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60 years! Peter Parker, known by most as Spider-Man, will turn 60 in August 2022. Legendary Stan Lee, producer, writer, screenwriter, actor, president of Marvel Comics, is said to have invented it while watching a fly crawl on glass. Legends are therefore called so that it is sometimes difficult to understand where they are fiction and where they are true. And the truth is the facts and here they are.

Spider-Man ranks third on the list of 100 comic book heroes. BusinessWeek has included him in the top ten smartest characters in American comics. Empire magazine ranked him fifth among the 50 best comic book heroes. In 1977, Spider-Man first hit theaters. Michael Jackson wanted to play Spider-Man in a movie so much that after a long attack on Stan Lee, he offered to just buy Marvel. He was stopped only by the $ 1 billion price requested by its owners. And not only the pop king claimed Spider-Man. His image became so popular among all age groups that MGM and Columbia Pictures also tried to make a film about him, but, fearing a devastating lawsuit for their budget, they gave up hope.

Popularity has never played a nasty joke with the creators of Spider-Man. During one of the shootings, a security officer stole four costumes of the protagonist for resale. And if we talk about the financial side of the story of Spider-Man, it is worth recalling that for all the films the company earned more than six billion dollars at a cost of one and a half billion.

We at Belik Design Studio also often feel like superheroes. Among us are Captain America, Catwoman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Superman. We do not save the world, we build it! In each individual apartment or house we build a world in which beauty and comfort triumph. Join those whose worlds we have already created, our clients, including apartment owners in the Park Lakes residential complex.

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The area of ​​the apartment is 65.8 square meters. The superheroes of the Belik design studio had to place a hall, a kitchen-dining room, a bedroom, a children's room, a dressing room and a bathroom on them. The apartment will house a family of three - dad 37 years old, mother 34 years old and their son, who turned 5 years old.

For the interior of the apartment, we chose neutral calm colors to create a relaxing atmosphere for energetic parents and their active son.

The interior of the kitchen-dining room is built on a game of contrasts - dark walls, light furniture and floor, for which the porcelain tile of the Spanish manufacturer Pamesa of the Cr.Santoro collection of cream color was offered.

For the hall and the entrance group, we chose cool shades of cream as the main colors. The built-in ESL CS0264 tracks and black cabinet elements are responsible for the contrast in the interior.

The length of each track is 1 meter. They can be joined together to create endless straight lines or different geometric configurations.

In the completely white hall, we could not help but create at least one accent wall. A wooden panel covers the wall at the front door. We made this decision for aesthetic and practical reasons. Wood will protect the wall from the effects of wet clothing.

Did you know that the Belgian company Quick-Step is a sponsor of the Belgian professional road cycling team Deceuninck-Quick Step? It was a revelation for us. But we have known for a long time about the high quality of parquet and laminate of their production.

Exactly 10 years ago, Quick-Step received the FloorScore safety certificate, which confirms the environmental friendliness of the product. We recommend that you pay attention to the coatings of this company, especially when choosing materials for living rooms. The Impressive IM 1847 Quick-Step laminate flooring was chosen for the bedroom.

Perhaps the bedroom in this project turned out to be the most functionally rich room. We designed areas for sleeping, reading, working, storing documents and clothes. In the creation of the interior, the starting point is always planning decisions that set the tone of the whole work. Call the Belik studio and we will create a unique option for you, suitable for your family, as well as provide a price for the repair of apartments in Kiev and tell you all the nuances, which includes the overhaul of apartments in Kiev.

Carpeting with a trendy geometric pattern brings the necessary warmth and comfort to the bedroom. Many people mistaken carpets for bad taste. You do not need to be afraid of them - you need to be able to choose them, and the designers of the Belik studio will help you with this.

The landlady is enthusiastically collecting clothes. It's hard to call it just a passion for shopping. Her collection required a separate room, and we created it by designing a wardrobe area of ​​3.7 square meters.

To make the bedroom look bigger visually, we did not separate it from the wardrobe wall, creating a glass partition, giving the room extra volume.

We always have difficulty when we are asked to describe the style of the project. The main thing for us is harmony and functionality. Here and in this interior you will find features of both Scandinavian design and something from oriental aesthetics.

Having three monitors in the bedroom is an unusual story even for our experienced designers. However, the round-the-clock operation of our customers prompted us to design a table long 1.60.

Ideal Lux magnetic luminaires were installed in the children's ceiling. They emphasized the correct shape of the nursery.

Parents spend a lot of time with their son. For their joint activities, we created a table 1.80 long, which is a continuation of the chest of drawers for storing toys.

You knew that the first teasers appeared more than 100 years ago to promote MJB Coffee. We also started our story with a riddle, a teaser, telling you about Spider-Man. It was the posters with him that decorated the child's room. His image is close to every boy - because under the red suit of the superhero is an ordinary clumsy guy.

To further emphasize the boy's passion for comics, the designers of the design studio Belik introduced a local red color, it looks especially impressive against the background of a brick wall. You decided it was made of bricks, didn't you? In fact, this is a wallpaper that mimics a brick. They are produced by the French company Caselio. For this interior, we chose the Au Bistrotd'Alice collection.

We covered part of one of the walls with a special paint on which the boy can draw with his parents. They spend a lot of time together and we had to organize the play areas so that the joint games were fun.

On both sides of the folding sofa are rotating sconces Ramona factory Azzardo.

The area of ​​the bathroom is 5 square meters. It is dominated by light tones, which we have diversified with dark porcelain of the Anaya Argent collection from the Almera Ceramica factory.

"Why wall-mounted plumbing?" - clients often ask us. First, it's beautiful. Secondly, compact. Third, it allows you to create additional storage space and shelves.

For most of the interior, we have offered porcelain tiles with the effect of natural Carrara marble from the Almera Ceramica factory.

In addition to the traditional plumbing equipment, the room also has a washing machine, above which there are shelves for storing the necessary powders and detergents.

The head of the family is fond of snowboarding and for its equipment we have organized a built-in storage closet on the balcony with an area of ​​3.3 meters.

You may be surprised by the number of jobs listed on the plan. We are not. We reflect the life scenario of each of the clients. Our customer works in the IT industry, his wife is in business. They often work from home, and sometimes around the clock. It was important for us to organize their work process so that they work comfortably, allowing other family members to do their favorite things.

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