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Have you also wondered why the bridge in San Francisco is called the "golden gate"? After all, he is red. In 1846, California declared its independence and the entrance to the bay was named Chrysopylae, which means "golden gate" in Greek. These words turned out to be prophetic - three years later, gold was discovered in that area and the city began to grow rapidly. The only way to cross the bay was by ferry. And then the case turns on, moreover tragic and comical at the same time.

The idea of ​​building the bridge belongs to, as we would now say, "urban freak" - Joshua Norton. Having gone mad, he declared himself His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I of the United States and Protector of Mexico. The most interesting thing in this whole story is that despite the damaged mind, which is obvious to everyone, he was respected in the city and his decrees were listened to. One of them, signed in 1869, ordered the construction of a bridge across the bay. Three years later, Charles Crocker, a railroad director and businessman, announced that the estimate was ready. Over the years, different engineers provided miscalculations for the construction of the bridge. The engineers were different, but the numbers were almost the same. The cost was determined at a fantastic amount of 100 million dollars at that time.

Things stood still until Joseph B. Strauss came up with an innovative hybrid solution that cost $27 million to implement. Strauss, apparently, was not a very comfortable character. He quarreled with Lev Moiseev, who developed the final design of the bridge, and Irving Morrow, who embodied all the features of classical art deco in his design. But it was thanks to them that the ugly structure designed by Strauss acquired the graceful outlines that made the bridge a symbol of San Francisco.

The work of a designer involves daily communication - with clients, contractors, builders. Proper communication is a well-built bridge. For example, a bridge between the present, which has the client's dreams, and the future, where these dreams are realized in a real project. Our latest project in the Warsaw Quarter residential complex has become such a bridge.

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The apartment, with an area of ​​101.6 square meters with a ceiling height of 2.69 meters, will be inhabited by four people - the head of the family, 42 years old, his wife, 40 years old, son, 11 years old, and one-year-old daughter. The four of them will live, but their parents often come to visit them, who can spend a month with them - they also need to design a comfortable space for them.

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Natural motifs are present in this interior in the maximum amount. We used all the possibilities of beige color and all the textures of wood.

For the kitchen backsplash, the tiles of the Spanish manufacturer Austin, the Venis collection, were chosen in the Natural color, which most effectively reflects the shades of light oak.

There is a certain drawback in excessive orderliness - after a while a person begins to feel superfluous in it. To avoid this, we introduce interesting objects or techniques into the interiors that break the clarity and bring chaos. Controlled chaos. In the living room space, such an element is a ceiling overhead lamp.

The chaotic elements of the Asbro luminaire by Anzazo resemble disordered molecules. It brings a certain creative touch to a discreet interior.

Most of the space of the apartment is covered with vinyl from the Belgian manufacturer Quick-Step. We settled on the Lyvin Pulse Glue Plus collection.

Lyvin Pulse Glue Plus is coated with a protective layer of Scratch&Stain Guard, which increases wear resistance and prevents scratches, which is important for families with children.

We organized the lighting in the corridor with the help of Pride magnetic lamps, which, moving along the bus, create different light scenarios. Thanks to the movable mount, the angle of the luminaire changes, and you get different lighting effects.

We often use magnetic track systems due to their obvious advantages - in the interior we highlight certain, most interesting places; our customers consume less electricity; different directions of light make the interior more multi-level and deep.

Parallel to the track, we designed a niche for hidden LED lighting. This is how we diversified the lighting possibilities of the passage area, creating, in addition to directional light, more intimate subdued lighting.

Tire lights are often used to illuminate art objects: sculptures, paintings. In our case, several lamps directed at the picture will add to its spectacularity.

Right at the entrance to the apartment, we placed an open wardrobe with a shelf on which it is convenient to put on shoes, and a closed one for storing clothes.

In front of the entrance, we placed porcelain tiles from the Spanish factory Peronda, which has been honing its skills in the production of tiles since 1827.

We chose the gray porcelain stoneware of the Museum collection in the Lava Oat color as partners with the gray facades of the dressing room and gray painted walls in order to visually zone the entrance group.

The entrance to the apartment is illuminated by two pairs of built-in matt lamps SLV model Horn.

We deliberately chose a neutral-restrained palette for the common spaces and went all out on the private property. In all heavy colors, of course. For the bedroom of the owners of the apartment, a complex shade of purple was chosen.

And although for many this color is not associated with relaxation, psychologists say that it is he who contributes to the rapid recovery of the body. It is also associated with mysticism. But we all know that night is the most mystical time of the day.

The Twine central ceiling chandelier is made by the Anzazo factory. It is similar in design to the chandelier in the living room - this similarity allowed us to create a sense of compositional unity throughout the interior.

We wrote at the very beginning that we had chosen a natural theme for the apartment, which was reflected in the colors and decor - opposite the bed we created a wall panel depicting tree branches.

The gray tone of the wall makes purple “burn” against its background. So, with the help of color contrasts, we create an interior full of dramatic play.

The decorative wall is illuminated by built-in lamps from the Azzardo factory. They create even lighting that does not interfere with comfortable viewing of TV.

You have already noticed a decorative fabric wall. With such a wall, a headrest is not needed. And it really isn't there! On both sides of the soft panel, we placed spectacular Hoop Wall sconces from the Anzazo factory.

The area of ​​​​the main bathroom is 4.8 square meters, on which we have located plumbing, a full bathroom, storage systems and a washing machine.

The interior of the bathroom is built on the contrast of cold gray and warm shades of honey oak, in which furniture and flooring are implemented. For him, we chose porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Argenta collection Hardy color Calm.

For the walls, we offered tiles from the same Argenta factory in the Hardy White color collection, which is actually a cold gray derivative of the classic white color.

In the niche for shampoos and shower gels you will see the same collection, but in a warmer version, which the factory called Calm. And, indeed, the interior of this room immerses you in an atmosphere of tranquility.

It is not often that you will find a loggia with an area of ​​​​more than 9 square meters, which gives the opportunity to turn it into another room. In this case, it serves as both an office and a lounge area.

For the final flooring, we used frost-resistant porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Cicogres, Daria collection. Its light texture is identical to the natural pattern of wood.

Sometimes parents are asked the rather delicate question which of their children they love more. Of course, everyone. And, of course, in different ways. We also love all our interiors and every room. However, to be honest, we have favorites.

In this interior, it was the room of the baby, the daughter of the owners of the apartment. She has everything a girl loves. Delicate, as if hazy colors, portraits of her favorite animals, a soft carpet for games and comfortable furniture.

And it also has a funny, octopus-like lamp with the same funny name as itself - Olala. It was produced by the Anzazo factory.

All the furniture was designed by our designers. And it makes us feel special pride. We tried to turn the bookcase into a work of art and tell the girl about the city that surrounds her house.

The girl seems to be surrounded by the urban landscape with its endless rows of roofs stretching into the distance. They are read in the niches of the closet for clothes and toys, and in the shelves above the baby's bed.

To drive away nightmares and stop night monsters will be a Miffi night light resembling a rabbit.

This is how the urban landscape, invented by our designers, looks like. During the day it looks like a fairy-tale town with gingerbread houses, and at night it turns into a mystical city full of secrets.

For the boy's room, a blue male active color was chosen, which we were helped to realize by the paints of the Finnish company Tikkurila.

And here the very Golden Gates of San Francisco enter the scene, the story of which we told you at the very beginning. We decided to make them blue in the main range of the room. We are artists, we see it that way.

The bridge itself and the folding sofa are illuminated by two blue Malvi sconces from the Nowodvorski factory.

In the center of the room, we placed an overhead ceiling lamp Scheme Led Color from the Anzazo factory.

The main color of the room is masculine and slightly cold blue. However, she does not look harsh due to the fact that we have introduced sunny yellow into the color palette, which smooths out the restraint of her partner.

The guest bathroom is located in a space of 3.2 square meters. They were enough for us to design plumbing fixtures and a shower cabin on them.

In order to create a sense of a single space, we proposed for the entire space porcelain tiles from the Spanish factory Pamesa from the Koncept collection.

The functional division was also reflected in the choice of material - for one part we chose the gray color of the Koncept collection, and for the other - warm mocha from the same collection.

In this interior, we have implemented an ideal planning solution - a public space for guests and relatives is located immediately to the right of the entrance to the apartment, and all the rooms of the owners of the apartment are further down the corridor, forming a single private block.

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