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Do you know that graffiti is not actually graffiti? Let's talk in order.

The art of graffiti has been known since ancient times. After all, cave paintings are also graffiti. The earliest of them date back to the 30th millennium BC.

The name "graffiti" comes from the word "graffiato", which translates as "scribbled". Therefore, strictly speaking, most of the wall paintings that adorn the walls of houses in our cities are not graffiti. Most often it is spray art. This is the name of the images realized with the help of spray paint. Or it can also be dipinti, images applied with paint.

However, in our new project, located on the Kharkiv Highway, the wall of one of the rooms is decorated with classic graffiti. It consists in scratching a drawing onto several layers of applied paint, thus revealing the lowest layers.

The owner of the apartment is a young man who wanted to emphasize the brutal atmosphere of the interior design. He appreciated the suggestion to place graffiti on his bedroom wall.

Every detail of the interior is chosen to emphasize its masculine character. Every detail, including the dining table. At the peak of popularity, tables made of epoxy and wood took off along with the trend for loft interiors.

The main thing when choosing a table is to choose the right slab, this is a solid longitudinal saw cut of a tree trunk, which preserves its uneven edge and the entire texture of a real tree pattern. After processing, the slabs are filled with epoxy resin. It can be colorless, or, as in our case, painted in a dark or other color.

For the backsplash of the working area of ​​the kitchen, we selected Polish tiles from the Tubadzin factory in the Timeless collection in black. Tiles of a custom size of 898 by 328 millimeters emphasized the elongated shape of the kitchen.

For the kitchen, our designers have developed a multi-level lighting scenario. Firstly, the NB Light chandelier is responsible for lighting the table. The working area of ​​the kitchen is illuminated by overhead swivel lamps from the German factory Maytoni. Under the upper kitchen cabinets, we installed LED strips. We proposed to make one of the upper cabinets with transparent glass doors with internal lighting.

We insulated the loggia and made it part of the kitchen, turning it into a lounge area with a comfortable space for a hookah.

The lounge area has comfortable armchairs and a TV. The owner of the apartment sometimes spends evenings with friends playing games or watching movies.

One of the most effective solutions is the use of identical material for floor and ceiling surfaces. Spectacular and rational - so the space is less divided into details, looks more solid and becomes visually larger.

To realize the concept of our designers, we chose porcelain stoneware from the Polish factory Cerrad from the Cortone collection, imitating the natural structure of wood.

You have already noticed that we are trying to use hidden LED lighting. Our goal is not only to achieve "rich" lighting. We also pursue practical tasks - LED strips installed along the perimeter of the ceiling create a feeling of "air", making the ceiling height higher than in reality.

Everyone knows the legendary Stonehenge, located 130 kilometers from London. One of the most ancient places of worship, built about 4.5 thousand years ago. Huge boulders, some of which are up to 8.5 meters high, have long inspired artists and designers.

Specialists of the Ukrainian factory Golden Tile dedicated their collection of porcelain stoneware to the British Stonehenge, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which we used for the floor of the entrance group, kitchen and lounge area.

In the entrance group, we placed a rack for clothes and shoes of a deliberately rough brutal design. There is also a large mirror in it, which visually expands the space of the corridor.

The combination of materials in the bathroom, as well as the interiors of the whole apartment, is based on the combination of gray and wooden surfaces. We created a spectacular wall imitating the structure of wood using Italian porcelain stoneware from the Imola factory from the Wood 1A4 collection.

For the floor and walls of the bathroom, we also offered porcelain stoneware from the Ukrainian factory Golden Tile of the Hygge collection, deep gray.

Above the wall-hung toilet, we placed an open niche for cosmetics with built-in LED lighting and closed shelves with soft touch system doors.

Those who associate the appearance of graffiti with the development of hip-hop culture are mistaken. The first conscious drawings in public spaces appeared much earlier - in the 1920s, the walls of the New York subway were full of drawings by spontaneous artists.

A spectacular wall imitating wooden slabs laid out lengthwise was helped to create by the Italian factory Settecento, which presented the Myhome porcelain stoneware collection.

When looking at a hanging chandelier, everyone has the same association - the resemblance to a spider is obvious. And, yes - you are right, the chandelier is indeed called Spider.

In the bedroom, we also attached a loggia to the main space, insulating it. It houses the owner's office.

To the right of the table are open and closed shelves for books and documents. On the left is a small collection of graphic collages collected by the landlord.

The layout of the apartment suggested to us the obvious axial arrangement of the rooms. Directly opposite the entrance is the public area of ​​the kitchen and lounge area. To the right is the owner's bedroom.

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