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You must have heard of Bohemian glass. This is blown glass, which is created by Czech masters, using technologies that have come down to us since the 12th century. Murano glass, which is produced on one of the islands near Venice, has become the main competitor to Bohemian glass.

In the 18th century, Czech glass blowers first created a Bohemian glass chandelier and since then the industry has received another direction of development - lighting.

One of the best known local lighting companies is Lasvit. Its art director and designer, Maxim Velchovski, creates enchanting crystal lamps himself and invites world design stars for cooperation - American designers Yabu and Pushelberg, Brazilians Campana brothers, Dutchman Winy Maas, Japanese Kengo Kuma, Israeli Arik Levy, and, of course, local designers, among which are the names of Jan Plechach and Henri Vlygus. Their work has become the main accent detail of the kitchen-studio design in our new project, located in the Fayna Town residential complex.

The first stabilized moss began to be used as early as 1949 in New York. We do not know where exactly they took the raw materials for its production. Now its main supplier is Norway. If previously stabilized moss was used for public spaces, now it is an integral part of residential interiors.

In front of the TV, we placed a corner sofa for the whole family and their guests, an armchair and a large basket table with a removable cover. It can serve as storage for books, magazines, and toys.

With the help of beech veneer panels, we created a geometric panel. An LED cord was placed in the niche between the panel and the ceiling, the light of which makes the wood pattern more interesting and deeper.

Neverending Glory is the name of the collection from which we have chosen a lamp for the dining room of a duplex apartment located on an area of ​​132.6 square meters.

It is dedicated to the most iconic opera houses in the world, including the Palais Garnier, the Metropolitan and the Prague Opera House.

A spectacular shelf above the bar is the embodiment of the passion of the owner, who is seriously busy breeding indoor plants. The shelf is actually a Nowodvorski lamp from the Plant collection.

Above the dining table, a chandelier dedicated to the La Scala theater in Milan hung in the air like a ballerina in a jump. Its lightness reflects the airiness of the entire interior.

Having warmed up, we attached a balcony to the living room, creating a secluded corner for relaxation there.

The hammock and bookshelves will allow the owner's daughter to sit comfortably and indulge in her favorite hobby - reading.

Lime color is one of the youngest - Crayola registered it only in 1990.

Lime is transitional from yellow to green and has absorbed all the symbols and influences inherent in these colors - cheerfulness, activity, stimulation of brain activity, good mood.

Our designers have turned the front door into a bright detail of the decor, choosing the color of lime for it, and placed a kind of manifesto on the wall next to it, followed by the family that will live in the apartment - a married couple of 35 years old and their five-year-old daughter.

We lit the stairs with the help of an LED cord installed in the steps. This type of lighting is especially comfortable and safe in the evening.

The owners of the apartment called wardrobes for outerwear one of the indispensable attributes of the interior. We organized storage systems right at the entrance to the apartment, choosing facades for them to match the overall interior palette.

Pride magnetic lamps illuminate the lounge area. Their Sun model shades move freely along the tires, allowing you to change the lighting zone.

The sofa becomes the center of any seating area. We chose a model large enough to accommodate all guests and hosts. The sofa is easily laid out, which is important for this family - the mother of the owner of the apartment often comes to them for a couple of months.

For the flooring of the living rooms on the ground floor, we offered the Belgian Quick-Step parquet from the Balance collection in velvet oak color.

The TV is placed on a wall panel that allows you to hide the wires, and LED cords installed under it create soft lighting that is comfortable for evening meetings.

"Apple Green" - this is the name of the shade that we made accent in the sitting area of ​​the living room.

The interiors, which are created by the Belik design studio, embody the lifestyle and habits of our customers. For example, in this project, one of our tasks was the creation and implementation of two separate dressing rooms - for a husband and wife.

For the bathroom floor, we have selected Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Pamesa factory from the Urbex collection in pearl color.

Azzardo recessed spotlights illuminate the bathroom.

Keeping in mind the hostess' passion for flowers, we decorated the bathroom with stabilized moss. This is a natural plant, which, after replacing moisture with a solution based on glycerin, becomes more durable, bright and juicy.

Illuminates the staircase with five pendant lights hung at different heights.

These are ClassiCon Selene hangers. For this interior, we have chosen models with elements made of copper.

To diversify the lighting scenario of the stairs, spotlights Azardo of the Emilio model.

With special pride, we always show the interiors of children's rooms. This is a separate weakness of our designers, who realize in them all the dreams of their future owners.

The girl loves to read, and we have created several comfortable reading nooks for her, including a hanging chair in her room. By the way, psychologists say that rhythmic swaying calms and recommends hammocks and hanging chairs for those who lead an active lifestyle. They are especially recommended in the evening hours before bedtime.

The girl is engaged in gymnastics and for her homework we have planned a Swedish wall and a system of rope partitions, on which she can climb.

Our designers suggested putting a bunk bed in the room. Now, on the top floor, the girl plays and sleeps during the day, choosing the lower floor for night sleep. Later, when a child appears in the family, there will already be a place for him to rest.

Since 2019, when the Frozen Heart cartoon was released on the big screen, most of our customers choose the image of Elsa, one of its main characters, to decorate their room.

In this interior, we used pearl and grayish shades of white. Such a color, for example, Grandeco Little Ones hot embossed vinyl wallpaper. One of the walls is decorated with a cartoon poster.

The children's dressing room is designed in warmer colors. We decorated it with wallpaper with a floral pattern.

Our designers have done everything so that even functional elements become decor. For example, they suggested making the handles of the nightstands in the form of stars.

The Chinese factory Megagras was inspired by the legendary Italian marble from the mines of Carrara and created the Carrara collection, which imitates the pattern of natural marble. We used it in the bathroom.

At the junction of the ceiling and walls, we launched an LED strip, the light of which emphasizes the pattern of snow-white marble.

A funny monkey hanging on a rope is not just a decoration, but a lamp created by the Italian factory Seletti, known for its extraordinary furniture and lighting.

The Monkey lamp was designed by Italian sculptor and designer Marc Antonio Malerba.

For the floor of the bedroom of the owners of the apartment, we chose Parfe Floor laminate, which is produced by the Polish factory Kronopol.

On both sides of the bed, we placed two identical pendants made of brutal concrete LED Concrete Light Gray.

At the head of the bed, we have placed two graphic works that support the natural atmosphere of the bedroom. In its interior, more than in other rooms, you can feel the Scandinavian style.

We did not separate the bedroom and the dressing room with massive walls, having developed a light partition that preserves the single space of the rooms.

An unusual detail, the implementation of which required a lot of effort from our designers - a projector and a screen. The screen hides automatically in the ceiling niche, without making changes to the interior design of the bedroom.

In the corner of the bedroom, we have organized a comfortable seating area, which is illuminated by a Teco Long Black wall lamp.

The men's dressing room is illuminated by overhead spotlights from the Polish factory Kanlux.

For the floor of the bathroom of a married couple, we offered Czech porcelain stoneware from the Lasselsberger Rako factory from the Porfido collection in a warm beige color.

The light-coloured tiles above the bath are from the Venis factory, part of the Spanish company Porcelanosa. An interesting tile with a striped texture is part of the Newport collection.

The entire interior of the bathroom is built on a dramatic contrast of white and black. Against the background of the dark anthracite wall tiles, the plumbing fixtures and other white elements stand out especially clearly.

The dark bathroom tile was created by the Chinese company Almera Ceramica and is part of the Tibet collection.

The floor of the laundry room is covered with Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Pamesa factory of the Cr collection. Santoro.

One of the walls is completely given over to the clothes storage system. An ironing board is installed in one of her closets, which can be easily removed and hidden back.

In the interior of the office, we again played a combination of dark and light.

The whitewashed ash is responsible for the light, from which we designed the wall panels and slats.

Dark is the deep anthracite color of the walls and window frames.

Spectacular mirror "Argo" with built-in lighting became the decoration of the dressing room.

In addition to the ceiling lighting from the Pride factory, we installed LED cords under the wardrobe room shelves.

A dressing table became part of the dressing room. His shelf has become part of the entire clothing storage system. And the ottoman easily slides under it.

The two levels of the apartment allowed us to isolate the personal spaces of its owners and their daughter. We have located all areas available to guests on the lower level of the apartment, while maintaining the privacy of its residents.

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