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The information that any nebula consists of gas, plasma and dust does not sound very encouraging. When we hear the name "Andromeda Nebula", we imagine something mysterious, created from wind currents and whirlwinds. Not at all. And by the way, the Andromeda Nebula is not a nebula, it is a galaxy.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, any elongated motionless object in the sky was called a nebula, and then it turned out that many of them are not such, as, for example, the same Andromeda galaxy turned out to consist, in addition to gas and dust, of stars, star clusters, planets and, even from a black hole.

In English, the nebula is called "nebula". Nice name, right? So thought Roger Stern and John Buscema. They thought and gave this name to the heroine of Marvel comics. She first appeared in 1985's Avengers #257, in which she becomes one of the most important anti-heroes. The paradox of Nebula lies in her undoubted charm and the feeling of compassion that she evokes. For all her bloodthirstiness and perfidy, the girl evokes sympathy.

What is her secret? Her past is shrouded in mist or nebula. She assumes that she is the daughter or granddaughter of Thanos, who, wanting to make her a supervillain, deprived her of a human, rather attractive appearance, turning her into a cyborg and forcing her to experience eternal pain.

The most striking appearance of the heroine happened in the film "Guardians of the Galaxy". She attracted the audience so much that at the end of the second part, the authors decided to give her a chance and she becomes part of the Guardians of the Galaxy team, replacing the deceased half-sister Gamorra. No one knows for how long - the heroine has always been very unstable. The writers, following the audience's sympathy, promise to make the role of Nebula more significant in the sequels, and maybe she will have her own film.

We are always attracted by what is unclear, mysterious, covered with a mysterious veil, this is what attracts the celestial nebulae, this is what the image of Nebula attracts us to. And not only us, it turns out that the designers, inspired either by the heroine of the comics, or by their astronomical observations, created a lamp, calling it Nebula. They created it and we included it in our new project. This is an apartment, which is located in the city of Bucha, in the Kyiv residential complex. The total area of ​​the apartment is 90.5 square meters, where four people will live - a married couple of 35 and 32 years old and their daughters of 5 years and one year.

The living room and kitchen are located on an area of ​​36.2 square meters. In the same space, we placed a dining table that folds out for more guests. The entire color scheme of the interior and kitchen set is solved in warm tones of milky white.

Traditionally, when choosing a floor covering, we settled on the laminate of the Belgian factory Quick-Step of the Majesti collection in the color of valley light brown oak, which adds warmth and comfort to the interior of the kitchen-studio.

Carpets are in high demand again! Carpets with ethnic patterns, geometry, fun graphics, gradient carpets, vintage or antique carpets are especially fashionable. Do you still not know the difference between vintage and antiques? The first category includes items under the age of 50 years, the second - after.

For those who do not really like old things, there is always a way out. In this case, it was found for us by the German company Arte Espina, which creates short-haired carpets with the effect of wear, which were left on it not by time, but by the skillful hands of the weavers of the factory.

And here she is! Nebula is a spectacular pendant lamp from the Anzazo factory. Her unusual design, as well as the unique appearance of the comic book heroine, attracts attention. On fixed fasteners there is a suspension with swivel marble circles. All together, the structure looks like an interplanetary ship hovering somewhere in a nebula.

Around the Nebula, we placed built-in lights from the Maytoni factory. The recreation area is illuminated by built-in In-line tracks.

Guests do not often visit our customers, some of them stay overnight. Even less often, parents come for a week to talk with their children and granddaughters.

For a comfortable overnight stay for guests, we have created a recreation area with a spacious corner sofa bed.

The balcony is located on a fairly large area of ​​3.7 square meters. Its dimensions and panoramic glazing made it possible to place an office and a lounge on it.

We equipped the working area with a spacious desk 1100 mm long and 600 mm wide, above which we hung shelves for documents.

The view is one of the obvious advantages of the apartment, so we did not cover it with curtains, limiting ourselves to Roman blinds for sunny days.

For the kitchen backsplash, we have selected porcelain stoneware from the Italian factory Imola of the Genus collection, which thoroughly repeats the pattern of natural marble, similar to the one used to create the Nebula lamp.

At the entrance to the apartment, we created a spacious wardrobe with illuminated niches that can be used as ottomans.

Opposite the wardrobe, our designers have planned a small interior partition, which adjoins a part of the kitchen with built-in appliances.

We often share tricks that help us visually expand the space without the tricks that Harry Potter is known for. One of the apartment's bathrooms has a rather impressive area - 5.7 square meters. However, no one will refuse to make the room look even bigger.

To visually enlarge the space, we used XL size tiles - 1800 by 900 millimeters.

The tile imitates natural marble with a slightly pinkish tint. It was made by the Almera Ceramica factory. XL is not only the size of the tile, but also the name of the collection, which includes all large-format items.

The built-in plumbing installation allowed us to allocate the space above it for cabinets for storing towels and cosmetics, as well as create a shelf with LED strip.

The bathroom is illuminated by built-in ceiling lamps from the German factory Maytoni with a high level of moisture protection and decorative mirror lighting.

We often choose the lighting from the Spanish factory BPM Light. We also chose her lamp for this project, choosing the Alberta model, which can be used as a pendant or surface-mounted lamp, combining them with each other to create interesting light combinations.

The bed is illuminated from both sides by Edie sconces with frosted shades that create a uniform warm light.

We placed the bed in a small niche, along the perimeter of which we installed hidden LED lighting.

A bedroom is often a place not only for relaxation, but also for storage. We placed a wardrobe to the right of the bed, its mirrored doors hide the fact that there is a spacious storage system behind them and increase the space.

The designers of our studio love hidden LED lighting for the functional and aesthetic possibilities it provides. With its help, we created a light installation on the wall of evenly repeating light rays that illuminate a plaster overlay imitating ocean waves.

We have added to the beige scale, in which the entire interior of the bedroom is solved, several shades of gray - one of them with the addition of deep brown is called "nickel".

For the wall opposite the bed, we chose a complex shade of gray called pewter.

One of the main colors of 2021 was royal pink, the love for which for many years was shown by the head of the British monarchy, Elizabeth II. This color is loved by designers for its combinability - it looks respectable with different partner colors, including beige, as is the case with the interior of this bathroom.

The walls of the second bathroom are covered with the same large-format tiles from the Almera Ceramica factory as the first one.

We have created wall panels from large porcelain stoneware blocks, the texture of which is identical to the natural Rosa Portugal Aurora marble.

We love the Dutch brand Moooi Heracleum for being both functional and decorative.

On an area of ​​just over 15 square meters, we had to place two bedrooms and two workplaces for girls of different ages.

We separated their beds from each other with a lace partition, which will allow each of them to feel comfortable and isolated. On the other hand, when the younger sister grows up and the girls have more common interests, they can easily communicate with each other.

Both beds are illuminated by LED Shpapes sconces, which look like luminous light balls. With them, reading before going to bed will be comfortable and atmospheric.

In addition to places for rest and work tables, we created a storage system, in one of the doors of which we placed a mirror that the girls needed.

Our professionals themselves developed the design of an openwork partition, which was implemented on a 3D printer. She reproduces the dense crown of a tree, the shadows from which in the evening will inspire girls to new games.

We have been choosing the right wallpaper design for the children's room for a long time. The wall, where the beds are located, is decorated with author's wallpaper with gentle clouds and amusing little animals. We are sure that they will also give the girls the most interesting dreams.

A little more time will pass and the little ones will be able to enjoy the interior of the balcony, in which we have created a light boudoir atmosphere with roomy armchairs, a table and bookshelves.

Now the balcony is equipped with locks to ensure the safety of children. They can only enter if accompanied by their parents.

The redevelopment proposed by our designers mainly concerned the common areas. They redesigned the open space, allocating space for an entrance group isolated from the living room, and creating a roomy space for a second bathroom. Over time, when the children get older, parents will once again appreciate all the benefits of this option.

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