bedroom of the owners of the house.

Any room in a modern house or apartment has several functions. So the bedroom has become a kind of boudoir and space for relaxation, where you can read or watch a movie.

The owners of the house are always happy to welcome guests and parents, so they asked to place a folding sofa in the office, where they could relax themselves or provide it to guests who linger in their cozy home.

Our customers often work from home, so we have organized two full-fledged workplaces for them with capacious storage systems for books and documents.

The sofa in the client's office is illuminated by the cozy Anzazo Grig floor lamp. It is produced in three colors - green, flesh and black. We chose the latter, making it an accent detail of the interior.

Keeping in mind the request of customers to make spaces flowing into each other, we designed another dressing room behind the partition from the bedroom.

In it, we used all the same tricks as in the rest of the house - a lot of wood, which allows clothes to breathe and protects them from artificial smells.

By the time the construction of the house was completed, our customers decided to change some planning decisions. They sought to have rooms flowing into each other, which we reflected in the redevelopment plan.

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