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Time to tell stories. Not even fairy tales, but rather to share rumors. From the life of the royal family from Foggy Albion. Over the past decades, the British monarchy has endured several swift hooks.

Edward VIII ruled Great Britain for only 10 months and abdicated in the name of love for a divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson. This couple, who were given the name of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, more than once spoiled the nerves of the members of the royal family and after the abdication. They visited Germany during the Nazi rule and made public their sympathy for the fascist dictator. It is said that agents of British intelligence MI-5 managed to get the correspondence of the former short-lived ruler of Great Britain and Hitler. It is kept in the royal archives.

We'll skip a few of the thumps and thumps inflicted on the institution of the monarchy by its own members in the form of romances with married men, flings with pornographic actresses, fleeting marriages and sudden divorces.

The next big blow came from Elizabeth II's favorite, Prince Charles, when he divorced Princess Diana. Their marriage could not stand Charles's long-term love for Lady Camilla, and Diana's betrayals. Rumor has it that the father of the youngest son of the couple, Harry, Charles is not. Harry also chose love - he married a divorced actress Meghan Markle, insisting that their wedding took place not somewhere on the periphery, but in the symbol of the British monarchy - in Windsor Castle.

Why does Windsor Castle mean so much to this family? It was founded in the 11th century by William I the Conqueror. The entire modern territory of the castle covers an area of ​​​​more than 52 thousand square meters. There are a fortress, a palace, chapels on them, in one of which, the chapel of St. George, the wedding of Harry and Megan took place, a park, towers. If the royal flag flies on the tower of Henry II, then Her Majesty is in Windsor Castle.

By the way, the current royal dynasty got its name in honor of this castle in 1917. Do you know what it's really called? Ready?! Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty. It is not surprising that they decided to take the sonorous and light name of the Windsors.

There is another legend associated with Windsor Castle. It is said that in the 17th century, in an ordinary peasant house near the castle, the Prince of Wales discovered a chair with an interesting fan-shaped lace back. It was named after the castle. Who first made such a chair is unknown. But the fact that its seat looks like a saddle led the researchers to assume that master carriage workers worked on it. He became incredibly popular. English settlers brought him to North America. He came to Europe and became a sign of the British style in the interior. He inspired the craftsmen who later created Art Deco furniture.

And now the Windsor chair still excites the minds of modern designers - Briton Matthew Hilton presented his variation on his theme for the Portuguese factory De La Espada.

Our designers have also succumbed to the charm of the Windsor chair and incorporated its modern version into the interior of our new project. A project that we implemented with a slight touch of ethnicity. Do you think that British and ethnic style are incompatible? Think back to Britain's imperial colonial past and you'll see that this is a perfectly reasonable combination. We will provide you with services for the creation of a design project, apartment renovation services in Kyiv and other cities, and we will also tell you many fascinating stories from the world of design.

The apartment of our customers is located on the fifteenth floor of the Campus residential complex. Its area is 49.4 square meters. A married couple aged 55 and 43 will live in the apartment. Although to say that two of them will not be entirely correct - a cat will live with them. And they are making plans for the future expansion of the family.

Guests often come to our customers and stay overnight. For them, we have created a single space that combines the kitchen, living room and dining room. There, at the dining table, there are chairs inspired by the legendary Windsor prototypes.

The whole interior of the kitchen and the design of the furniture is solved in simple forms and in light, as if dusty colors. Although in this case, it is better to speak in "foggy". And, indeed, everything in the interior seems to be covered with a light morning haze, which is famous for Great Britain and its climate. Everything, including the Belgian factory Quick-Step Livyn Pulse vinyl flooring in autumn natural oak color.

In 2014 Spanish designer Juan Gaspar designed the Ginger pendant lamp for Marset. It is produced in a variety of materials - wood, metal, paper, and in different sizes. We chose a lamp with a diameter of 42 centimeters. It will look most organically above a table of these sizes.

In addition to the spectacular lamp, the lighting scenario for the kitchen and dining room space is formed by built-in lamps from the Spanish factory BPM Lighting.

The Spanish factory Almera Ceramica named the collection after the island located in the south of the Philippine archipelago, Mindanao. We have decorated a kitchen apron with porcelain stoneware of this collection. The tiles, slightly worn as if from time to time, create an authentic effect. The design of the kitchen set is accurately conveyed by the visualization - it is simple, with clear shapes and repeating cabinets of the same size.

The wall opposite the kitchen block is covered with spectacular tiles from the Spanish factory Vives of the Rivoli collection, imitating white brick.

The rest of the walls in this space are covered with durable latex paint that is easy to clean and maintain, which is especially important in spaces like the kitchen.

In the lobby we have organized wall hangers. Thanks to their shapes, contrasting color and lighting with respect to the walls, they look like art objects.

Opposite the front door, we installed a built-in wardrobe with an area of ​​just over 1 square meter. We tried to preserve the feeling of "air" in the apartment, so the doors of all cabinets were made of glass. The perforation on the glass hides what is in the closet, but makes it lighter.

In the bedroom, we used a technique identical to that used in the entrance group. Not wanting to visually reduce the room, we made the dressing room wall out of perforated glass.

The most spectacular detail of the bedroom was the wooden installation at the head of the bed. We used tree trunk cuts for the wall panel and mirror frame.

The wall-mounted installation draws the eye during the day, but at night, the wow effect is enhanced by hidden LED cords and pendant lights.

On both sides of the bed, we placed two lamps with a similar shape, but created at different factories - Ideal Lux and Nordlux. We were attracted by their rough, hand-made pendants.

A bathroom with a window is the dream of every woman and many men! We decided to turn it into a sybarite paradise. For the floor of the entrance group of the bathroom, we offered the Italian ceramic granite Zeus Ceramica.

On an area of ​​6.5 square meters, we placed sanitary ware, a shower cabin with a Devit shower column and a free-standing bathtub. The Selia artificial stone bathtub was made by the Polish company Mamorin.

The “carpet” covering for the part of the interior where the bathroom stands was produced by the Spanish factory Vives. The Nassau collection is an imitation of time-worn tiles with patterns typical of the Mediterranean countries. For the bath, we chose the color Kerala Gris.

For one of the walls, we proposed the same tiles that were used in the kitchen, from the Vives factory of the Rivoli collection, in the color Blanco Mate. Others are covered with Zeus Ceramica porcelain stoneware.

In contrast, in comparison with the bright bathroom, the hanging cabinet under the sink looks like - we chose mahogany chipboard for it. Above the sink are two NB Light pendant lights.

On the balcony of 4.6 square meters, we have created a real oasis, reminiscent of a cool relaxation corner somewhere in colonial India, while maintaining the design of the facade of the house itself.

The owners of the apartment, if desired, will put chairs on it when they are waiting for the arrival of guests, or hang a hammock to enjoy the afternoon.

The main challenge in the layout of this apartment was the desire of the owners to allocate an area with a window for the bathroom. We completed it, and also created an impressive space for the living room and kitchen with a large and comfortable work area. The design project of a one-room apartment requires maximum attention - in such spaces, every square meter is valuable.

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