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The right choice of style is one of the keys to a successful project. In this sense, we were lucky: the owners of this 2-room apartment immediately knew what they liked about the design. True, there were as many as three of these favorite trends - neoclassical, modern and modern American style. We were also given the task of making an author's mix of the chosen styles in the new walls. As a result, the owners wanted to get a cozy, comfortable and functional interior in a calm color scheme. Ideally, cold tones of light (gray) shades using discreet color accents in furnishings and decor. And also: a lot of open space with a rational and efficient use of space, more light and air, different lighting options.

Neoclassicism is a combination of nobility, respectability, elegance and pragmatism with modern materials and fashionable design ideas. This style is an interpretation of classical traditions in a new modern way. One of the main principles of this style is symmetry. It is emphasized in our project by two luxurious chandeliers with plaster rosettes on the ceiling, decorating the spacious dining-living room.

The owners asked, if possible, to leave free concrete columns, or rather load-bearing elements. What we did: covered with decorative plaster and painted in gray, they perfectly delimit the space for a rest corner and a dining area.

Our ceiling is hinged, so we made and hid LED lighting at the place where the columns “entrance” into the ceiling. It seems as if the columns cut through the ceiling and rapidly “grow” into the sky!

Guess which tree is the best? No, not green and fluffy! If we are talking about the interior, more precisely about the method of laying parquet, then it should be English. But the parquet is high-quality and wear-resistant, oak. Tree-laid oak has a light, natural shade that, thanks to the lacquer, will not lose its color over time.

TV in such a frame looks like a picture. A long cantilever cabinet below it, made of dark brown textured wood, visually stretches the interior horizontally. If you look closely, you can see that the legs of all pieces of furniture and parts of the rack are golden, with a slight touch of brass. There is no superfluous chic, but there is brilliance and beauty!

We emphasized the strict neoclassical geometry with thin wall and ceiling moldings, which gives the interior a more expressive, complete and neat look. They are made of polyurethane, which is easy to stick on "liquid nails" and paint in the desired tone. On the doors there is a panel, which, according to the style, supports the moldings.

As an accent color for the living room-kitchen, we chose blue, or rather a rich shade of indigo. In this tone, an ottoman is made for the sofa, pillows and chairs in the dining area. Our favorite symmetry is reminiscent of imposing sofas that stand opposite each other. Round coffee tables of different sizes complement the composition of the living room.

The dining-kitchen area is represented by a dining table and a breakfast bar. They form a line that conditionally delimits the kitchen from the living room. For owners, the possibility of bright lighting when necessary is very important, while the lighting fixtures must be low-energy. In the kitchen-dining-living room, we used multi-level lighting and used: chandeliers, spotlights on busbar systems and ceiling spotlights, table lamps.

The white facades of the kitchen, located at the end, are practically invisible. By the way, a built-in refrigerator is hidden behind them. The emphasis is only on a slightly “recessed” brown textured “block” - upper cabinets with LED lighting, an apron and a work surface with a sink. We picked up a trendy black faucet with a thermostat. The apron and countertop of the counter island are made of quartzite. The floor in the kitchen area is large-format polished porcelain stoneware imitating the texture of creamy white marble with veins.

A large mirror with a decorative facet at the end - from floor to ceiling - visually pushes the boundaries of a narrow corridor. A pair of navy blue pouffes with elegant golden legs echoes the design of the living room furniture. The neoclassical theme, declared in the living-dining room, continues here with the use of wall and ceiling moldings.

The corridor is lined with light polished porcelain stoneware with almost imperceptible thin seams, as is the cooking area in the kitchen, combined with the dining room and living room. And one wall is finished with grayish-brown tiles with a rough surface - like a stone. The entrance to the dining room-living room is free - it was decided to refuse the door. Thus, bright sunlight enters from the room directly into the hallway.

A small separate dressing room is the dream of any owner of a city apartment and a guarantee of order in the house. In this room, an inveterate pedant can feel like in paradise, because everything can be put on the shelves, and in the literal sense of the word. Well, what could not be decomposed, it is more convenient to hang it on a coat hanger.

We chose light brown wood veneer and light porcelain stoneware for the dressing room finish. The upper shelves are provided for storing seasonal items, hats and all that may be needed very rarely. Good ceiling lighting makes it easy to find the right clothes and shoes.

The bathroom is decorated in the best traditions of modern minimalism. The strict geometry of the interior is smoothed by rounded lines. A pair of mirror cabinets (with a washbasin), complemented by an original laconic lamp in the shape of a small rectangle, looks Japanese stylish. A hinged black pencil case visually stretches the interior vertically.

The contrast of light finishes and dark brown furniture gives an elegant look to the interior. On the floor - white marbled porcelain tiles, on the walls - light gray rough tiles, and everything is large-format, assuming a minimum number of seams. In the corner, near the cantilever toilet with a hidden installation, there is a shower cabin with transparent sliding doors in a chrome frame.

The master bedroom is also captivated by neoclassicism - moldings and an English Christmas tree on the parquet are included. Calm colors, dominated by pearl gray and pale cornflower blue shades, create an atmosphere of relaxation in the interior. Gray and blue on the wall boldly cross the borders of moldings and form their own figures. In the same tone, we picked up a bedside cabinet. A bed with a soft headboard is the compositional center of the interior.

If we talk about things with a “neo” flavor, then these are lamps - suspensions and a table lamp in the form of narrow black cylinders hanging in a cluster to the left of the bed, as well as a floor lamp with a blue lampshade in the form of a truncated cylinder. Plus, along the perimeter of the ceiling, spots are mounted on a bus system. But the traditional stucco rosette in the middle of the ceiling, it seems, was left without a chandelier - it plays the role of an ironic decor.

We got a very laconic TV zone - plasma framed by moldings. Near the window there is a rack with a body made of golden metal. Decor lives here, souvenirs brought from travels, flowerpots and vases. Drapes made of dense fabric with the texture of unbleached linen are hung on a cornice hidden in the false ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling windows let plenty of sunlight into the bedroom.

The bedroom is a place where comfort is at every step. If the owners want to take off their clothes before going to bed, then they have at their disposal a comfortable and elegant couch - blue with golden legs. If someone wants to read or dream, welcome to the arms of the original "eared" couch chair, above which rises a no less fashionable floor lamp with a golden leg and a brown-blue circle at the base. And if you need to “fit the suit”, then you can open a small, but still separate wardrobe. Thanks to the glass sliding doors in a black metal frame, everything is always in sight. And that is why they are always in perfect order!

Separately, we allocated a room for a dressing room-laundry room. Here things not only live, but are also washed - the machine is built into cabinet furniture, and next to it is a basket for dirty laundry. If you wave a magic wand, well, or just a hand, then an ironing board comes out of the bowels of the facades.

The color scheme of the non-residential premises repeats the color scheme of the living rooms - the already familiar combination of grayish-blue and brown wood texture reigns there. True, only one vertical section is made in blue here. And on the floor, the same polished porcelain stoneware is laid, imitating the texture of creamy marble. For good lighting, spotlights on the ceiling are responsible.

Ergonomics is our everything, even if we are talking about ordinary furniture handles, which we tried to make unbanal. Therefore, instead of traditional fittings, we came up with recesses in blank facades. Fingers fit comfortably into the recess and such a “handle” will never break! Shoe boxes are right on the open shelves near the floor. The door to the room is trimmed with a grayish-white panel.

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