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Every story has a beginning, development and end. Of course, we prefer that every story has a happy ending.

The art of graphics originated in the distant times of the Paleolithic, about 20 thousand years BC. The ability to make images in color was limited, and the desire to depict the world around us was immense. Even later, when the first images of cities appeared in Ancient Egypt, drawings of pyramids, interiors of residential buildings, which can be attributed to graphics. Later, in Ancient Greece, the first drawings of maps of the area, countries and the world appeared, or rather, the ideas of the ancient Greeks about the world, and, of course, the drawings according to which buildings were erected and the arrangement of rooms in them was planned. So, the drawings that are included in the design project and that our designers provide to clients are also graphics.

Surprised? Let's then understand what graphics are. This is an art form that uses one or two colors that do not play a special role. They fade into the background, an auxiliary plan, giving way to the tone and interaction of lines, spots, textures, chiaroscuro, shading. In graphics, the artist must be a really masterful draftsman - it is impossible to hide behind color in it, as in painting. It also unites graphic artists with our designers - drawings are created with black lines on a white background, occasionally introducing the texture of finishing materials into them. The very word "graphics" comes from the Greek "grafo" - I write, draw, draw. In the drawings you can immediately see the skill of the designer.

Let's get back to the graphics. Space plays an important role in graphics, so the sheet of paper itself can also be attributed to one of the visual means of this art form. It is not the line itself that becomes important, but its place on the surface of the sheet and their communication with each other. Of course, the graphics are far from the naturalism of painting. And she doesn't need it! Graphic artists, like our designers, do not have the goal of making drawings or drawings naturalistic. Their tasks are much more important - they need to symbolically and schematically depict a concept, idea, thought, using a minimum of funds. And, if graphic artists can choose between pencil, ink, pen, sanguine or charcoal, then our designers have a minimal choice of visual media. But what a result!

Our drawings help to realize the projects that many families have dreamed of. And some of our customers, with our help, create interiors that will help them create a family. Our new customer, who is not yet married, bought an apartment and offered us to create an interior in which she will live with her husband and child in a few years. We are ready to support our clients in all endeavors, especially in such positive ones! And we do it anywhere.

We will create a design project for you, and we will carry out apartment renovation in Kyiv or any other city. The new project is located in the town of Vishnevoe, in the residential complex Cherry Gardens.

We did not just create drawings for this project, which, as we found out, are an example of graphic art. We placed the graphics on the wall of the kitchen, in the part where the dining area is located.

We replaced the standard doors separating the room from the balcony with sliding doors with full glazing, so we filled the kitchen with “air” and added space to it.

For the flooring of the kitchen, our designers proposed Ukrainian porcelain stoneware from the Oposzno factory from the Nordic Oak collection. It has high qualities of wear resistance, frost resistance and a maximum score for anti-slip characteristics.

We created a kitchen apron from tiles of the Spanish brand Azteca from the Calacatta collection in Gold Natural color. The minimalistic design of the kitchen façade and the tile design, which repeats the luxurious Italian marble, complement each other, radically playing on contrasts.

The graphic image of the cityscape gave the room volume and perspective. The room visually began to look larger, which, in principle, is not bad for a kitchen of a rather modest area of ​​​​8.9 square meters.

In 1987, perhaps one of the most famous Wim Wanders films was released and, for sure, the most famous film about Berlin. It is called "Sky over Berlin". Whether he inspired paint makers to create a new shade of blue called "Prussian blue" that runs through every room of the new interior, we can't say for sure.

In the entrance group, we organized a comfortable storage system with a bedside table, an ottoman, in which you can also put hats or accessories. And the most attractive detail of the entrance is the textile panel - it plays the role of both a decor and a functional element, being a soft back support for those who sit on the ottoman.

The lighting of the corridor and the entrance group is created by LED strips built into the mirror and ceiling spotlights from Maytoni.

We laid tiles imitating natural wood from the Ukrainian factory Oposzno across the corridor to visually expand the space.

We achieved an interesting effect by placing a mirror on the end of the built-in wardrobe. It is quite deep - 600 millimeters. We decided to place a mirror with LED lighting on its side in order to avoid the feeling of massiveness and “squeezed” space.

For the floor of the living rooms, we chose the Belgian laminate from the Quick-Step Classic collection.

We offered the owner several options for interior design of the living room. And settled on the most neutral. Why? Time will pass, and it may well transform into a nursery. For this, the owner of the apartment does not have to spend a lot of effort. We made its design as neutral as possible, creating spaces for relaxing, socializing, working and watching TV.

In the center of the living room, we placed a modern overhead chandelier Scheme Led Color. She has randomly located sconces and this brings a certain liveliness to the interior of the room.

Opposite the sofa, we organized a symmetrical storage system, consisting of two side cases and a hanging shelf, above which a TV is placed.

It is difficult to imagine a person who would not love nature. Whoever the future chosen one of the owner of the apartment will be, we are sure that he will share her passion for hiking in the forest. As well as her love of art. These two hobbies led to the appearance of a wall panel in the bedroom, made using white, black colors and the same Prussian blue of varying degrees of intensity. The decoration of the bedroom turned it into a stage-like space.

For the bedroom, we chose the Sanne pendant lamp from the Anzazo factory. Matte ceiling lamps, located on a hoop suspended from cables, reminded us of ripe dandelion balls, ready to scatter at the slightest breath of wind.

On both sides of the bed are Pride suspensions on a long leg. With their light it is comfortable to read, and they play the role of partners for the ceiling lamp.

We placed a small table in the room, which, if the owner wishes, will play the role of a workplace.

The visual effects game continues! To the left of the bed, we placed a tall bookcase, the doors of which we made mirrored. They reflect the city landscape outside the window and therefore its impressive size is not so strongly felt.

To the right of the bed is a dressing table with a mirror, around the perimeter of which LED lighting is installed. We know from the feedback of our customers that this placement of light allows you to see your reflection most clearly without unnecessary shadows and glare.

You have already noticed that the whole interior is built on the play of two textures - natural light wood and white marble with gray veins. The bathroom continued this line.

For the walls, we chose porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Grespania, the Marmorea collection, which quite accurately reproduces the natural pattern of marble.

For the bath façade and part of the walls, we also offered the Spanish brand Geotiles and its Tabula Miel collection.

The area of ​​the bathroom is 5.8 square meters. On them we comfortably placed a bathroom, a washing machine, all the necessary plumbing and shelves for storing cosmetics.

We do our best to ensure that objects perform not only functional tasks, but also create a vivid aesthetic effect. It seems to be a small detail - a mirror in a mirror frame, but what a pleasant impression it makes!

The area of ​​​​the dressing room can hardly be called large - 4.1 square meters. We opted for a restrained color scheme and a limited amount of materials used so as not to create too sharp contrasts in such a small space.

To light up the dressing room, we chose Maytoni double recessed lights, identical to those in the hallway and in the kitchen.

More shoe racks! More shelves! Yet! Well, we each have our own hobbies. The owner of the apartment is a passionate shoe lover, so for her we designed storage systems made of Bordolino oak chipboard.

And to double the number of shoes, we placed a mirror on the door surface. So the room became larger and the shoes increased!

The dressing room is used by the hostess not only as a storage room, but also for ironing things. In order to stroke, it is enough for her to push one of the built-in drawers.

There are enough shelves and drawers in the room to store cleaning products as well.

On the balcony, we used porcelain stoneware imitating natural marble from the Spanish factory Geotiles of the Oikos collection.

The balcony has become a logical continuation of the kitchen. We placed a comfortable sofa on it, above which hang two Kumi sconces from Astro.

We have shared with you more than once projects that we create “for growth”, for families that plan to grow or for those that have not even been created yet. We include in the current version all the possibilities for changing the functions of rooms. For example, in this project, the living room can be transformed into a children's room, and the insulated balcony will become a space for receiving guests.

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