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Do you sometimes think about the origin of things that surround us? Every day we use plugs, drive cars, put on a jacket, and see the houses around us. Have you ever wondered who was the first person to blow on fingers burnt from hot food and carve out a sharp stick, the prototype of modern cutlery? We often ask ourselves such questions. For example, we have long been interested in the origin of geographical maps. And here lies not only our usual human curiosity, but professional interest.

Agree, geographical maps are very similar to drawings - only the depicted space is larger. In the first case, the whole world lies in front of you, in the second, a separate apartment, house, penthouse, whose interior design is made by Belik design studio.

So, the desire of a person to navigate the area in which he lives is one of the most ancient. We venture to suggest that it underlay his transition from an animal to a more conscious state. The first images of the area where people lived were found in the Czech Republic and date back to the 25th millennium BC. A map familiar to our eyes was found in Turkish Anatolia. It was created in the 7th millennium BC. All of them belong to the rock carvings, and, of course, their authors remain unknown.

To find out when the originals of modern maps appeared, we will have to make a big jump in time and a small one in distance. Alexander of Miletus, a scientist from ancient Greece, is called the first cartographer. His maps, created one and a half thousand years BC, have not survived, but later they were recreated by his compatriot Hecateus. The most famous map is Peutinger's tablet or table. In fact, this is not even one map, but an atlas consisting of 11 parchment sheets. They depict the cities and roads of the Roman Empire. The map was compiled by an unknown monk in the 13th century from an original source compiled for the Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius ​​Augustus. By the way, he is not the same Caesar at all, but his great-nephew, adopted by Caesar. He expanded the boundaries of the empire to include the territories of modern Spain, the lands near the Rhine, the Danube, Galatia, Egypt and Judea.

We try to use cards as decorative elements of interiors. First, it's beautiful. They allow children to get their first impressions of the world. Maps make rooms visually larger and more spacious. Let's see together how the map transformed one of the rooms in the apartment of the Varshavsky Kvartal residential complex. The total area of ​​the apartment, the design project and renovation of which we carried out, is 105.8 square meters. Ceiling height 2.7 meters. For our customers, we created an interior design project, explained how to calculate the cost of a design project, and provided them with the cost of an apartment design project.

The family that will become the owner of the modern space is large - the head of the family is 40 years old, his wife is 36, his daughter is 9.5 years old, and his son is almost 3. They are expecting their third child, a girl. And that's not all - a guinea pig lives in the family.

Now the whole family lives in a one-room apartment, and this has influenced the formed scenario of their life - they spend a lot of time together. The desire to reinforce this habit led us to create a common space for joint pastime - games, reading, activities.

Open space includes a recreation area, a dining room and a kitchen. It is convenient to watch a movie with children and sit with friends in it. The design project of the apartment and the price per square meter paid by our customers must be relevant to each other. To do this, we think through all the life scenarios of our clients and their guests.

"Warm and cozy nest" - this is how the owners described the apartment. We fulfilled their desire, including through the color scheme - by offering one of the dominant colors a warm, slightly muted yellow.

The image of a "cozy nest" was created not only by color, but also by light. Above the table, we placed a Light Ring Horizontal ring ceiling lamp, and a Hoger floor lamp near the sofa.

The owner of the apartment, tired of the small size of her previous apartment, insisted on a large kitchen, each part of which should be at least 1200 meters.

A large sofa is appropriate in all respects - guests will be accommodated on it, children will be naughty, parents who come once a year will spend the night, or a grandmother who lives nearby.

Roman blinds appeared, as the name implies, in ancient Rome. This is the name of the type of window decor, which, thanks to horizontal slats, is assembled into even folds. In this project, we used Roman blinds in each of the rooms. They create coziness and at the same time look harmonious in this discreet interior.

We proposed to place an office with a full-fledged workplace, bookshelves and a small sofa on a loggia of 4 square meters.

Our customers are happy to capture all the touching moments from the life of their family. We set aside one of the walls near the dresser for their photos, turning the black and white photos into an art object.

Were you surprised at first glance by the empty space in the open space? It is now empty, and when guests gather in it, it is at this wall that there will be a synthesizer that will turn any party into a dance party.

We took part of the corridor under a room in which bicycles, scooters and strollers will stand.

The owners of the apartment are active adherents of running - they both run a half marathon. And the older girl is passionate about gymnastics and ballroom dancing. We placed a large mirror in the hall for the young dancer to learn new steps.

The family leads an active lifestyle. They prefer long joint walks in the fresh air or watching family movies. However, for the last hobby, they have a TV in the lounge area. They need a bedroom only for rest.

Since the bedroom is used only for relaxation, we took part of the room under the built-in wardrobe, which is a continuation of the load-bearing wall separating the bedroom from the loggia.

A small dressing shelf and a mirror diversified the functionality of the room, turning it into a kind of women's boudoir.

We often use hidden lighting, which is formed by hidden LED strips - they make the lighting scenario more diverse. In this case, they are assigned the task of creating intimate lighting.

Have you already noticed the spectacular lamps on both sides of the bed? Crescent pendants perform two functions at once - they illuminate the bedside space and are the main ceiling lighting - in the bedrooms, the central light is not as relevant as in other rooms.

The comfort of a large family depends on many things. Including the quantity and quality of bathrooms. There are two of them in this space - a master bathroom with an area of ​​​​5.3 square meters and a guest bathroom with a size of 4.9 square meters.

From the rest of the bathroom space, the shower cabin is separated only by a conditional glass partition - this technique allows you not to reduce the size of the bathroom, but to make it more spacious.

Gray cold stone and warm wood is a classic combination that did not leave any of our customers indifferent. Let's be honest, these clients called us after seeing one of our interiors, which had a bathroom similar to this one.

The porcelain stoneware collection of the Polish factory Tubadzin Wood Pile Natural forms a complete analogy with natural wood texture.

Often we offer our customers ceiling-height concealed doors. In response to their surprise, we explain that this method allows you to visually increase the height of the ceilings.

The gray bathroom tiles were provided by Kerama Marazzi. We have long fallen in love with her Taurano collection for the right gray color and textured surface.

The floor tiles of the same collection of the most demanded now size 60 by 60 centimeters became a partner for her. The services of our Belik design studio include the optimal selection of all elements of furniture, lighting, finishing coatings, an apartment design project, the cost of all work and materials.

Any family with many children faces the same problem - the lack of places to store clothes and shoes.

Our customers have two children of different ages growing up, so the issue of systematizing their belongings is especially acute. For them, we have organized a spacious wardrobe.

We love challenging tasks and challenging colors. For the children's room of a little dancer, we have been looking for a suitable color for a long time and settled on a difficult shade of pink - rose ash. You may know it by other names - lilac pink, powdery pink or mauve.

By the way, the name "mauve" began to apply to this shade of pink quite recently in the 18th century and gave it this name in honor of the mallow flower.

On both sides of the bed, we placed two TK Lighting sconces, which, thanks to a flexible leg, move in different directions.

The bed is placed in a kind of alcove formed by closed cabinets and open shelves for books and toys.

Since soon there will be two girls in the family, we immediately placed two beds and two workers in the room. One of them is still used as a decorative shelf.

For the baby that the whole family expects, the first years of life will be especially important. Therefore, we immediately chose fabrics and furniture made of hypoallergenic materials for her and other children. Such as, for example, a carpet made of natural wool, which will be especially relevant when she starts to crawl.

So we got to the map, the history of which began the story of this project. On one of the walls there is a funny geographical map, according to which you can study the diversity of the animal world of the Earth.

The pale green tones of the map matched perfectly with the ash-pink overall tone of the room. Green and pink are the perfect combination. However, one must be careful when choosing their shades to each other - otherwise, there is a chance to create something vulgar. By right, the most skillful decorators who combine pink and green are the British. Well, and, of course, the designers of the Belik studio.

The gray-pearl color of the walls is set off by the warm shades of natural oak, which we proposed for the bathroom furniture.

For small bathrooms, we choose one finish. This trick helps to blur the boundaries between walls and floors and visually expand the space. Our prices for a design project also include experience and ability to work with the interior, using various optical illusions.

Although on our visualizations you see interior doors of concealed installation, in reality they will be traditional with platbands. Our customers have changed their minds, and we are always ready to change their priorities. And also to their changing schedule - the owner of the apartment is a surgeon and his work makes changes to our work schedule.

The use of plumbing with a hidden installation allows you to create additional niches for storage systems.

To illuminate the guest bathroom, we offered flush-mounted Maytoni recessed luminaires.

The guest bathroom, in addition to its direct functions, is also a laundry room.

For the floor of the second bathroom, we chose tiles from the Spanish manufacturer Cicogres from the Toscana Perla collection.

If for the girl's room we chose the classic combination of pink and green, then for the boy we offered a no less traditional combination of yellow and gray.

3 years is not the age to start drinking lemonade, even natural. But choosing this shade for walls, furniture and accessories is a logical decision.

Above the sofa bed, we decided to place a panel depicting vintage aircraft. It gave the room a masculine character. We are sure that as it matures, it will retain its relevance.

We like to develop and grow with our projects. Working on the current interior, we learned that the word "aviation" comes from the Latin word "avis", which means bird.

The boy's room is narrow, the panel with the perspective of mountains stretching into the distance makes the room visually wider.

Naturally, we thought about the physical activity of the baby. He does not have priorities yet, like his older sister, so we placed the Swedish wall on one of the walls.

And, of course, we could not do without maps here either - a poster with aerial photography adorned one of the walls.

We remembered that our clients planned to leave all the old things in the previous apartment. Everything except the toys that children are attached to. For their storage, we chose open chests of drawers with soft drawers.

Planning took us the most time. The customers took a long time to measure the dimensions of their previous apartment in order not to repeat past mistakes and rationally place as many items as possible, mainly children's toys and books.

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