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Did you celebrate Art Deco's centenary in 2020? Let's assume that you weren't up to it - we all had a busy year. You should not be upset - in 2025 we can still celebrate the centenary since this style was officially recognized throughout the world thanks to the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, held in Paris from April to October 1925.

Let's figure it out together. It is believed that Art Deco appeared in 1920. Why exactly then? The Industrial Revolution made it possible to mass-produce ceramic tiles, cast ornaments, fabrics, and wallpaper. The discovery of concrete expanded the possibilities for architects and made the construction process cheaper. Jazz created a unique atmosphere that required new interiors and new architecture. Tribal art objects that arrived in European countries from African colonies enriched the visual language of designers, decorators and architects. The discovery by the British Lord Carnarvon of the mummy of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, next to which ancient artifacts, household items, art, jewelry were found, generated public interest in the art of Ancient Egypt.

The variety of reasons that influenced the emergence of Art Deco gave rise to a variety of styles, which differs depending on time periods and countries. In France and Belgium, it was distinguished by decorativeness, asymmetry, and some exaltation. In America - geometry, solidity and luxury. America, which was bypassed by the First World War and its consequences, gave this style gloss and grandeur. Plus, the proximity to Mexico and the influence of Aztec and Mayan architecture influenced the emergence of multi-stage forms, noticeable in American skyscrapers, furniture, jewelry and interior decor. At this time, the heyday of American cinema, which was later called the "golden age of Hollywood," fell.

Art Deco fans are enough in our time. Among them are our clients, the owners of an apartment with an area of ​​128.5 square meters, located in the Varshavsky residential complex. Spouses of the same age, they are 36 years old, are raising a child who is already a year old. The whole family is attached to a pet - a dog. Ceiling height 2.7 meters. The apartment has two bathrooms - the main one, with an area of ​​5.4 square meters, and the guest room - 3.7. Balcony area - 9.8 square meters.

Before starting work, we met with customers, told them about the stages of the design project and the price per meter. A full-fledged design project and the price in Kyiv for an apartment reflect the high demand for this service and for high-quality residential real estate. You now have all the factual information. Let's see together how our designers brought American Art Deco to life in these 128 square meters.

Sofas reign in all lounges. And ours is no exception. For this interior, we chose the luxurious model Katarina, which was created by the Ukrainian manufacturer Blanche. Above it hangs a rose gold Light Ring Horizontal ceiling light.

In front of the sofa, we placed elegant tables with tops made of natural Rene TB 107 marble.

The partition acts as a functional space divider between the kitchen-dining room and the living room. It is also an important decorative element. Porcelain stoneware finish imitating white marble, rose gold inlays, suspended, illuminated by LED strips, matte cabinet form an impressive visual accent of the entire interior. The partition is covered with Calacata porcelain stoneware by the Spanish factory Coverlam.

The compositional vertical prevails in the general space. It is read in the corrugated surface of the hanging pedestal, in gold inserts, in the graceful leg of the floor lamp. Our designers have not in vain made the vertical dominant. The apartment has low ceilings - 2.7 meters. Vertical details make ceilings visually taller than they are in real life.

In Dutch, "mooi" means "beautiful", "moooi" apparently should mean "beautiful". This is the name of a well-known company from the Netherlands that produces designer pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories. It was created and led by designer Marcel Wanders, looking at which you want to exclaim: “Moooi!”

Above the dining table, we placed the Heracleum pendant lamp by Moooi. Did its shape look familiar to you? We are sure that you have seen a plant that imitates a lamp more than once. We call it "hogweed", and in Latin "heracleum".

The hogweed plant is used for animal feed and is sometimes eaten by humans. However, doctors advise to be careful with it - it is a strong contact and respiratory allergen. And here is a lamp created thanks to the imagination of designer Bertan Pot

We used two types of doors in the apartment - interior doors and concealed doors. Of all the offers that exist on the market, we offer several manufacturers, including the Ukrainian factory Astori.

Doors can be an important accent piece, or they can blend in with the walls. It is important to decide immediately what task they perform, in addition to their direct function. We do everything so that the price of a design project in Kyiv and the price for all materials correspond to each other.

Laminate from the Living Expression Long Plank collection from the Swedish factory Pergo covers the floor of the entrance group. We chose it for its quality, as well as for its unusual color, which is called "crimson oak".

The unique hue of the flooring blends seamlessly with the pinkish gold tone of the Draycott Luxx wall light and the painting that adorns the space between moldings.

Not far from the entrance, we have placed a comfortable table and a Home Design ottoman, behind which it will be convenient to put the finishing touches before leaving the house.

One of the walls of the corridor turned into a spacious dressing room thanks to the built-in wardrobe, along which we placed a ceiling rail with swivel spotlights.

We are watching the triumph of white in the bathroom. For this room, we offered porcelain stoneware imitating natural marble, white wall paint and white matte furniture fronts.

For the master bathroom, the Palace Carrara porcelain stoneware from the Spanish factory Grespania came up. It differs in that it almost perfectly repeats the natural pattern of marble.

Have you already noticed a spectacular solution that combines perpendicular surfaces of the wall and floor? Our designers love optical illusions, so we used one of them here to make the line between floor and wall less obvious. An apartment designer in Kyiv, the capital, is also a bit of an artist.

As a finishing material, we offered porcelain stoneware from the Italian factory Italgraniti group from the Maxiwood collection, which creates an absolute feeling of the natural texture of wood.

And here is the room, the subject of our special pride! Our designers have looked at dozens of American Art Deco books to offer homeowners this decorative solution. We are often asked if a design project includes material pricing. We answer: "Yes!" To calculate the cost, the apartment designer talks with clients about the budget allocated for repairs.

The Italian company Chiara Andriatti made 3D panels that adorned the walls of the main bedroom of the apartment. Giant flower inflorescences have become the decoration of the Flora Tiles collection and the main bedroom of the apartment.

Soho is a fashionable area of ​​London known for its nightclubs and bars. And it is also a model of a bed that fascinated us with a back, in which you can hide and relax after a sleepless night at the club.

As partners for the dressing table, we picked up a comfortable Jim chair. Its upholstery follows the subdued pearl color of the walls and decorative panels.

The walls of the bedroom, as well as other rooms, are decorated with Evroplast moldings. They crush long wall surfaces, forming spaces where you can place a TV, mirrors, paintings, decor.

In the children's room, we moved away from the Art Deco style, which is clearly visible throughout the space of the apartment. There are several reasons for this. First, we recommend that parents let their children decide which colors and which style to choose. Secondly, the owner of the room is only a year old, and we did everything so that his parents could change the design of the room using a few new accessories.

In the room we used a compositional construction with axial symmetry. On the left there is an area for drawing and classes. On the right - for rest.

One of the main decorations of the room is the wall decor Art Oboi "Fascinating Map". We hope that she will captivate the boy into the fascinating world of travel.

Not a single children's interior is complete now without a sports corner. Lockdown or sudden cold is not a hindrance to sports!

As a floor tile, we offered the Shale collection of the Italian factory Italgraniti group.

The contrast between the cold tones of porcelain stoneware flooring and the warm tones of the shower cabin flooring creates a dramatic effect.

The floor and walls of the shower cabin are covered with tiles by Italgraniti Group from the Alnus collection, color Terra.

The Swedish company Markslojd produces lamps in a variety of styles, including those that can be attributed to Art Deco, such as the Proud table lamp model. Yes, we are proud that we approached the selection of furniture, lighting and decor so scrupulously.

The guest room serves as an office for the owners of the apartment. For them, we built a table and a hanging cabinet for storing documents into the wall storage system.

Happy hours are not observed - so we thought, and placed the watch of the Spanish company Nomon model Barcelona above the sofa so that it does not fall into the field of view of those who enjoy relaxing in the guest room.

The key to good sleep is a comfortable bed or sofa. This is not the first time we order upholstered furniture from the Ukrainian manufacturer Blanche. This time our choice fell on the Moon sofa.

Designing a dressing room is like developing a war strategy. It is necessary to correctly estimate the number of clothes and their type in order to properly distribute the number of shelves.

The dressing room is illuminated by the Disc DH ceiling lamp from the Ukrainian brand Anzazo.

We conditionally divided the dressing room into male and female parts, organizing an ergonomic storage system for shirts, sweaters and jackets in the part where the owner's belongings are located.

We suggest making a dressing room to the ceiling in order to place suitcases or boxes with seasonal clothes in its upper part.

On the layout, you can see how important it is to choose the optimal dimensions of the furniture so that it is sufficient to perform its functions and at the same time leave enough room for movement. This is especially important when there are small children in the family - the designers of apartments at the Belik studio think about their comfort and safety first of all.

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