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It is difficult to find a person in the post-Soviet space who has not heard jokes or has not made jokes about the name of the Ukrainian city of Kherson. Meanwhile, it did not always bear this name - Kherson was founded in 1737 as the Alexander-Shantz fortress, and only in 1778, by order of Catherine II, it received the name that we know now, in honor of Tauric Chersonesus, a policy founded by the ancient Greeks in 424 BC on the territory of modern Crimea.

We will return with you from the Greek settlement to the city that we know now. And now the question is ripe: “Do we really know him so well?” Kherson was the first Black Sea city in the territories that were protected from foreign raids for more than 200 years. It became the first fortress at the mouth of the Dnieper. The first shipyard was built on its territory. The first ships of the Black Sea squadron left it. The first cannon foundry was built there. Kherson is associated with the name of the British philanthropist and the first prison reformer John Howard, who arrived in the city during the plague, became infected and died. In his honor, an eleven-meter obelisk in the form of a sundial was built in the city. By the way, many believe that the first kidney transplant was performed in the United States in 1951, but no! 18 years earlier, in the Kherson First Soviet City Hospital, the head of the surgical department, Yuri Voronoi, transplanted a kidney to a twenty-six-year-old woman.

The list of what happened in Kherson for the first time can be continued. However, this will take us too far away from the design. Of course, we are not the first design studio from Kyiv, which was invited to work on private interiors in Kherson, so we did our best to maintain the high level of design in the capital.

The total area of ​​the apartment is 98.3 square meters. Ceiling height 3.1 meters. The apartment has one bathroom and a loggia of 2.8 square meters. The owners of the apartment are 37 years old. We do not know which of them had the idea to hire an apartment designer from Kyiv, we are grateful to both of them for the opportunity to create a stylish interior and visit the capital of Tavria. The son of the owners of the apartment, who is on the verge of puberty, is 11. We needed to create an interior for him that would change along with his rapidly changing interests, which appear and disappear at supersonic speed during adolescence. Let's see together what kind of interior we created within the walls of their three-room apartment.

The entire interior is united by a single color solution. The jet black color is ideally combined with wenge, brick red, anthracite and beige.

The fireplace has always been the center of the home. In this interior, we used it for two reasons. Firstly, he is responsible for the coziness and comfort of the dining and lounge areas. Secondly, it serves as a decorative separator of these functionally different spaces.

The owners will watch the play of the flame reflected in the glass protective dome while sitting in the living room or in the dining room. We deliberately positioned the fireplace so that it could be seen from several points in the apartment.

Above the seating area is a pendant lamp from the Imperium Light factory, model Linkor. The owners of the apartment can change the angle of illumination of its light flasks, making the light brighter or more intimate.

The kitchen work area is illuminated by a slatted overhead lamp. We chose all luminaire models with a matte black finish, in order to create the feeling of a unified interior space.

Italian marble is the most ancient finishing material. The most famous place for the production of Italian marble is located in Italy, in the city of Carrara. From there marble was delivered to Rome, where the legendary Michelangelo worked with it.

For the lounge area, we chose two tables with Grigio Carnico black Italian marble tops. With a round pendant lamp that hangs above them, they form a single compositional solution.

We carefully select each design element so that it becomes part of a single story. We are especially scrupulous when choosing lighting - it can both pull out the interior and spoil it. On the TV console, we placed the Taccia table lamp from the Anzazo factory.

Black elements, accessories and fittings were a priority on this project. Even the doors leading to the loggia, we have chosen in black.

In contrast to the wenge from which the dining table and kitchen facades are made, the floor is a warm shade of gray. It is this complex color that Biscuits Grande oak parquet has.

We placed a minimalistic ODDS lamp from the Anzazo factory above a multi-level table, part of which is a comfortable bar counter, and the other is a dining area.

We chose the surface of wenge not by chance. It is known that this tree has a complex graphic pattern. In addition, the texture along the wall will give the impression of higher ceilings. The price for interior design includes a lot, but our experience in the implementation of objects and knowledge of interesting decorative techniques are priceless.

An interior is not an interior if there is no work of art in it. So we decided and our customers agreed with us.

We placed a modern sculpture in the lobby. It seems to play the role not so much of decoration as it regulates the movement from one part of the apartment to another.

Gray is obtained in two ways - by mixing white with black, as well as by combining red, green and blue.

No matter how you get the gray color, know that it gives the interior a sense of stability and tranquility. Overall, this is a classic win-win color. Remember, Coco Chanel said: "When in doubt, dress in red!". Our designers say: "When in doubt, paint gray!"

Our life is divided into two epochs - pre-covid and post-covid. Our habits, hobbies, hobbies are changing. One of the cardinal changes affected the assignments of the rooms. Now they combine several functions. They implement all life scenarios - live, work, play.

Above the bed of the son of the owners of the apartment, we placed a light installation “PLAY”, whatever his hobbies in the future, there will always be a place to play in them.

In addition to the luminous installation, a slatted overhead lamp and hidden ceiling lighting are responsible for lighting in the room.

The whole room is solved in monochrome - we have collected the maximum number of shades of gray in it. By the way, it was previously believed that the human eye is able to distinguish 500 shades of this color, but now scientists have proven that we can identify only 30 of them.

The room is dominated by horizontal surfaces, which we emphasized by placing luminous LED strips under the shelves.

Behind the headboard there is a wall panel with a geometric pattern, in the colors of which we have collected the entire spectrum of gray used in this room.

Bright brick-colored pillows are the only color spot in the room's monochrome palette.

Realizing the slogan "Play", placed above the boy's bed, we placed a sports corner in his room, where he can play sports without leaving his room.

We got a bathroom with a very decent area of ​​6.3 square meters. On it we placed all plumbing equipment and a shower unit.

The floor is covered with ceramic granite from the Polish factory Cerrad. The collection is called Masterstone Silver. In Poland, as well as before in Italy and Spain, they started to produce rectified tiles, which make it possible to reduce the seams between two edges. Want to know what "rectified" means?

Rectified tiles appeared relatively recently - a little over 20 years ago. Appeared to conquer the whole world, including Kherson.

This is a tile with cut edges. Although the technology of its production is more expensive than usual, however, the fact that it allows you to maintain a distance of 1 millimeter between tiles has ensured its popularity among designers and builders.

In addition to all the necessary plumbing equipment in the bathroom, there are storage systems and built-in wardrobes.

The slatted fronts of the dark beige cabinets contrast sharply with the gray color of the porcelain stoneware, creating a harmonious interplay of warm and cold colors.

We have already spoken in favor of concealed doors more than once. They allow you to create a solid visual image. They are easier to wash. And they do not crush the doorway with unnecessary elements.

We designed a shower block with a sauna function, so we considered it necessary to add a built-in bench with waterproof LED lighting.

There is still no clear answer to the question of whether it is worth making the wall between the bedroom and the dressing room transparent. In this case, we follow the lead of the customer and his willingness to keep the dressing room completely clean.

The wall behind the head of the bed has become a real bedroom magnet. We placed on it a lath overlay, a textured wall imitating natural marble and graphic work.

Along the wall is an Attache luminaire from the Imperium Light factory, parallel to which we placed an LED strip hidden behind the ceiling moldings.

As we said above, multifunctionality is the trend of the coming decades. We relied on it when designing this object in Kherson and creating interior design in Kyiv.

We have located in the bedroom a relaxation area and space for work. The dressing room, separated from the bedroom by a transparent wall, is also considered an integral element of the bedroom space.

It is believed that graphics have a place in offices or halls. We decided to take a chance and found a place for graphic work in the bedroom. She brought the spirit of artistry and gave the aura of boudoir to this space.

The glossy surfaces of the dressing room reflect the window, the sky. The sun's rays play in them, adding color richness to the textures of the room.

The dressing room of our customers is an ode to hedonists who love and appreciate good clothes and are ready to spend money on decent storage systems.

In addition to shelves and drawers, the dressing room is equipped with everything you need for ironing and baskets for storing freshly washed laundry.

Instead of the usual single-level arrangement of coat racks, we chose a two-level hanging arrangement - this way we doubled the number of hangers.

Each of the shelves is equipped with built-in spotlights, which will allow you not to make a mistake in the color of the selected clothes.

Of course, in Kyiv, interior design is more in demand than in other cities. However, clients accept our work with the same care, regardless of where they live. Perhaps the design of the dressing room took us more time and effort than other rooms. Interior design studio Belik from Kyiv combines aesthetics and functionality.

We proposed to design wardrobe cabinets to the ceiling. From experience, we know that such a solution will allow you to neatly store more clothes, as well as place suitcases and paraphernalia for sports or travel on the upper shelves.

Design studios in Kyiv in general, and our design studio Belik in particular, offer a diverse range of interior design services, part of which is the redevelopment of the apartment. In an apartment located in the city of Kherson, we have allocated a public area, and spaced private and sanitary spaces on opposite sides of the central axis of the apartment.

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