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It combines absolutely contradictory qualities. On the one hand, she is the goddess of love, beauty, family and comfort. On the other - wars, destruction, betrayal and victims. She is Freya. Translated from Old Norse, her name means "noble lady". We will not go into all the vicissitudes of myths and legends, we will focus on the most interesting ones.

The war between the Vanir and the Aesir continued for a long time with varying success. Both those and others were Scandinavian gods. The Vanirs were responsible for fertility, and the Ases were the main among all the gods. They eventually came to a truce by exchanging hostages. Freya and her twin brother Freyr, descendants of the Vanir, began to live with the Ases.

Legends say that Freya, being the most powerful sorceress, taught the aces magic. In gratitude for this or just out of love, Odin shared with her half of all the dead warriors. That's right, although Odin had an official wife, he shared the booty, the souls of the Scandinavians who fell in battle, with Freya. But even as she gathered her harvest, her heart was full of compassion. Flying over the battlefield, Freya cried and her tears, reaching the ground, turned into gold.

Freya lived in Folkvangr, in the most beautiful place in all the worlds, where spring reigned forever. Freya was also called the goddess of the harvest, putting a double meaning into this - the terrible harvest that she gathered on the battlefields, and the harvest that is harvested in the fall in the fields and gardens. We are closer to the second explanation of the role of Freya.

We, too, in a sense, harvest. We create a design project, select materials, furniture, lighting, implement the project and harvest gratitude from our customers. So Freya is our goddess too. A little later, we will tell you about what else Freya has to do with the new project, which is located in the Rusanovskaya Gavan residential complex. He replenished our portfolio of projects in which we created the design and implemented the renovation of an apartment in Kyiv.

Three people will live in an apartment with an area of ​​62.7 square meters - a married couple of 48 and 45 years old and their son is a student. Guests come to them on weekends and sometimes one of the friends stays for the night. For such spontaneous overnight stays, our designers had to provide a comfortable sofa.

The word “warm” has become a key word for us, and we offered our customers to decide the palette of the apartment in warm, milky shades of white. You can appreciate the stylish design of the kitchen in the photo.

The area of ​​​​the combined space of the kitchen, dining room and living room is 22.6 square meters. Since the owners of the apartment did not intend to organize numerous noisy parties, we created a calm interior with a dining group, working and lounge areas. It has a small fold out sofa. Above it, we placed a spectacular Liberty matte gold sconce.

The united space of the apartment is covered with Spanish porcelain tiles from the Almera Ceramica Okyo Oak factory.

To emphasize the warm family circle that gathers at dinner, we chose a circle shape for the living room space, which went through all the furniture and lighting. The round table is illuminated by the round pendant chandelier Iona from the Anzazo factory.

Above the lounge area of ​​the kitchen-studio in the photo you see a Maytoni round pendant lamp.

In the kitchen, as in no other room in a residential apartment, lighting is important. Understanding this, our designers did not limit themselves to decorative lamps. Along the perimeter of the entire space, they placed Nowodvorski and Maytoni spot and overhead lamps.

The kitchen apron is covered with glazed porcelain stoneware of the Spanish factory Pamesa of the Tresana collection in Blanco color.

We definitely love white and often offer it to our customers. It adds purity to the interior and makes it more airy. In this interior, we gravitated towards its yellowish tint, which many call “ivory”.

Ivory is more lively, not as peremptory as white. It makes the space warmer and more sunny.

However, this interior is dominated not by ivory, but by ecru. Translated from French, this name means "raw, unbleached." It is often confused with ivory, but ecru is deeper and brighter.

The color palette of many interior styles is based on this color. It is used in classic, Scandinavian or British interiors. It is the basis around which you can build any style and add any color.

Ecru has also become the main color for the bathroom palette. We chose porcelain tiles from the Spanish factory Colorker from the Nomade collection for the walls of this space.

The furniture was created from solid wood in the same tone as the walls. Thus, a small room of 4.6 square meters is not divided into small details and creates an integral impression.

We proposed to complement nude tones with white and black colors, which were embodied in sanitary equipment, furniture and accessories.

The wall above the bathroom attracts attention with unusual tiles. If we decided to limit ourselves in color solutions, then in textures we gave ourselves complete freedom. Freedom of choice.

In order to create a spectacular wall in the bathroom, we used Parallelo embossed porcelain stoneware from the same Spanish factory Colorker and the same Nomade collection.

The texture of the rhythmic stripes of porcelain stoneware is emphasized by the LED strip hidden behind the false ceiling.

For the floor of the bedroom, we chose a laminate from the Belgian manufacturer Quick-Step from the Impressive collection in a warm shade of the same tone as all the furniture in the room. You can see in the photo how harmonious the interior of the bedroom and the design of the flooring.

We already wrote that, wanting to emphasize the family circle of our customers, we offered them furniture, lighting and decor in the form of a circle. This geometric figure dominated the living room, it is also present in the bedroom. By the bed, above the round bedside table, we placed the Dotos sconces from the Anzazo factory.

We added a color called "hint of mint" to the master bedroom palette. You are free to translate it as either "a hint of menthol" or "a hint of menthol". We like the playfulness of the first option more.

This color brought coolness to the interior and made the palette richer. This is the main advantage of the ecru color - you can pick up many colors for it as partners. If desired, the owners of the room in a few years will be able to update the interior by changing the menthol to another favorite color.

And now, in detail, you can see Freya or Freya, this is the name of the ceiling lamp, which not only illuminated, but decorated the interior of the bedroom.

Opposite the bed, behind decorative wooden panels, there is a closet for clothes and bed linen.

The second bedroom, owned by our client's son, is also lit by a smaller Freya. It is not so airy and light. However, she reminds that all the residents of this apartment are from the same family circle.

To the right of the bed, we have placed a work table, which is illuminated by black and gold GU10 matte pendants.

On the other side of the bed, we placed the Anzazo Lines Black wall lamp, a discreet lamp that emphasizes the masculine character of the bedroom interior.

The GU10 pendants can be adjusted by changing the positions of the shades and directing their light from the desktop to the bed.

A special intimate lighting in the room is created by an LED strip, hidden behind a wooden overhead panel at the head of the bed.

We have turned a young man's wardrobe into a full-fledged art object. Behind the display windows, his belongings are arranged in perfect order, illuminated by LED lamps equipped with motion sensors. The light comes on when the cabinet doors are opened.

For the owner of the room, we have created a cozy reading nook, which will be illuminated by a Rorur floor lamp on an elegant, as if weightless, Anzazo factory leg.

The inhabitants of the ancient Greek colony of Sybaris were famous for their wealth and ability to live in luxury, which they brought to perfection. From them came the name "sybarite" - this is the name of those who love to live in luxury and pleasure.

The bedroom of a young man betrays a true sybarite in him, who understands that he will make his rest comfortable and bring him real happiness.

The noble shade of blue, which colorists call "blueberry", enriched the restrained palette of the bedroom. He emphasized the masculine character of the interior.

For the dressing room, we allotted an impressive space of 5 and a half square meters, since the owners of the apartment warned us that they had a lot of clothes and, especially, shoes. And behind the closed pencil case is a washing machine and shelves for freshly laundered linen.

In addition, the landlord has a sufficient number of shirts, which he is accustomed to hanging on a coat hanger. For them, we organized a separate compartment with several rods.

In addition to clothes, the dressing room stores the necessary household appliances, suitcases and tool boxes.

Along the wall with a length of 1 meter 790 millimeters, we put shelves 650 deep for shoes and bags.

Our designers offered several options for redevelopment. As a result, the one was chosen, in which the area of ​​the corridor decreased and the area allocated for the wardrobe increased, which added attractiveness and convenience to the apartment.

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