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White is not the absence of color, as most people think. On the contrary, they are a mixture. In particular, the combination of red, green and blue.

White color has the highest brightness. It is the perfect partner for any of the colors. That's why designers love it. And also because it visually makes the space larger and lets air into it. White color symbolizes positive emotions, purity, health - a white dove of peace, a knight on a white horse.

If you are stopped by the fact that the interior in white will be boring, forget about your fears - white has a huge number of shades that diversify the palette of your apartment or house. For example, alabaster, opal, ivory, cream, pearl, milk. We have chosen the latter as dominant for our new project, an apartment with an area of ​​just over 104 square meters. A family of four will soon settle in it - a married couple and their children, a boy of 9 and a girl of 6. In the future, they plan to have another family member - a dog. The apartment is located in the Kiev residential complex Herzen park.

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Each of the rooms has one or more accent pieces in a contrasting color. For the dining chairs, we chose burgundy upholstery, which, in the full sense of the word, “burns” against the light background of the entire interior.

A folding sofa is the main condition that the owners set for us regarding the furnishing of the apartment. Guests often come to them and some of them stay overnight. We placed a spacious sofa in the lounge area, which, in the absence of guests, will be occupied by the whole family in the evenings watching TV.

Our designers did their best to preserve the lightness that the white color brought to the apartment. They placed a fairly impressive bookcase a few centimeters from the floor, placing an LED cord under it - so the design does not seem so heavy, and the light from it will give comfort to the eyes during evening family gatherings at the screen.

Our designers love high window sills. They provide great opportunities for creativity and the creation of interesting spatial and functional solutions. The high window sill of the lounge area has turned into a bar counter, sitting at which the apartment owners will watch sunsets with a glass of wine or sunrises with a cup of coffee.

The working area of ​​the kitchen is illuminated by built-in spotlights from the German company Maytoni.

The Italian Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo spent six months looking for the right marble in the mines of Carrara. The white marble he selected was distinguished by its spectacular pattern and reference whiteness.

In honor of him, the Italian factory Emil Ceramica has created a collection of porcelain stoneware Statuario Michelangelo, imitating natural marble.

The choice of identical materials for different rooms of the same apartment or house makes the interior more coherent and harmonious. For the living room, we chose a warm white color with a slight yellow tint, and for the entrance group - a colder alabaster white color.

In the living rooms for flooring, we offered parquet boards, and in the corridor - porcelain stoneware, which absolutely imitates the structure of wood.

For the floor of the corridor and the hall, we chose the Spanish Alaplana porcelain stoneware from the Vilema collection in matte white.

In addition to the dressing room, we placed spacious wardrobes in the apartment, whose matte facades repeat the general tone of the interior walls of the entrance group.

Spectacular lighting of paintings is created by wall lamps from the Nowodvorski factory.

Ceiling built-in Nime lamps from the Belgian Delta Light factory are responsible for lighting the corridor. For this model, the factory was awarded this year IF Design Awards.

The bathroom also serves as a laundry room. We placed a washer and dryer opposite the entrance.

In addition to ceiling spotlights, lighting in the bathroom is created by sconces from the Polish factory Kanlux.

For the flooring in all living rooms, we chose a three-strip parquet board from the French company Tarkett in cream oak color.

For the girl's room, we chose a cheerful carrot-orange color as an accent color. Over time, she will be able to change it to any other, simply by changing a couple of decor items.

To the right of the bed, we placed a capacious wardrobe with a length of 2000 millimeters and a depth of 600. Part of the facade of the wardrobe is made of a mirror - this is how we made the room visually wider. Well, not a single girl has yet given up the prospect of having a “full-length” mirror in her room.

How do you feel about foxes? We are fine, so we suggested placing a picture of these animals on one of the walls of the girl's room. Firstly, the fox in many nations personifies the mind, curiosity, fearlessness. Secondly, her bright fur is a sign of an extraordinary nature, which attracts attention with its individuality. Such qualities will undoubtedly come in handy in our time.

To the left of the bed, we placed the work area in a separate block. The book rack has become both a storage system and a certain partition that isolates the work area from the rest of the bedroom.

Opposite the work area, we created another rack with partially open shelves for the girl's books and toys.

The boy's room is solved in darker strict colors, although white, its grayish pearly hue, is also found here.

We placed storage systems on both sides of the bed.

The wall opposite the bed is painted with Tikkurila Finnish paint from the Liitu collection, which can be written on with chalk.

The bed is lit by a small TK Lighting wall lamp with a flexible design that allows you to change the direction and angle of the light.

Our designers have designed furniture specifically for the working area of ​​children, taking into account their interests and hobbies.

The boy wants to see his drawings and fakes, so we created the fronts of the cabinets so that he can attach his works to them using magnets.

The area of ​​the bedroom turned out to be sufficient for us to allocate part of it for a separate dressing room measuring 1.9 square meters.

To the right of the bed, we placed a work desk - parents often work from home and for them a work area isolated from everyone has become a necessity.

The owners of the apartment told us that very often, when explaining something to each other or to children, they draw diagrams, make drawings or make tables. They asked to pay attention to this and create a presentation zone for them.

In order not to lose the volume of the bedroom, we did not separate it from the dressing room with an impenetrable wall, but placed a transparent glass partition between the rooms.

We offered to paint part of the wall in their bedroom with Tikkurila Finnish paint from the Liitu collection, on which you can not only write with chalk, but also attach notes to magnets.

The second requirement of the owners of the apartment was the creation of storage spaces for their professional bicycles, roller skates, spare parts for them.

We have organized a separate corner for storing detergents, where their bicycles will also be conveniently placed.

Special racks were attached to the walls - so the bikes take up less space and their storage becomes more compact.

The Italian Alaplana porcelain stoneware from the Vilema collection covers the floor and part of the walls of the bathroom.

On the left wall, we created comfortable illuminated niches for detergents and cosmetics.

For the rest of the walls, we selected porcelain stoneware from the Ukrainian factory Golden Tile from the Doha collection.

The mirror has become not only functional, but also a decorative element of the bathroom interior thanks to the LED cord installed under it.

We call this layout classic. Directly opposite the entrance is the kitchen, dining and lounge area. Children's rooms are adjacent to each other - so children can communicate and play together more often. The parents' bedroom is located in the farthest part of the apartment.

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