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This is an interior project for a kopeck piece we created for a young family. Therefore, our design turned out to be youthfully bold and concise. In the design, we used a lot of fashionable finishes and wood details, which gave the rooms a cozy feel. And we also proved that white is absolutely not boring if you play creatively with the texture.

The owners of the kopeck piece - Stepan and Yulia - love to travel, visit quest rooms, receive guests, watch interesting films in the evenings. Like all young people, they prefer outdoor activities and love to spend time in nature. Our public area turned out to be bright and spacious, due to the fact that the recreation area is combined with the dining room and kitchen. You can get here directly from the corridor.

If there is no interesting texture at hand, then you need to create it yourself. For the embossed stripes on the wall, we used narrow wooden planks painted white. They visually stretch the room vertically. And the long cantilever bedside table with original recesses on the milky-white facade brilliantly coped with the horizontal.

Divide and conquer, that's what the kings said. Zone and enjoy the comfort - this is what designers advise when it comes to redevelopment. The wall, trimmed with wooden plates, echoes the design of the TV zone. A large imposing sofa, consisting of three pillow blocks, is “dressed” in white, but the covers are removable and easy to wash. The coffee table and bar counter made of blackened metal are made in the spirit of a loft.

The bar counter is adjacent to the wooden wall and helps to zone the space of the living-dining room. Although due to the fact that the rack body is not sewn up with anything, but has legs, the design looks light and does not overload the interior. Wood-effect laminate extends from the living room into the dining area, which also visually delimits the space. And in the kitchen area, we laid marble tiles.

All to the table! The dining area is equally removed from the bar counter and the working line. A laconic white table can be moved apart, and chairs can be delivered. Moreover, the owners love to receive guests so much. A built-in refrigerator is hidden behind dull light beige facades, and an oven and a microwave oven are inscribed in a column. Cabinet furniture up to the ceiling looks presentable. The lower facades in the cooking area are veneered with wood. And the top row of lockers is complemented by an open wine cellar.

During the meal, guests look at living plants that the hostess loves to grow. Especially for Yulia's mini-kindergarten, we came up with a planter on the wall. Above them, she can place her drawings, which organically complement the floristic exposition in the Scandinavian style. The dining area is illuminated by spots in the form of black cylinders, mounted on a busbar system that forms a square on the ceiling.

We liked the idea of ​​a wall decorated with narrow vertical wood planks so much that we decided to use it in the bedroom as well. The accent wall behind the bed immediately played and the room seemed to become warmer! Warmed the interior and floor carpet in pearl grey. And you can read your favorite book while sitting in a chair-chair with grey upholstery.

The bedroom has one rounded corner, a window is installed here. The TV is aligned with the workspace, so the tabletop starts at the chest of drawers and continues to the end of the wall, forming a desk. Light hanging shelves for small items and decor help keep the table tidy.

The wall to the left of the bed and the door is finished with a gypsum panel with three-dimensional ornament. The geometry illuminated by the LED strip (hidden in the false ceiling) looks very original and elegant. Since there is no closet in the room, through the mirrored doors of which, as a rule, you can look, we installed a separate floor mirror.

Thinking over the interior design of a two-room apartment, we paid special attention to lighting. So, in the master bedroom, we picked up a trio of lamps-spheres: one pendant hangs from the ceiling near the bed, there is a sconce on the cantilever bedside table that looks like a white luminous balloon. Plus, there is a floor lamp from the same series near the table.

There is only one bathroom in the apartment, located in the entrance area, but it is multifunctional and concise. The design in milky and gray tones with an accent on a dark brown console cabinet is made in the spirit of minimalism. A wide rectangular mirror, decorated with a white edging, visually expands the room.

Black is not always gloomy, especially if the details of such a contrasting color stand out against the background of light tiles. A transparent screen on the bathtub has a black frame; we matched it with drawers for small items of the same tone, suspended in the wet area. The handsome towel warmer also looks spectacular: black pipes running horizontally play the role of not only a practical household item, but also a decor.

A bath with a shower screen is designed for both leisurely relaxation and quick water treatments. For lovers of tropical showers, we have selected a stationary shower of the same name with a large square watering can, mounted almost under the ceiling.

Washing and drying machines are built in a column with blank facades. And in the locker above the hidden installation of the console toilet, we installed a boiler. The facades are almost tone-on-tone matched to the color of the wall tiles in a complex beige and white hue.

There is an office across the wall from the bedroom. It plays the role of a second guest bedroom and, in general, a place of solitude for the owner, who can stay up late, keen on computer games. Fortunately, we have provided a large desk and a comfortable chair. The floor in the room, as in the living room and bedroom, is lined with parquet. Moreover, laying with an offset step each time creates a special pattern.

The wall behind the sofa is an accent wall, family photos decorated in a passport and thin black frames look great here. The sofa has an original modern shape with a rounded bottom and veneered inserts. No less interesting is the design of the cabinet, the side of which is a rack for books and trifles.

In three or four years, the family plans to have a baby, so the guest bedroom will turn into a unisex nursery. And since parents are friends with sports, they have already taken care of a full-fledged sports corner. Its black details echo the black lamp, or rather the busbar system, on the ceiling.

All roads of this apartment lead to the wardrobe, located on the right along the corridor, not far from the hallway, opposite the seating area in the living room. Its area is 4.4 meters, so we were able to place here all the storage places for seasonal clothes and shoes.

The owners are big fashionistas, especially in terms of shoes, for which we have provided many open shelves. With such “layouts”, the right pair can be found, especially in good lighting, in a second.

We placed all the shelves and compartments with trempels along the perimeter of the room, and left the middle free for a convenient approach to things. At the end, we installed a large mirror so that you can see yourself in full growth.

From the living room-dining room-kitchen there is access to the glazed loggia. Here we have equipped a lounge area, since modern facade glazing makes it possible to admire the city landscape. One end is deaf, so we placed a locker there - from floor to ceiling. White facades alternate with open shelves finished with wood. They are arranged in an inverted T.

Lightweight folding chairs with embossed black upholstery - these are usually placed in the garden or in the gazebo in the country - help to create a relaxed atmosphere of a country estate on an ordinary city balcony. To save space, we made the doors to the loggia not hinged, but sliding.

The interior design of a two-room apartment is made in the style of minimalism. Therefore, we have used modern materials and designs to the maximum. So, we arranged an additional mini-office behind a transparent sliding partition, taken in a laconic black frame. A writing desk and illuminated open shelves - that's all you need to work.

In addition to general ceiling lighting in the form of spotlights, we installed a couple of sconces on the wall. The layout of the apartment is thought out in such a way that daylight from the dining area enters directly into the hallway.

The entrance area is equipped with a floor-to-ceiling mirror, a console bedside table and a pouffe that can be pulled out if necessary. The wall behind the mirror is decorated with the same narrow wooden planks as in the living-dining room.

The interior design of the two-room apartment is tied to a well-thought-out layout, where there is a spacious living-dining-kitchen public area open to the corridor, as well as a separate bedroom and office. The configuration of the apartment allowed us to equip a separate dressing room and even a mini-study on the right along the corridor.

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