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Lighting headliner Flos turns 60 next year. 60 years since the meeting of Cesare Cassina, founder of the furniture company Cassina, designer Dino Gavina and owner of a small factory, Arturo Eisenkeil. The latter imported material from the USA to Italy, which was used in America for military purposes. He came up with an interesting technology for applying synthetic resin to a steel frame, which made it possible to create lightweight lamps of various shapes, unlike anything that other companies offered. Synthetic resin in the form of a spray was applied to a rotating steel frame, which made it possible to realize the most imaginative forms. The resulting material visually and to the touch resembled something between rice paper and cobwebs.

The starting trio of Flos creators was joined by two designers, the Castiglioni brothers, who, using an innovative technique, created the Cocoon lamp, named after the technology developed by Gavina.

The Castiglioni created the progenitor of modern track systems, the Parentesi luminaire, which turns 60 this year. Then designer Tobio Scarpa joined them. And even later - Sergio Gandini, who became the first president of Flos.

The brand is now considered a leader in designer lighting that will add a touch of personality to any space, public or private. While the light of another Italian brand, Artemide, is chosen by lovers of innovative discoveries, Flos is preferred by adherents of author's design. Stars of world design cooperate with the company. Their career is considered established if at least one lamp of their design is included in the Flos collection. Among them are Philippe Starck, Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, and, of course, Marcel Wanders.

Why, in fact, "of course" you will understand when you see our new project of a private interior, located in a residential complex on the street. Boris Gmyria. Many design studios in Kyiv concentrate on objects located in the capital of Ukraine. The geography of our projects is extensive - we create private and public spaces in all cities of the country.

The work of an interior designer implies, in addition to professional skills, also mobility and a willingness to travel to objects outside of Kyiv. Call and order interiors, as well as ask questions that will help you understand the work of an interior designer. Let's meet - we will show you interior visualizations, tell you about the price of a design project and what is included in the work of a designer.

The total area of ​​the apartment is 79.5 square meters. Its owners are a married couple of 31 and 30 years old. Another inhabitant of the apartment is a small dog.

For the floor of the living room and all living quarters, we have chosen an oak parquet board from the Belgian factory Barlinek from the Wolfsburg collection. The floor of the kitchen is covered with porcelain stoneware from the Italian brand Flaviker of the Supreme collection.

In the near future, the couple are planning to have a baby, and their bedroom will be converted into a children's room, and they themselves will move into the living room - so it was important for them that there was a lot of free space in the main room. We chose shelving that separates the living room from the kitchen, and a large pull out sofa that will turn into their seating area in the future.

Linear wall panels and a floor-length mirror with vertical LED cords create the visual effect we need – making ceilings taller than they really are.

The large area of ​​the living room, 26.1 square meters, is connected not so much with the plans of the owners of the apartment for the future, but with their current hobbies. The husband is fond of music and he needs space for two guitars and a synthesizer. My wife does Pilates and she needs space to exercise. In addition, the couple loves to play console games together or smoke hookah - so all their hobbies require a large transforming space.

A wall panel imitating natural marble was created by our craftsmen from the Italian Flaviker porcelain stoneware of the Supreme collection in Golden Calant color.

For facing the kitchen backsplash, we chose stone veneer from the German factory Eco-Stone in Blanco color. Innovative technologies have made it possible to divide the natural stone slab into thin sheets.

The resulting thin stone plates are mounted on a solid fiberglass base. The resulting material is used to decorate facades and interiors.

And here it is - the Skygarden chandelier, the fruit of the love and talent of the Italian factory Flos and the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. Minimalistic at first glance, the inside of the dome is decorated with plaster moldings in Wanders' signature style. The lamp was created in 2007 and since then has been one of the most popular models produced by the factory.

We combined the balcony and the kitchen, considering the plans to change the functions of the rooms. In the future, the balcony area may become an office for one of the spouses. Now it is a space for relaxation.

We placed on the floor of the balcony Portuguese porcelain stoneware from the Love Ceramic factory of the Timber collection in Beige color.

The entrance group is illuminated by built-in spotlights from the German factory Brumberg. Their light, falling on textured gypsum panels, creates an impressive decorative effect.

The apartment has two small wardrobe rooms. Their presence is the wish of the owners. They are opponents of closets, preferring separate rooms to them.

My wife is fond of collecting clothes and shoes, for which we designed special shelves.

In addition to clothes, an ironing board and everything you need to clean the apartment are stored in the dressing room.

When creating a bedroom design project, our designers kept thinking that in a couple of years it would turn into a children's room. We placed soft fabric panels behind the head of the bed. The panels have built-in LED cords that create a soft light that is comfortable for the eyes at night when it will be necessary to get up to the child.

The owner of the apartment is fond of collecting figurines and small sculptures. For them, we thought of hanging shelves to the right of the bed.

In place of the dressing table in the future there will be a workplace with a desk and bookcases. And the baby's clothes can be comfortably placed in the dressing room.

We selected concealed doors with a black frame for this interior. Against the background of light walls, they create an attractive contrasting effect.

Understanding that closed shelves are important for storing a child’s things, we designed furniture with the maximum number of drawers.

Lighting in the dressing room was created using built-in ceiling lights and LED cords hidden under the shelves.

The upper shelves will be used for seasonal clothes and those from which the baby has already grown.

For the wall covering of the bathroom, we offered Kerama Marazzi porcelain stoneware from the Monte Tiberio collection, imitating natural marble.

Such shower systems are called "mood shower" or "rain shower". The reason for their popularity is hidden in their names. A strong adjustable pressure tones the skin, promotes quick awakening, improves mood - in a word, it looks like a real tropical downpour.

The floor of the bathroom and the walls of the shower cabin are covered with Portuguese Love Ceramic porcelain stoneware from the Timber collection in Beige.

In the space above the toilet and bidet, we built a niche illuminated by hidden LED cords and closed shelves for storing towels and cosmetics.

Despite the fact that the room has a modern shower, the owners of the apartment insisted on a free-standing bath. Indeed, many of our customers prefer baths when it comes to bathing a child.

The work on the redevelopment was not easy - we had to take into account not only the current scenario, but also further changes in the functional zoning of the apartment. We decided to give the farthest room to the unborn child - it is adjacent to the parents' bedroom and has its own dressing room, which is very convenient for storing clothes and toys

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