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Do you know that Hokusai Katsushika is the most popular among Japanese artists? By popularity and by the number of names. Taking different names for yourself is a fairly well-developed practice among artists in Japan. However, Hokusai overtook everyone - more than 30 names are known by which he called himself, thus marking different periods of his work. It is believed that his real name was Tokitaro, and he became Hokusai at the age of 36. At the age of 80, he created his most famous work - 46 color prints, which depict 36 views of the sacred Mount Fuji, an active volcano. Although the last eruption was almost three centuries ago, it is still active.

We can hypothesize why Fujiama attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists, not counting pilgrims, being a place of worship for Buddhists and Shintoists. The latter consider it the entrance to another world. Maybe it attracts itself, because it is the highest mountain of the Japanese islands. Or perhaps because of its perfect cone shape.

It is difficult to imagine that Fuji is not a man-made work, but a natural phenomenon. And although history does not tolerate subjunctive moods, let's admit that European impressionism would not have happened without the works of Hokusai, and Claude Monet would not have painted 30 works from the Rouen Cathedral series if not for Hokusai's engraving "Red Fuji". The mountain inspired not only artists. Its name has become part of the industry naming, such as Fujifilm. Companies named after Fuji are said to have eight pages in the telephone directory. For several seasons, T-shirts with prints of Hokusai's prints depicting a mountain have become the leaders in the Uniqlo collection.

In the 18th century, the poet Kobayashi Issa wrote the now legendary haiku:
Little snail!
Slowly slowly
Climb Fujiyama!

Later, Jerome Salinger will mention him in one of his works. And the Strugatsky brothers will name the novel "The Snail on the Slope" in his honor. Victor Pelevin in "Empire V" will offer his own version of this haiku:
Oh, the snail crawling to the top of Fuzdi,
you can take your time.
There are a lot of snails up there at the top of Fuji.

We were also inspired by the sacred Mount Fuji, interpreting its image in our own way. Be patient, and you will soon find out that the modern designer is well versed in both materials and layouts, as well as in art.

One of our latest projects is a modern two-room apartment, which is located on the nineteenth floor of the Park Lakes residential complex. The area that we had to master was 90 square meters. Ceiling height 2.72 meters. The apartment has a loggia measuring 5.1 square meters. We offered a family of four: parents, each of whom are 33 years old, sons, 9 years old and 3 years old, several layout options. Each of them reflected their lifestyle and interests. They chose the one that assumed the presence of a corridor, a combined space of a kitchen-dining-living room, a bedroom for parents, a nursery, a bathroom, a loggia, a spacious storage room, which also houses a washing machine, and where it is convenient to store, dry and maintain equipment for spearfishing and swimming. The presence of this last room has become almost the main requirement of the family, since the cost of professional diving equipment is high and requires special attention and care.

During the work on the project, we learned, if not everything, then a lot about diving equipment, how to store it and the requirements for a room for washing and drying it. Our next steps will be the purchase of all the necessary equipment for a trip to the sea for spearfishing!

In addition to this room, we paid special attention to the living room - the family prefers to get together not only on weekends, but also on weekdays, not only for dinner, but also to play board games together. This room is also important as a meeting place for parents who plan to move closer to their children and grandchildren. It is probably in this room that the family will train the cat they will get in the near future.

One of the biggest challenges designers face when merging multiple functional spaces within a single room is that different furniture, materials, details and elements make it look smaller and cluttered. Would you like to know how we avoid this and create stylish interiors? Read on!

To prevent "overload" of the interior, we choose one or two colors that will become the main ones in the space. In this case, we made the accent a complex version of lilac, a light version of purple. In most cultures, it symbolizes calmness, tenderness and wisdom.

We chose lilac kitchen fronts that echo the same color sofa in the lounge area.

The color of the walls and carpet fit into the color palette that the kitchen has set. Purple combined with inky black creates an impressive combination.

Black can hardly be called a color partner to our purple. Many consider black the absence of color in principle. We chose juicy emerald as a partner for purple. In contrast to the delicate dusty lilac, our emerald is an emotional explosion.

Round lamps and coffee tables balance the space, make it calmer and form a territory of communication - you often hear the expressions "family circle" or "social circle".

For the living room of this modern two-room apartment, we have designed an aquarium according to individual dimensions and parameters. The presence of the aquarium reflects the hobby of the owner of the apartment - he is a longtime fan of spearfishing. And psychologists say that the sight of water and slowly swimming fish calms and promotes complete relaxation. In our dynamic time, the peaceful atmosphere of the interior is its obvious plus!

Remember the proverb that a man in this life must build a house, raise a son and plant a tree. The owner of this apartment not only succeeded, but also exceeded this life plan - he has a comfortable apartment, the design project of which was made by our studio, two sons and a tree in the living room, which we organically fit into the interior.

We have designed the lounge area to be as functional as possible and to allow the residents of this apartment to engage in the greatest number of activities. For example, sitting on the couch they will watch TV, play a game console or enjoy the warmth of a fireplace with a book or a glass of wine in their hands.

For the flooring of the entrance group, we chose the Italian porcelain stoneware Imola Ceramica. It repeats in detail the complex pattern of natural marble, creating a spectacular game of natural texture.

Recessed ceiling lights serve two purposes. They illuminate the space and show the direction of movement for those who enter the apartment.

The furniture system for storing clothes is made in the same color combination as the living room - muted purple and rich emerald. Since the corridor is not the widest space of the apartment, we combined the ottoman and closet, building in a place where you can sit down and put on your shoes comfortably, right inside the storage system.

The owners of the apartment abandoned the bathroom in favor of a spacious shower, for which we thought out a system of fasteners, hooks, so that it would be convenient to wash diving gear and equipment.

Lilac and emerald red threads run through every room in this modern one-bedroom apartment.

To make the interior of a modern bathroom softer and more delicate, we proposed to implement a flower panel on one of the walls.

Astori doors made of black glass became one of the spectacular elements of the interiors of the apartment. These are concealed doors without lintels. Their solid dark canvas looks impressive against the background of purple walls.

We continued the theme of circles in the bathroom, choosing mirrors of this shape. One of them, the top one, is not just a decorative element, as it seems at first glance. It reflects light and enhances its effect. These nuances are taken into account and thought out only by professional designers with many years of practical experience. Such people work in the design studio Belik, which was created and directed by Taras Belik.

The large space of the shower made it possible to install shelves for storing cosmetics in the partition that separates it from the plumbing.

We placed a spectacular panel at the head of the bed. The soft feathers depicted on it remind you that the bedroom is a place to relax and unwind.

We ditched the central ceiling light in the bedroom in favor of concealed wall and recessed ceiling lighting. They give the space a softer, more comfortable light for the eyes.

Creating an interior in monochrome is a challenge for a designer! We used all the rich shades of lilac to diversify the interior of the bedroom.

Opposite the bed, on specially designed wall panels, we installed a TV. Lighting on either side of it will create an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom.

The masculine character of the interior is manifested in the brutal black details. We applied an unexpected and spectacular move – we did not hide the air conditioner, but on the contrary – we chose a black model, turning it into a decorative element.

We decided not to use classic table lamps on bedside tables. We have many interesting ways to give your interior a personality. In this bedroom, on both sides of the bed, we placed modern ceiling lights in the form of light discs.

Our design studio is known for the ability to organically combine several scenarios of the activities of its owners in one room. We made a space for relaxation from the bedroom and did not forget about the owner of the apartment and arranged a dressing table for her.

The entire furniture and light composition of the bedroom is built along the central axis and is absolutely symmetrical. Somnologists say that symmetry gives us the opportunity to relax, feel confident and balanced. Symmetry and a glass of warm milk at night.

Finally, we got to the children's room. The most attractive element of her design was the wall panel, in which we interpreted the old engravings by the Japanese artist Hokusai in our own way. Good taste must be brought up from childhood!

Although the boys are only 9 and 3 years old, the parents insisted that the design of their room be as neutral as possible. Over time, with some design changes, they will have space for two teenagers.

The eldest son is fond of drawing. For him, we designed closed cabinets for drawings, paper, paints and pencils.

Although the youngest of the brothers is only three years old, we have planned two jobs, making room for them with a bunk bed.

We practically did not leave empty walls. For each of them, we have created furniture storage cabinets with open and closed shelves.

As a decoration, we offered large-knit handmade accessories, one glance at which gives rise to a feeling of warmth and protection.

The need for a separate pantry is explained by the owner's passion for spearfishing. For maintenance and storage of equipment, we had to provide a separate room.

In addition to the washing machine and dryer, we provided a suspension system for storing equipment and a wetsuit.

In the pantry, as well as in the hall, we used porcelain stoneware from the Italian factory Imola Ceramica.

All storage systems are made with dark emerald colored facades.

Ready for lockdown! Creating design projects for modern apartments, we are increasingly paying attention to workspaces. Our customers are already thinking about changes in their life scenario and are asking us to design workplaces.

On the loggia of this modern apartment, we found a place for two workplaces, as well as a corner sofa and shelves for books. The owners of the apartment themselves took care of the beautiful view from the windows, choosing the option with a wonderful panoramic view.

We have achieved symmetry not only in the interior of each of the rooms. Take a closer look - the entire layout of the apartments is built along a single axis. This means that the feeling of comfort will always be with the inhabitants of this space.

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