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It seems to us that the reason for Batman's popularity lies in the fact that he is an ordinary person, like you and me. Unlike other comic book characters, he does not have his own superpowers or skills.

His dramatic life began when Bruce Wayne was 8 years old. It happened at 10:47 p.m. in New York, when he was leaving the cinema with his parents, who were later killed by a mugger. What became of his life further - his free choice and merit. Using the grandiose fortune inherited from his father, he was educated at the Sorbonne and Cambridge. He was trained in the art of healing by Nepalese monks. The indigenous people of Africa taught him the secrets of hunting. By training and improving, he achieved unprecedented results - for example, he can hold his breath for 3 minutes 15 seconds or lift a weight of 1133 kilograms in the bench press.

In addition to the abilities gained by practitioners, Bruce is known for equipment that makes him practically invulnerable to enemies. It is body armor in the form of a suit that can withstand the effects of acid, bullets and knives. Part of the costume is a belt that can shock if an outsider tries to open it. Batman stores poisons and explosives in it. Of course, this is the Batmobile, which first appeared in the pages of comics in 1939, and the Batcycle, a motorcycle that debuted in 1956.

Even Batman's house is, in a sense, his secret weapon. This is a classic pseudo-English Gothic mansion. The Wayne family has owned it for six generations. A secret cave under the house was used by Bruce's ancestors as a refuge for escaped slaves. He turned it into a secret laboratory, which initially could be accessed through a secret passage that opened if you set the hands of the old clock to the time of his parents' death. Batman's cave contains an observation post with a super-powerful computer, a crime lab, a trophy room, a library, a gym, and a hangar for vehicles.

In our new project, there was a place for a garage where the Batmobile was parked. Doubt? Let's take a trip together through the apartment, which is located in the residential complex Tetris Hall.

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A family of four will live in the apartment - a married couple of 30 and 27 years old, a son of three and a seven-month-old daughter. The main wish they expressed was not so much the style of the interior, but the atmosphere that we were instructed to create - warmth and comfort.

The total area of ​​the apartment is 129 square meters, of which the living room connected to the kitchen is 44.7.

You probably know the expression “from the ship to the ball”. This is how you can characterize the installation that we placed in the kitchen. The dining table has become part of the work area, in which the oven is installed. Hot dishes can be served from the oven to the table. And that's not all the secrets of the kitchen island.

The wall of the living room and the kitchen backsplash are lined with Italian porcelain stoneware from the Atlas Concorde factory of the Marvel Shine collection. It faithfully imitates the natural pattern of the local Calacatta marble, which fascinates with a finely veined surface.

At the end of the island, we built a wine cabinet that maintains the optimum temperature for storing wine.

Terrasvet's Flat lamps hovered over the dining table like light clouds.

For the kitchen and living room, we offered parquet made individually for this project by L’Gart Parquet. Looking ahead, let's say that we chose this particular parquet for all living rooms. Why exactly him? Firstly, it is environmentally friendly and uses only natural ingredients, which is a major plus for a family with small children.

Secondly, this parquet is wear-resistant. Which is a clear advantage for high traffic rooms such as the kitchen and living room.

This parquet is coated with a special composition that prevents the parquet from absorbing grease or water. Finally, it is ideal for installing a "warm floor". Our designers will call the aesthetic advantage the opportunity to realize the elegant pattern of a classic French Christmas tree.

To store books and magazines, we planned a corner hanging shelf that runs along the wall in the living room.

The hanging cabinet is a capacious storage system for books, dishes and items needed for table setting. It also illuminates the bottom shelf thanks to hidden LED strips.

For the floor of the open loggia, we suggested using porcelain stoneware from the Italian factory Casalgrande of the Padana Marmosmart collection in Fossena Smart color. It has high wear resistance, which allows it to cover the floor of public spaces, and high resistance to frost.

To the right of the front door, there is a small hanging cabinet with upper shelves for storing perfumes and small things that you remember when you leave.

Overhead spotlights from the German company Maytoni are responsible for lighting in the entrance group.

Ceiling lighting was diversified by wall sconces from the Nowodvorski factory.

The corridor is solved in absolute minimalism. Light walls, black door handles and lamps create a graphic effect. And the parquet with a French Christmas tree pattern becomes a decorative element.

German track and wall lamps Maytoni became the decoration of the corridor.

Wide sliding doors hide behind a technical room for all the necessary equipment.

On both sides of the bed, we placed pendant minimalistic Telescope lamps from the Searchlight factory.

To the left of the bed is a dressing table with a full length mirror. LED strips are built into the surface of the mirror, the light of which is enough to illuminate the room.

We have already talked about the role of art in the interior. In order not to repeat ourselves, let's say one thing - it is huge and allows you to bring the spirit of artistry and ease into any interior.

To the left of the bed behind the glass doors is the entrance to the dressing room. If the area of ​​the apartment allows, we always decide on localized dressing rooms with an entrance from the living rooms of their owners.

A slatted wall plate is needed to create a decorative element in the interior, as well as to hide the wires from the TV. Any decision that our designers make, in most cases, achieves an aesthetic and practical goal.

The dressing room is quite large - 7.4 square meters.

Its elongated configuration made it possible to place the shelves with the letter U, using the entire usable area of ​​the room.

The Italian Graniti Fiandre porcelain tile from the Arabescato Orobico Marble Lab collection covers the floor of the loggia that adjoins the master bedroom.

For the bathroom floor, we chose spectacular Spanish tiles from the Fanal factory in the Stone River collection in black.

She also became the lining of the bath and niches located above the sanitary equipment.

The walls of the bathroom are covered with Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Almera Ceramica factory in Cloudy White color.

From the bathroom, owners can access the laundry room, which is equipped with a washer and dryer.

It also has spacious shelves for storing everything you need for cleaning.

We planned one of the shelves for storing washed linen intended for ironing.

So we got to the garage where the Batmobile is stored. It may not be as fast or as innovative as Batman's car, but a superhero would love the room.

It is dominated by cool blues and grays that contrast with the warm tones of French parquet. Our designers create children's rooms in Kyiv, Dnipro or Kharkov, it is important for them to reflect the character of its little owner in the interior.

The boy is only three years old. However, time flies quickly and a desktop with spacious storage systems has already been created for the future student.

We equipped the workplace with hanging shelves for books and textbooks.

In addition to the Batmobile, a funny wall lamp in the form of a playful monkey attracts attention in the interior of the boy's room.

The lamp is predictably called Monkey Lamp. It is produced by the Italian factory Seletti and designed by the artist Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba.

The bed is in a niche upholstered with a soft-touch fabric. On the other side, we planned a niche with a sofa and convenient roll-out drawers for storing toys.

The baby's room is designed in that very noble shade of pink, which is called "rose ash".

Wall soft panels in the seating area make the head of the bed unnecessary and give a feeling of security, comfort and warmth.

Above the bed, we placed a sconce in the form of a Perch parrot from the Terrasvet factory.

Opposite the window, we placed a desk with hanging shelves placed to the right of it.

Did you know that initially carpets and tapestries were needed to save the inhabitants of the castle from drafts. From the history of carpets, it is clear that only wealthy people could afford them.

Time has passed, the original function of carpets has slightly transformed - they have become an important decorative element of the interior, creating comfort and giving warmth to bare feet. Or legs.

Spanish porcelain tiles from the Peronda factory in the Solto collection in Gray color, imitating natural stone, cover the niche in which the shower cabin is located.

We created light textured walls using porcelain stoneware from the Chinese factory Megagres of the Bonita collection in a delicate cream color.

Above the wall-hung toilet, we created spacious built-in wardrobes.

Ceiling-height concealed doors are convenient for a variety of reasons. First, they make cleaning easier. Secondly, they make a narrow doorway visually wider.

The second bathroom is 6.5 square meters. However, we were able to allocate space in it even for a niche with glass shelves located in the shower part of the bathroom.

To the right of the door, we planned a hanging shelf with spacious cabinets for installing the sink.

The bathroom is illuminated by built-in spotlights manufactured by Azzardo Minorka.

An apartment of a complex shape, which our designers were able to play with, giving its left side to the owners, and leaving the right side for a space where it is convenient to invite guests. At the same time, all living rooms are located at the top of the central axis, and household and utility rooms are at the bottom.

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