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Boho style came to interior design from fashion. Perhaps that is why many decorators dispute the very fact of its existence. Decorators dispute, and the Belik apartment and house design studio creates interiors in this style.

Boho combines ethnic and hippie styles. It uses a lot of art objects, vintage and antique items. The whole interior is decided in warm, earthy, natural colors. Boho in fashion design is realized in the form of multi-layered clothing. The same layering is also characteristic in interior design - spaces become more saturated, deep and interesting. And definitely comfortable. Numerous things with history make them cozy and conducive to relaxation, unhurried conversation, to the slow rhythm of life. Warm, textured, pleasant to the touch fabrics and materials will return you the joy of tactile sensations. This is especially appreciated by the customers of the interior design studio Belik in Kyiv.

In our active time, creating an oasis of calm and relaxation in the house is worth a lot. Our fresh interior design project for a two-level apartment located in the residential complex "Krishtalevi Dzherela" is one of those.

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A married couple of 36 and 35 years old, their son of three and a Pomeranian will live in the apartment. They are very socially active and enjoy hosting guests, some of whom stay overnight. And our designers had to take this factor into account.

For the floor of the kitchen-dining room, we proposed Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Argenta Ceramica factory from the Flodsten collection, which means “river stone” in Swedish. The name of the collection suggests that it is dominated by warm shades of yellow.

Above the dining table, we placed the Casa chandelier from the Anzazo factory. It is not vintage, but quite modern, but it gives the impression of a thing with history.

To the right of the kitchen, in the center of the wall molding, we placed the Emmen sconce from the Anzazo factory.

We think you have already noticed that each of our lamps is not only about light, but also about decor. Another sconce was no exception - Waq, installed to the right of the TV.

When laying parquet with a French Christmas tree, it was logical to turn to French companies - Chateau de Fleurs. For this interior, we chose light oak.

For the lounge area, multi-level lighting is especially important, which can be changed from bright to subdued, also changing the direction of the light. Pride luminaires will cope with this together with Sun magnetic rails, creating a diverse lighting scenario.

The entrance group and the kitchen, dining room, recreation area are a single space. We tried to maintain the privacy of the lounge area and separated it from the hall with a mobile partition made of wooden slats. On sunny days, they create enchanting shadows, similar to those that form in villas in the tropics.

We made the emerald green color complementary to the calm natural colors of the entire apartment.

Balconies, loggias, verandas play a special role in boho style. On the balcony, we recreated the colonial atmosphere by choosing typical African hunting chairs upholstered in fabric with a distinct oriental touch. Illuminate the balcony with Marble Man lamps by Anzazo.

Built-in spotlights of the Belgian factory Delta Light model Leds C illuminate the stairs, they are equipped with a motion sensor, which increases the safety of movement along it.

The light beams showing the direction of movement from the entrance to the dining room are Dot.Com Trimless recessed luminaires from the Belgian manufacturer Delta Light.

On both sides of the mirror, we placed spherical sconces from the Italian factory Ideal Lux.

For the bathroom floor, we chose Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Peronda factory from the P.Grunge collection.

Embedded in the niche between the ceiling and the wall, LED strings create an impressive play of light and make the texture of the tile more tangible.

Owners are attracted to Buddhism, or rather, not even Buddhism itself, but its aesthetic paraphernalia. Realizing their preferences in decor, we placed a portrait of Buddha and worn, deliberately aged vases and candles in the hall - what an ethnic style without them!

The flight of stairs is illuminated by Mirror Mini Ball lamps from the Anzazo factory hanging like soap bubbles in the air.

In the children's room, we let nature into the interior almost in the truest sense of the word. Centuries-old trees froze on the photo wallpapers, which will create a feeling of the presence of a forest nearby.

We painted part of the wall near the child's workplace with paint from the Finnish manufacturer Tikkurila from the Liitu collection - it will allow the boy to draw and do his homework when it is time for him to go to school.

Are you unfamiliar with verdepovy color? The name is beautiful and the color matches it. This is one of the many shades of green. Some call it light green or the color of unripe apples.

Rough ropes are, on the one hand, a reminder of the ethnic roots of the boho style. On the other hand, this is the realization of the possibility of active activities for an active boy. With great joy, he embraced the idea of ​​his "tree hideout" where he could play hide-and-seek with his friends.

Moldings are a decorative element taken from classic interiors. One of the nice features of the boho style is its flexibility, that is, the organic combination of different styles.

We have integrated LED Jellyfish wall lamps into the moldings, which look like glowing jellyfish. Their amber finish fits perfectly into the bedroom palette.

To zone the wall, we separated the seating area from the part where the dressing table is located with tiles from the Starwood collection by the Spanish company Venis, part of the Parcelanosa group.

The nautical theme was also supported by the Bubbles chandelier from Anzazo. Its plafonds resemble air bubbles floating to the surface.

We decorated the wall opposite the bed with MDF panels imitating the texture of stone.

They are part of the Oxid collection of the Spanish company Alvic. We choose this manufacturer because of the variety of materials that they repeat, in addition to stone, their collections include leather, wood and cement, which is now fashionable.

Streamlined, natural shapes are another characteristic of boho style. Our designers came up with an interestingly shaped double-frame mirror for the bathroom, which brightened up the space.

To the left of the mirror is the Beans lamp, whose shades resemble beans, from the Anzazo factory.

We created a spectacular wall, as if lined with wooden slabs, using porcelain stoneware from the Ukrainian factory Golden Tiles from the Yorvik collection.

We created a niche lined with mirror tiles along the wall. In the upper part, a closed storage system was organized for detergents, cosmetics, linen and towels.

The first floor is occupied by the common space of the entrance group, kitchen, dining room, living room, which can become a place of rest for guests staying overnight. We also have a bathroom there.

On the second floor there are both bedrooms and a bathroom, inaccessible to strangers.

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