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If happy families, as Leo Tolstoy wrote, are similar to each other, then beautiful apartments, 100 percent, are completely different! Because their criteria for designers, architects and customers are sometimes diametrically different. For example, we are looking for and definitely find this beauty in the style of minimalism.

In this project of a three-room apartment for a young family with a child, we relied on light colors in the basic design and bright accents in deep saturated colors: cherry brown, bottle green, graphite black and emerald gray. Let's open a secret: this is the third apartment in this residential complex for friends of acquaintances. This means that “word of mouth” still works and is the best live advertisement of our studio, which knows that the most beautiful apartment designs should be original, stylish, extraordinary and, most importantly, unique and special!

We live in a wonderful time when the boundaries are blurred not only between countries, but also between rooms and interior styles. Our new apartment project is a vivid confirmation of this. After the redevelopment, we combined the kitchen and dining room, smoothly flowing into the living room. As a result, the public space seems to be filled with air and light. Here you want to meet guests, raise children, since in such a spacious apartment there is a place for everyone. The leitmotif of the interior was white - a symbol of purity, freshness and nobility.

If you look at the most beautiful apartment designs, you will definitely notice how many original and stylish lamps there are. Therefore, it is no coincidence that our exquisite ensemble in the spirit of minimalism is complemented by an ultra-modern chandelier, reminiscent of a model of a heavenly body, and a lamp with many glass shades in the dining area. Actually, due to the light, it is separated from the general space. In the living area, wall panels with narrow moldings that imitate paneled furniture facades attract attention. This is a hint of classicism. The panels are delicately illuminated by an LED strip hidden in the false ceiling.

We have snow-white or light not only ceilings, walls, furniture facades, but also floors made of large-format porcelain stoneware with a marble texture with subtle veins. Someone might call this interior design option sterile. But it is precisely such a background that contrasts best with bright details, moreover, of any color. In addition, we have white in various textures, which also brings dynamics to the atmosphere. For example, the chest of drawers under the TV showcases tiny voluminous hexagons, and the rug in the lounge area (our living room has expanded to the terrace) attracts attention with openwork weaving.

How to make friends between the dining room and the living room? There are bright colors, there are pastel colors, and there are simply delicious ones that evoke persistent gastronomic associations. Chocolate shade - just like that. Therefore, we chose it as an accent for the interior of the kitchen-dining-living room. The base color is white, with slight variations. These are cabinets in the kitchen, and tiles on the floor, and some of the upholstered furniture. The second part of the chairs and the sofa are just made of velvet, in a dark brown tone, which effectively contrasts with the white background. Such a duet gives the interior an elegant status look, especially in combination with mirror tiles in the form of a miniature hexagon on the kitchen backsplash. This is exactly what the owner of the apartment dreamed of. And dreams do come true!

The beautiful design of the apartment is fully manifested in the living area. To soften our chocolate-white "official" we added textiles with trendy black and white geometric patterns. Sofa cushions echo the rug under the coffee table. As a result, the beautiful design of the apartment was multiplied by comfort, and the atmosphere acquired the necessary home warmth, which is so appreciated by the owners of modern city apartments!

As you can see, in order to create a glamorous atmosphere, it is not at all necessary to do everything “richly” and with golden details. Quite enough silvery sheen and large glossy surfaces. The chrome legs of the coffee table, dining table and decor are responsible for the first in our project. And for the second - polished porcelain tiles on the floor.

The master bedroom is complemented by a separate dressing room, hidden behind sliding doors made of beautiful smoky triplex - design and ergonomics in one bottle. The main thing is that the suit ... hangs. And not alone, but with a company of dresses, shirts, trousers and other clothes of all family members. Competent arrangement of the dressing room is the basis of order in the house, free from things randomly scattered around the rooms and stuffed into chests of drawers.

Beautiful apartment design plus 50 shades of gray and silver in an elegant bedroom interior. It is not difficult to guess that this interior was created at the request of the lady. And ladies, as you know, love romance, which we managed to squeeze into the framework of minimalism. How? Very simple: we placed fashionable gypsum panels with a wave-like relief behind the headboard and near the entrance to the room. Such a decorative element instantly gave the atmosphere a touch of sophisticated chic.

The soft character of the interior of the master bedroom was added with the help of a quilted headboard and upholstery with the texture of tweed fabric. The lighting of the sleeping area is very original - two pendants in the form of silver spheres plus spots in the recesses of the ceiling and hidden LED lighting behind a gray panel on the accent wall.

As a rule, the most beautiful apartment designs are not only attractive, but also practical interiors, not cluttered with unnecessary furniture. Therefore, we replaced the dressing table in the bedroom with a small console, and instead of an ordinary mirror, we made a mirror panel - from floor to ceiling. On the floor there is a light beige-gray laminate and a carpet with a short dense pile, which is pleasant to stand on after a sleep with bare feet.

The bedspread, pillows and pouffe are made of velvet in a rich and deep dark bottle shade, which looks chic and noble under electric lighting. The snow-white paneled door effectively stands out against the pearl-gray wall.

Designer lullaby in the children's room. The slogan "all the best for children" in interior design is often expressed in the fact that the child's room looks like a too bright illustration of a fairy tale. In our project, we have maintained a balance between colors and functionality. They also made a basic design “for growth” - they picked up ash-green and gray shades for the walls, equipped a TV zone, places for storing things and sitting for guests.

Children's room on the interior map. Believe me, stylistic discoveries can be no less interesting than geographical ones! You just need to show maximum design imagination and wake up the “inner child” in yourself. And then an ordinary nursery will turn into a fascinating world with a fun map on the wallpaper, a rope ladder and a rope that help you feel like a sailor on a ship.

If we already set the theme of long voyages in the interior of the children's room, then let the small owner of the room imagine that the workplace near the window with a comfortable corner table and shelves is the captain's cabin. If the little fidget wants to safely hide the treasure, then there are many drawers under the bed that turns into a seat.

The open wooden shelves above the desk are very handy. Unlike the previously popular large superstructure or wall cabinets, they do not look bulky. Curtains are the same - instead of traditional floor-length curtains, we have chosen modern roller shutters. One easy movement of a small child's hand - and the sun was let into the house!

A spacious closet is provided for clothes, and a sports corner will also serve the little owner for more than one year. The color scheme of the interior is soft pastel. But it is replete with patterns on wallpaper and textiles and cozy knitted textures. It turned out a kind of Scandinavian minimalism.

The TV and storage area in the children's room is a single structure up to the ceiling, where white facades are effectively complemented by wooden ones. The latter are in harmony in tone with the laminate on the floor - under a light tree. Modern lighting fully meets the spirit of minimalism - turning spots on a busbar system can easily cope with any task.

The apartment has two bathrooms. The first, decorated in light colors, like all rooms, is designed for the owners. In it, we placed a bathtub and a cantilevered toilet bowl with a hidden installation, as well as organized places for storing bath trifles and household chemicals. We diluted the plain tiles with marble effect tiles on the floor and a finish with small rounded diamonds, reminiscent of fish scales, on the wall in the wet area of ​​the bath and on its body.

The floor cabinet under the sink turned out to be very roomy. She successfully replaced the storage system, for which there would simply be no place in a room with a small area. To the right of the door, in a niche, we managed to make a locker. The door, like the facade of the pedestal, is paneled, framed with the same decorative platbands.

White starts and wins... in the master's bathroom. What an elegant design in creamy, milky and cream colors! Against such a background, even white furniture and plumbing looks emphatically gentle and refined. The rectangular mirror has a very unusual illumination in the form of a circle, which in itself is a functional decor. However, like a chrome heated towel rail.

The entrance hall, open to the living room, is a bold mix of classic and minimalism. The main motive of the interior is strict geometry. It is also found in the classic narrow moldings that decorate the walls. Laconic rectangles are also depicted (by sandblasting) on ​​the mirror doors of the wardrobe. They expand the space of the corridor and reflect the light from the lamps, thus making the room brighter.

Entrance hall where modernized classics start right at the doorstep. The entrance area of ​​the apartment is like an overture in an opera: it demonstrates all the richness and stylistic diversity of the author's "work". In our case, this is a classic, arranged in a new way. So, narrow moldings on the wall are adjacent to mirror panels, and noble marble on the floor is replaced by wear-resistant porcelain stoneware with the same texture.

Beautiful apartment design starts right on the doorstep! Minimalism in the interior is embodied by grayish-beige, almost white walls and a snow-white floor, tiled in marble. The banquette, upholstered in the same cherry-chocolate velvet as the chairs and sofa in the living room, became the only bright accent and added charm to the laconic setting.

Warm minimalism in the guest bathroom. Invoices are like people - some radiate cold, others heat. For example, wood always visually warms the interior. We have made light brown finishes the main accent of the bathroom. The woodgrain finish contrasts with the black tiles in a trendy hexagon shape. This solution for the walls is incredibly stylish and unusual, ultra-modern. Such a bathroom can say a lot about the owners of the apartment, who are definitely up to date with the latest trends in the design world.

Despite the small area, in terms of functionality, this bathroom also has many advantages: a console toilet with a hidden installation, a console sink with a nightstand, where there are two drawers and a spacious shower corner where you can take a quick shower, standing under jets of artificial tropical rain and “think about the meaning of life”, sitting on an impromptu bench - a movable small watering can gets here.

On the floor and part of the walls, we put gray porcelain stoneware under the brutal concrete that is fashionable today. This tone contrasts favorably with the wood-veneered console cabinet under the washbasin. By the way, the sink and countertop are a one-piece construction, made to match the stylish black porcelain stoneware wall tiles. The faucet with a short spout “grows” right out of the wall, as do the cold and hot water switches.

In order to give the interior an unusual modern sound and lightness, we installed hidden LED lighting in the false ceiling, under the seat in the shower and in the body of the hanging cabinet with a mirror facade above the washbasin. For the convenience of using the shower, a metal channel (drain ladder) is mounted directly in the floor, which provides a quick outflow of water. The tile in the shower area echoes the finish of the console cabinet under the washbasin.

The interior of the three-room apartment we created proved once again: the most beautiful apartment designs are based on the correct layout and ergonomics. Therefore, when developing our project, we made sure that in the public area of ​​​​the kitchen-living-dining room there was enough space for movement so that you could freely get up from the table or go to the work surface and cook food without disturbing anyone.

Since the family consists of three people, we have provided spacious dressing rooms and storage space. The first is located right next to the entrance to the apartment, the second is in the master bedroom plus wardrobes in the nursery. We also have two bathrooms, which made it possible to put a bathtub in one, and to equip a full-fledged shower corner in the other. Also, the layout, thought out to the smallest detail, provided for comfortable corridors into which all interior doors open.

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