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A template is a pattern by which identical objects are created. In the 1970s, American architect Christopher Alexander began introducing architectural or design patterns. The most interesting thing is that in architecture they have not received such popularity as in software development.

Templates make the production process faster, but the perception of each other complicates. We perceive naturally when girls buy pink dresses and dolls. But toys for children are a method of exploring the world around them, and for a girl it is not limited to light shades of red, just as she does not study the world with only teddy bears. It is useful for boys to play with dolls until they are 2 or 3 years old - this is how they learn the basics of interacting with other people and develop empathy in themselves. And the girls will not hurt, contrary to the patterns, playing with cars.

Belik designers break perception patterns by working with non-standard tasks. The project in the Alter Ego residential complex was a task with an asterisk, which was set for us by a three-year-old client. Interested?

"A cozy nest" and "a fortress" - the owners of the apartment, the parents of a three-year-old baby, called the future house so contradictory. It seems that the talent to ask complex and interesting problems is their family trait. So, we have to create a cozy fortress in an apartment located on an area of ​​​​110 square meters with a ceiling height of 2.98 meters.

The customers chose the beige range as the main one in the interior. Since their three-year-old daughter prefers green, we suggested muted green as a partner to beige. The influence of green on our emotional state is enormous. Unlike other colors, it does not get bored quickly. It calms and sets up a positive mood.

Our commitment to built-in wardrobes has resonated with the owners of this apartment. We all love functional and aesthetic solutions. Built-in furniture makes the space more collected. It helps to avoid excess free-standing pieces of furniture, which the hostess spends so much time cleaning. And in the case when there is a small and active child in the house, built-in furniture helps to create an environmentally friendly and safe space.

When there is a choice of what height to make storage systems, we always vote for their installation under the ceiling - they are easier to wash, they fit more things and they form an integral image of the apartment, without crushing and small details. Do you agree?

Our customers do not have many skills for receiving guests - the size of their previous housing did not allow them to invite friends and relatives to their place as often as they would like. But they have a lot of desire and opportunities to realize their plans for friendly parties now. They are already planning that their parents will come to their “cozy fortress” and stay with them for the night.

The open space of the living room combined the kitchen, dining room and lounge area, where parents and friends of the owners of the apartment will gather. Lighting helped us zone the open space, which will soon host parties and holidays.

A timeless classic will always be in demand. For the lounge area, we chose the traditional furniture layout, which has never let us down before - we placed a sofa in front of the TV, whose dimensions will be comfortable for 4-5 people to relax. Next to it are two coffee tables, and under the TV is a low chest of drawers for storing books.

Ceiling lights give a cozy light and divide the space into two different functional areas - dining and lounge. We have selected lamps from different companies. Now an interior with lamps from the same collection is considered as bad form as creating your own bow entirely from Chanel, Zara or Calvin Klein. The ability to tactfully combine brands is one of the indicators of a designer's professionalism.

The interior magnet was a wall art object that connected all the colors used in the interior of the open space. The need for art in the interior is no longer even talked about. It is introduced into residential or office space to create an atmosphere of bourgeois and exclusivity. We understand that the word "exclusivity", worn down to holes, has lost its original meaning. However, it is art objects that help to understand what real exclusivity is and how a designer can achieve it.

The location of the kitchen in the recess was not accidental: it will allow the hostess of the house to communicate with the family while cooking and not worry about temporary mess in the kitchen.

Under the TV, we placed a low console with open and closed shelves for books that the owner of the apartment is fond of.

Hidden in a two-level ceiling, lighting allows you to create a different light scenario - from front to intimate. We do not see direct light from the LED strip hidden in the depths of the false ceiling. Its soft reflection reaches us, which creates an interesting visual game - it forms the illusion of a high vault hovering above you.

The presence of different storage systems is a prerequisite for comfortable bathrooms. For Belik studio designers, this is one of the main rules! In the case of this interior, we proposed to place built-in wardrobes above the plumbing fixtures and a massive cabinet under the sink.

And here our maximalism and desire to avoid unnecessary elements that complicate cleaning for the hostess got the better of us. We convinced the owners of the apartment to put doors without platbands. In addition to the advantages that we wrote about above, there are two more indisputable advantages - they make the ceiling visually higher and the room more spacious.

A lot of hidden lighting was integrated into the interior of the bathroom - it filled the room with "air" and formed an optical illusion of a bathtub floating in the air.

The interior of the bathroom combines different textures of the same color scheme. This is how we avoid visual boredom. Even within the same color range, you can and should create rich visual impressions.

For the flooring of the "wet" areas, we chose a textured anti-slip tile from a Spanish factory.

Spanish porcelain stoneware above the bathroom, thanks to the divorces imitating natural marble, has become the main decor of this stylish space. We also thought about the design of the shelves for cosmetics - their color matches the color of the porcelain stoneware pattern. Together they form a harmonious visual duet.

We painted the bathroom interior with all shades of the same color, that is, we created a monochrome picture. Designers avoid monochrome interiors - made by amateurs, they can come across as featureless.

The owners of the apartment do not work outside the home. The wife is raising a daughter. Husband works at home. This means that they spend a lot of time together and their tracks of movement around the apartment will intersect. We have designed the bathroom in such a way that two people can feel comfortable in it.

It is claimed that 83% of the clients of the services of an apartment interior designer pay any price for a window in the bathroom. There is some beauty in starting the morning with an illuminating shower, gazing out at the city below you. Understanding this, we proposed a planning solution that made the dream of a window in the bathroom come true.

The baby's bathroom is equipped with a shower cabin in which she will play for hours.

Did you know that there are 100,000 pollen particles in one cell? And here is another curious fact - when building honeycombs, bees use the earth's magnetic field as a guide. And finally - honeycombs - this form of ceramic tiles has been in the top for more than a year and this trend, according to our forecasts, will continue further. We create timeless designs, so we only follow long-term trends.

The window reflected in the mirror enhances the luminous flux in the bathroom.

The price of an apartment design project reflects the professionalism of the designer and his ability to hear the client. This is important when designing any room in a living space. However, especially the ability to understand the needs of the client is important when creating a bedroom interior. Perhaps this is the only non-public space in the apartment. In it, the owner seeks not to impress others, but to express himself.

The dressing table is positioned so that natural light falls comfortably from the left. Do you know why this is so important? The light should fall from the side of the non-working hand so that the right hand does not block it.

We have installed modern air conditioners in each of the rooms.

Increasingly, in addition to the design project of an apartment, prices for finishing materials and furniture, we provide the service of "author's supervision".

And finally, the girl's room, which, despite her young age, became the main customer in this project. A three-year-old has a pretty clear understanding of what she wants. We have never received such detailed terms of reference as from her.

Yes, the girl is not a fan of pink, preferring green to him. In our perception, this color is closely connected with nature, which is so lacking for residents of noisy cities. We have enhanced the natural motifs in the interior by choosing posters with floral patterns and adding a pillow with an unusual shape of a flower inflorescence.

As we said, our little customer loves cars and trains. We have organized her workspace and storage systems so that she has as much space as possible to play with them.

For her, we designed a comfortable drawing table, because in addition to transport, she is fond of drawing.

Bad weather is not a hindrance to sports activities - the room is equipped with a sports mini-corner.

Green and beige create a color combination that creates a feeling of freshness.

Playing on the floor becomes more fun when you sit on a soft carpet. And, if we decided to reflect all the latest trends in the design of this apartment, catch another one - carpets. That's right - one of the latest interior insights.

For remote work of the owner of the apartment, we designed a full-fledged office.

The design of an apartment and its price in Kyiv differ from other cities, as well as the terms of reference, requirements and requests of customers.

The square lamps follow the straight lines that characterize the design of this study. To some extent, they reflect the direct nature of the owner of the apartment.

The built-in wardrobe makes the room bigger and organizes magazines, documents, books.

For the next 5 years, this office will become the main one in the interior of this apartment - these are the business plans of its owner. And the plans of the whole family include warm parties with friends, visits from parents and happiness that they will fill the space of their cozy home with.

The price for an apartment design project includes, in addition to visualizations, detailed drawings of your apartment.

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