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Our studio was faced with the task of developing a design for a bright and comfortable modern apartment for a married couple. The family consists of two adults who eventually plan to replenish and a pet. All the nuances had to be taken into account and a living space suitable in all respects had to be created.

The apartment is located on the 23rd floor in the residential complex Kakhovskaya, in Kyiv, its area is 70.3 sq.m. To fulfill all the wishes of customers, it was necessary to re-plan the existing solutions. As a result, out of 6 layouts provided by us, the owners chose the most optimal solution. Now the apartment consists of an entrance hall, a kitchen-living room, a master bedroom, a children's room, a main bathroom, a guest bathroom with a laundry room, a dressing room and a pantry.

The couple loves to host. Sometimes relatives stay with them, so it was a wish to come up with a place for the guests to spend the night. Since we were limited in space, and we still had many difficult tasks to complete, we decided that a comfortable sofa from Interia would be a good option in the living room. It will not only be a cozy corner for gatherings, it can be expanded and create an additional place to sleep. And this is just what the owners need!

In general, the common space, which consists of a kitchen, a small dining area and a living room, turned out to be bright and stylish. Pastel shades of floor, wall and furniture finishes visually expand the space. A dark decor and some pieces of furniture serve as a contrasting addition to the interior.

The kitchen area is small, but it has everything you need for hospitable hosts to prepare their favorite dishes and gourmet treats for guests. The kitchen is U-shaped. On the right, we placed a built-in refrigerator, oven and microwave. Next is a sink with a work surface and a built-in electric stove. On the left there is a compact bar where you can have breakfast or use it as an additional work surface.

The owners wanted the interior to be aesthetic, practical and as functional as possible. Therefore, here you will not see any frills in the form of complex plasterboard structures or a heap of decor. The interior is neat and clean. Furniture and small details were chosen minimalistic so that they do not eat up precious square meters.

By the window, we have placed a relaxation area where the couple can comfortably spend time watching movies or reading books.

The bar area is located opposite the window, so the owners can enjoy the view outside the window while eating. Separately, I would like to note the bar stools, which successfully fit into the space. The combination of white and wood in them brings a touch of Scandinavia to the interior.

For a leisurely meal or in case guests rush in, we have equipped a compact dining area against the wall. It does not interfere with movement around the apartment and serves as a separate functional area.

A real decoration of the dining area was a wooden panel on the wall. It visually highlights this place, and natural material creates additional comfort. Another highlight is the unusual ceiling lamps hanging over the table. They not only serve as an additional source of light, but also add sophistication to the interior with their sophisticated look.

We had to think hard about zoning open-space. The bar table is positioned so as not only to fulfill its direct function, it also separates the kitchen area from the living room. The partition and the tabletop are made of light modern material that does not load, but seems to dissolve in space.

The open-space turned out to be bright, spacious and functional - the way the owners wanted it to be. There is enough space for daily routine and relaxation, and most importantly - all this happens in an aesthetic and inspiring space.

Since customers do not like dim rooms, but want the apartment to be bright, we have thought over several lighting scenarios. Each functional area has its own light source. All of them are different, but combined in character and general mood. We used pendant lights from Nowodvorski lighting and track lights from ESL. There is also additional lighting for the worktop in the kitchen and decorative light in the dining area, which emphasizes the wooden panel.

In the hallway, we placed a minimalistic cantilever cabinet where you can hide various small things so as not to create visual noise; a mirror to fix your hair before going out; and complementing the ensemble of the entrance group - a laconic pouffe.

Entering the apartment, we find ourselves in a bright, cozy space. It is noticeable from the doorway that tasteful people who appreciate aesthetics and minimalism live here. The living room is partially visible from the hallway. There are no thresholds and extra doors, which creates a feeling of spaciousness and does not prevent free movement around the apartment. In the hallway, corridor and open-space area, we applied a vinyl coating. It unites all rooms and sets a single mood.

The interior of the corridor is made in complete minimalism. We used Kolorit gray paint for wall decoration, and interior doors were chosen in a single design from the manufacturer Dooris. Behind the door on the left is the guest bathroom. Walking straight down the corridor, we will get into the children's room and the master bedroom. On the right side there is an entrance door and a dressing room.

This project provides for two bathrooms: guest and master. The area of ​​the guest bathroom is just over 3 sq.m. There is a modern plumbing installation with a hygienic shower and a small sink at the entrance. The design of the bathroom is minimalistic, porcelain stoneware was used as the floor and part of the walls, and the wall covering was completed with a warm shade of paint. The lighting here is represented by two point built-in ceiling lights and additional lighting of the mirror and the wall above the toilet.

But, since it was planned to make a utility block here, in addition to standard plumbing equipment, we provided for an area with a washing and drying machine, as well as shelves for household chemicals and a place for a laundry basket. All this is successfully hidden behind swing doors. The facades of the doors are made of wood and have a pleasant warm shade, so even a simple bathroom becomes a little more comfortable.

The main bathroom with an area of ​​4.8 sq.m is made in gray tones with dark accents in the form of furniture and details. The main wish of the customers was the availability of a full bathroom and a walk in shower. We could not refuse them this desire and we managed to place a bathroom, shower and wash area in a small area.

Under the sink are spacious drawers with black minimalist handles. Here, the owners will be able to store all their bath accessories, and leave the most beautiful jars near the sink. We also placed an elongated mirror in this zone. It helps to make the space more voluminous.

The floor, bath and walls, except for one, are tiled with the same tiles. This solution makes the interior minimalist and concise. A glass partition in a black metal profile was installed on the bath, which is combined with other details of the room. Such a partition prevents splashing of water throughout the space. A niche with lighting for cosmetics and various small things was made in the wall.

The owners did not want the children's room to stand out from the general style of the interior. They like restrained tones, but at the same time not boring, with bright accents. Therefore, we made the interior of the nursery in pastel colors and added bright details to the furniture, and on one of the walls we decided to use photo wallpapers with a pattern.

We were not tied to the age or gender of the child, we made the room universal. There is a comfortable sleeping area, a place for both active games and study. We also thought of a functional storage system, where all the things and toys of the child will fit.

In the nursery, we made the most of the space. Therefore, all the necessary functional areas are successfully located. Behind the closed shelves, clothes are supposed to be stored, and below there are niches in which you can put baskets for children's toys. This will help to always keep order in the room. Separately, we have equipped a zone for games with a Swedish wall. Here the child can be a little more active and climb the wall, or play on a soft children's rug with their favorite toys.

The central place is occupied by a bed in the form of a house. It is not only comfortable for sleeping, but also attracts attention with its design. In the children's room, we paid special attention to materials, so we used only natural and non-toxic coatings.

We also thought of a comfortable study area. Here the child can do homework, sit at the computer, read. The storage system consists of open shelves and closed compartments. You can hide books and stationery in them. Of course, the wall with photo wallpaper catches the eye. She decorates the interior and fills it with colors.

It was necessary to place several functional areas in the master bedroom. This is a comfortable bed, work area and a separate dressing room. In general, the interior turned out to be calm and bright, and wood added coziness. Textiles played an important role in creating the atmosphere in the bedroom. Layering and calm natural shades - what you need for the bedroom.

To make a separate walk in dressing room in the bedroom, I had to sacrifice its area. But that didn't make it any less comfortable. Immediately at the entrance, we placed a dressing room with an area of ​​3.3 sq.m, and made the facade of the outer door mirrored. This solution allows you to slightly expand the space and makes it possible to fully appreciate the selected bow.

We were also asked to create a workplace in the bedroom. It turned out to be compact, as if built into the general concept of the wall. We used every centimeter of space: we made two closed shelves right under the ceiling, and under them a small open shelving. The console table also has storage space - drawers for various small things. So that a standard table lamp does not take up space on the desktop, we decided to install wall lighting.

Some of the walls in the bedroom have wood trim. For example, the wall at the entrance is decorated with wooden slats with ceiling lighting. The work area also has a wooden insert. All this is eventually combined into a single canvas on the wall at the head of the bed.

The central place in the bedroom is occupied by a minimalist bed. On both sides are twin bedside tables. Ring lamps hanging over the pedestals became decoration and an additional source of light. Rugs of different shapes and textures successfully complete the bedroom ensemble.

In the master bedroom, we designed a spacious wardrobe. It is made in one neutral color scheme. There are shelves and rails on both sides, and drawers and additional open shelves between them. The space was carefully planned so that not a single centimeter of space was wasted. Therefore, there will be enough space for the wardrobe of two adults.

In the hallway, we took a place for storing outerwear. By design, it looks the same as the wardrobe in the bedroom. This does not violate the overall style of the apartment and creates a unified mood. There are hanging square shelves for bags, hats, gloves and scarves, and shoes can be stored below. All shelves are open, making it easy to find what you need.

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