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Strange as it may sound, however, the fact is that the emergence and flourishing of American Art Deco would not have been possible without the boom that occurred in the US steel industry. That's right - and all thanks to Andrew Carnegie, the one who financed the construction of the legendary Carnegie Hall, named after him. He used cutting-edge British-made inventions to produce high-quality steel, allowing the construction of the first skyscrapers to begin. This, along with the growing popularity of concrete and the modernization of elevator systems, led to the emergence of skyscrapers, and with them the American Art Deco style, in which the first high-rise in the world was designed - the Insurance Company building in Chicago, which has not survived to this day. Its architect was the American William Le Baron Jenney. When you see people in the United States talking about the industrial achievements of their country or about the authenticity of architectural styles, do not argue - smile to yourself, remembering that Carnegie would not have been successful without the discoveries made in Albion, and Jenny studied architecture and engineering in Europe , in France, in the same educational institution, whose graduate was Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who designed the famous tower, the symbol of Paris.

From architecture, the style moved into interior design, becoming a symbol of respectability. Then the trend was born - to design a private interior with the expectation of public attention. Your private interior is no longer your private affair. The interior of your house, apartment or apartment is as much an indicator of your high status as your clothes, car, watch or jewelry.

The owners of the apartment indicated to us the priority style of their modern apartment, which is located on the tenth floor of the Riviera residential complex. The area of ​​the apartment is almost 100 square meters. Ceiling height - 2.81 meters. The design project was created for a family of three - parents, their ten-year-old son. We took into account that the family already has one dog and in the future the owners of the apartment plan to have another pet.

The redevelopment was caused by the need for a large master bathroom, where there will be a lot of light, and a separate dressing room for storing my son's Segway, fishing tackle, household equipment, suitcases and, of course, clothes. We allocated part of the master bedroom to increase the area of ​​the bathroom, and in the space of the hallway we made a dressing room. As a result of our work with the plans of the apartment, it turned out to create an entrance hall space with a large, full-length mirror, a dressing room, a kitchen-living room, a nursery, a master bedroom, a guest bathroom and a master bathroom.

The furniture proposed for the implementation of the modern design of the two-room apartment also reflected the preferences of its owners. They often have guests who stay overnight, so the sofa has become the dominant feature of the living room. It will accommodate five people who will be comfortable to communicate. When unfolded, it will become a comfortable sleeping place for those of them who want to stay in the hospitable home of our customers.

Thoughtful storage systems for the nursery allow you to store the Lego sets that the boy is fond of building. He also has photo albums, books and toys - for everything there were specially designed shelves, lockers and drawers. We took into account his request to fit his favorite desk into the interior of his new room.

Since the owners of the apartment have identified the future interior of their apartment as their calling card, we offered them the American Art Deco style with its clear, straight lines, metal details, wooden natural surfaces and pearl gray color scheme. This style runs throughout the impressive interior of the apartment, dominating the living room and master bedroom and hinting at the rest of the rooms.

Conciseness is the main goal to which we aspired in the design project of the hallway. Light gray cold range of walls and built-in wardrobes contrasts with the warm color of natural American walnut.

A mirror 2.7 meters high allows, on the one hand, to see yourself in full growth and put the finishing touches on your clothes before leaving the house, on the other hand, it visually expands the space of the hallway, adding width to it and filling it with “air”.

Classic ceiling moldings hide hidden lighting that adds height to the ceiling and is a comfortable alternative to spot lighting.

A muted turquoise banquette in the hallway creates a more sophisticated color palette in the beautiful interior design of the apartment. Its accent color matches the upholstery of the living room chairs.

Light turquoise will unite all rooms in a single color composition. It will become a solo color in a modern art composition that adorns one of the living room walls.

The design of the living room is built around a comfortable sofa. Its production was taken over by the Ukrainian modern factory Blanche.

Wall moldings cite the light French Baroque style, which was inspired, including by American architects, when designing buildings and interiors in the Art Deco style. Everything new is well forgotten!

Light fixtures with copper elements and clear geometric divisions are another reference to American Art Deco. In addition to the obvious wow effect, they also have a well-thought-out function - dividing the living room space into two functional areas - a kitchen and a lounge area. The design of the living room-kitchen studio is dictated by the desire to make it comfortable and stylish at the same time.

We took into account the wish of the owner of the apartment to combine the dining room and kitchen. The culture of cooking in their family is closely related to communication.

The owners of the apartment strived to achieve quality in every detail and in all materials. We proposed a leader in the production of tiles - Porcelanosa. This Spanish factory creates hard-wearing and eye-catching tiles that blend seamlessly into any modern or classic style interior.

The lounge space is equipped with everything that we associate with relaxation - bookshelves, a TV and a coffee table, on which it is convenient to arrange snacks, tea and sweets during evening family movie screenings.

A complex lighting scenario makes it possible to adjust the light depending on the type of activity. Use ceiling light, chandeliers when guests are socializing or having dinner. Enable pinpoint when watching movies. Or limit yourself to a more intimate wall when there is a desire to relax.

Communication is the main goal with which the living room was designed. It is not interrupted for a second either during the preparation of breakfast, or during dinner, or when guests and owners of the apartment move into the lounge space.

In the design and decor of the bathroom, tiles from the Spanish factories Porcelanosa and Venis were used. It organically imitates the structure of natural wood and stone.

The main requirement for the design of the bathroom was a large mirror, good lighting and space to store cosmetics. Each of these tasks was solved within the framework of the chosen style.

The thoughtful design of the furniture systems made it possible to allocate more intimate areas for each of the sanitary areas of the bathroom.

A partition made of tempered tinted glass visually separates the bathroom from the rest of the space, while maintaining the integrity of the interior.

Designing such a complex space is a challenge for the designer. In addition to a beautiful and modern design, we must think about safety and maximum functionality. We added plumbing fixtures with a hidden installation and a hygienic shower into the interior. For those families where there are dogs, a hygienic shower is a salvation from dirty paws in snowy or rainy weather.

The pale pink color of the tile is repeated in the countertop under the sink. Uniform color schemes unite the bathroom space, protect it from excessive color spots that visually reduce the size of the interior.

Shower or bath? Clients often face a choice, because everyone has their own priorities. We decided not to put our customers in front of the need to choose and design for them both.

For the guest bathroom, we also chose tiles from the Spanish factories Porcelanosa and Venis. The dark tones of the flooring contrast sharply with the snow-white wall surface, creating a dramatic play of light and shadow.

The small area of ​​​​the bathroom did not become an obstacle in order to make it functional. We used plumbing fixtures with a built-in installation, which allowed us to place storage systems with handleless facades above it. They are equipped with a "push to open" or "push to open" mechanism.

The classic moldings on the doors of the guest bathroom repeat the pattern on the doors in the interiors of each of the rooms of the two-room apartment.

We approach design with a deep knowledge of ergonomics, which we have honed through years of experience in interior design. They allowed us to allocate space in the guest bathroom for a sink, a mirror and cabinets for storing hygiene items.

For the interior of the guest bathroom, we have developed two types of lighting - ceiling spot and hidden, more comfortable for the eyes at night.

In the bedroom, at the request of the owner of the apartment, we placed a dressing table, a mirror and an armchair. The natural light falling from the left allows you to create the right lighting for applying makeup. The simple, strict lines of the mirror and table are softened by the rounded shapes of an easy chair with a low back.

Classic baguettes above the bed have become a kind of decorative frame for two wall lamps. They diversify the bedroom lighting scenario and allow you to read when the ceiling suspension is turned off.

Warm muted colors create an atmosphere that is most conducive to relaxation and rest. Calm gray and olive tones evoke a sense of stability and peace.

The bedroom is divided into several spaces. They help to realize different types of activities - a dressing table, a bed, storage systems and a workplace. At a comfortable desk, the owner of the apartment can quickly check work mail and answer an urgent call.

The interior design of the bedroom shows the axial symmetry typical of classic American interiors. On both sides of the bed are the same bedside tables. Above the head of the bed are symmetrical wall lamps. Symmetry gives rise to a sense of balance and harmony - this is important for proper rest and recuperation.

To the right of the bed, we designed a small niche for books, as the owners of the apartment often read before going to bed. The bedroom is no longer just a place to relax. The active lifestyle of the customers of this interior has led us to create a multifunctional space, which we traditionally call the bedroom.

Carpets are back in trend! They ceased, and for some they were not, a symbol of philistinism. The most famous designers, including the legendary Spaniard Patricia Urquiola, design carpets. We chose a carpet whose warm velvet tones echo the overall color scheme of the bedroom.

What is America without Star Wars? None! So we decided and the little owner of this room agreed with us.

We designed the room so that the boy would have a full-fledged place to sleep and the opportunity to lie on the couch with his favorite book or gadget.

At his request, we designed storage systems with open and closed shelves. They contain his Lego sets, games, books and photo albums. We have equipped some of the shelves with hidden lighting. It gives a diffused light that is comfortable for the eyes when there is no need for bright light.

The boy's main requirement was to organize his workplace in such a way that his favorite desk would harmoniously fit in there. We went to meet him. Respect for traditions is part of the aura of respectability that we created bit by bit in the interior of this modern apartment.

Black and white posters from the cult film Star Wars emphasize the graphic nature of the nursery interior – it is dominated by contrasting tones of furniture and finishing materials.

The open shelves of the storage systems expose the boy's collection to the public, while the closed ones leave what is intended only for his eyes. We combined natural wooden and white matte surfaces in the furniture, which form the main stylistic decision of this room.

The corner table allowed us to create two zones in a minimal space - for working at a computer and for doing homework. The shelves above the table are designed for books and an album of photographs, which is one of the hobbies of the son of the owners of the apartment.

The dressing room, like all other rooms in this apartment, is designed to perform several functions. On the one hand, it stores seasonal clothes. On the other hand, equipment for cleaning the apartment.

Various types of shelves allow you to store clothes, accessories, shoes, hats in the space of one dressing room, as well as hide suitcases before the next trip.

When designing the dressing room, we did not stop only at creating places for storing clothes and technical equipment. We have planned a place for fishing tackle in it, as well as a garage! For the Segway of the son of the owners of the apartment.

Planning the future interior is also planning the future of the family that will live in it. We have provided a separate space to the left of the entrance group for the privacy of adult owners and a more public one, where their son's room is located, to which friends often come. Growing up, he will feel more independent, and parents will maintain the privacy they need.

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