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A person who has reached the peak of success is often said to have "reached cosmic heights." About something unrealistically inaccessible, as, for example, about prices - “just space”. There is a company that, without exaggeration, has reached cosmic heights. Space heights of success, quality and design. At the origins of its creation was the former aeronaut engineer Ernesto Gismondi. Together with designer Sergio Mazza, they founded Artemide in 1960, which together with Flos are leaders in the global lighting industry.

There is, of course, competition between factories. They, like two trotters, confidently participate in the race, not forgetting to watch their neighbor with peripheral vision, who gallops nostril to nostril.

The founders of Artemide choose the slogan "Light for Man" for the company. The factory does not just produce lamps. Each of its objects is designed to make a person's life, our life, more comfortable in certain circumstances, in a certain environment in a certain scenario - light for reading, for work, for relaxation, for parties.

Gismondi at the very beginning created a special laboratory in which precision instruments carefully test all the company's innovations. Artemide produces comfortable lamps. Comfortable and aesthetic. The world design stars collaborating with her are responsible for this. Among them are architect, Pritzker Prize winner Norman Foster, designer Karim Rashid, Danish architectural firm BIG, Swiss studio Herzog & de Meuron Architekten, British architect Ross Lovegrove and others.

Not only designers and architects seek to cooperate with Artemide. With it, collaborations are created by companies that, at first glance, are far from design, for example, Mercedes-Benz. The result of their joint work was the Ameluna pendant lamp, which appeared in 2016. It looks like a glowing jellyfish. Thanks to innovative developments, they were able to recreate such a natural phenomenon as bioluminescence - the natural ability of living organisms to glow.

We think that Artemide lamps are chosen because of this - they create all the conditions for your natural abilities to be revealed, and use all the possibilities of materials, the abilities of their employees. Let's see what kind of atmosphere the Artemide lamps have created in our new project.

A family of three will live in a two-level apartment with a total area of ​​172.7 square meters - the owner, 40 years old, his 35-year-old wife and their son, 10 years old.

Guests sometimes come to them without staying overnight, so for friendly gatherings and for quiet family evenings, we designed a kitchen-studio. It consists of the kitchen itself, as well as a lounge area with a large corner sofa, coffee table and TV built into the wood panels. The design of the living room and the design of the kitchen flow smoothly, being natural extensions of each other.

We carried out the wall panel project with the help of chipboard from the Austrian factory Egger. Since 1961, quality wood products have been produced in Tyrol. For this interior, we chose natural walnut color panels.

The Snake pendant lamp by Anzazo fully lives up to its name - it hangs like a snake on a static bar, being both a lamp and an art object that decorates the interior. Thanks to him, the design of the kitchen-studio acquired a light artistic character.

We made a double protection on the stairs - vertical steel cables and flowers in massive flower pots. We created a harmonious solution, realizing that the staircase has become part of the interior of the kitchen and lounge area. See how the kitchen and staircase design are balanced!

For the common space of the living room, kitchen and hall, we chose the parquet board of the joint Norwegian-Lithuanian factory Boen. It conveys the texture of natural oak in an interesting shade, called India Grey.

The backsplash is lined with Italian FMG porcelain stoneware from the Maxfine Marmi collection in deep dark brown.

The bar table has become part of a complex structure, consisting of a flight of stairs and a load-bearing partition. It visually divides the common space into a kitchen and a relaxation area.

Proper illumination of the working space of the kitchen is created by Focus spots installed on two magnetic rails. Such a solution allows you to move the lamps along the guides, varying the intensity, direction and place of illumination.

The pattern of natural marble is emphasized by the LED strip installed in the hanging upper cabinets.

We always suggest customers to opt for concealed doors, such as in this project. In addition to undoubted practical advantages - ease of cleaning, they give undoubted aesthetic ones - they make the space visually larger, the ceilings are higher, the color of the door leaf can be chosen identical to the color of the walls.

The rather large space of the entrance group allowed us to create a full-fledged entrance group - a small cozy corner at the entrance. Armchairs, a table and original lamps set the tone for the perception of the entire interior of the apartment.

To the left of the front door, we placed a spacious, 2230 mm long and 700 mm wide wardrobe for outerwear and shoes.

The entire interior of the entrance group is based on a combination of milky white color and natural walnut texture.

We carefully chose the lighting for this interior, focusing on those lamps that can not only illuminate, but also decorate the space. The Snake Wall sconce from the Anzazo factory is one of the examples of such lamps.

The owner of the apartment enthusiastically collects shoes. For it, we designed comfortable shelves closed with sliding doors, with interior lighting that responds to a motion sensor.

For the floor of the dressing room, we offered porcelain stoneware of the Italian factory Cercom Ceramiche of the MB3 collection in gray color, which emphasizes the warm shades of walnut furniture facades.

For one of the bathrooms, we chose Italian tiles from the FMG factory in the Shade collection in cream color.

Wall panels to match the tiles hide the installation and upper cabinets for storing detergents.

As a wall covering for the second bathroom, we chose grayish porcelain tiles from the Italian brand 41 zero 42 from the Solo collection. The texture of the surface is emphasized by the built-in LED strip installed around the perimeter of the round mirror.

Bath or shower? Shower or bath? How many people - so many opinions. It's better to have everything. We went to meet both owners of the apartment, planning a place for a bath with a comfortable shower behind a glass partition.

We built spacious shelves for shampoos and other cosmetics into a niche near the bathroom. There is a washing machine and dryer nearby.

10 years is an important age in a child's life. Although he does not have minor periods. And yet - from a baby he is transformed into a teenager. With a complete change of interests and preferences. We have created a nursery interior that will grow and change with its owner.

Along the wall with a window, we put a table, part of which became a cabinet near the boy's bed, where he can put his favorite toys.

All furniture, including spacious storage systems, was designed by our designers. The facades have become not just cabinet doors, they have become a decor that diversifies the design of the room.

The head of the bed, which was also made according to our individual drawings, turned into a bookcase with comfortable shelves.

Agree a bedroom with a podium is a dream that many indulge in. It has chic, luxury and style. At the head of the bed, we created a low podium, on which we placed shelves and a dressing table. Storage boxes are hidden in the facades of the podium.

Shanghai-based design and family duo Neri&Hu created a pendant lamp named after the initials of their surnames, nh, by the Italian factory Artemide. Thanks to the hooks, the lamps can be moved along the crossbar. The luminaire can be completed with floor or wall options, which are also included in the collection.

From a functional point of view, the podium is necessary to separate the bedroom area from the stairs and the passage leading to the veranda, where the owners of the apartment will spend time with their guests.

A mobile partition made of wooden slats closes the bedroom from the eyes of guests, while maintaining the entire volume of the room without reducing its true size.

The abbreviation of the Italian factory FMG stands for Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti. She specializes in creating collections that are as close as possible to the natural textures of natural marble or granite.

For the podium, we proposed the Mixfine Citystone collection in a color that the manufacturers called “pigeon”.

We emphasized the complex configuration of the window and ceilings by incorporating recessed lighting into the wall panels, which gives the space a diffused, pleasant light.

At the bay window, we have created a comfortable seating area, which offers an impressive view. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

The entire second floor is the realm of adults. In addition to the bedroom and the open terrace, we have planned an office. More and more of our customers, having survived the forced lockdown, are striving to create isolated rooms for themselves and their children.

A combination of light cream and deep brown is the color scheme we have chosen for the bathroom on the second floor.

To the left of the door is a built-in wardrobe with an open niche for cosmetics.

The flooring of the terrace is made of Woodlux Business board, which is not affected by weather conditions. It will withstand both snow and rain.

Artificial fireplaces appeared not so long ago - around the middle of the last century. And then they became popular. First, it's beautiful. They are compact. Safe. Simple. They make it easy to keep the room clean. And, most importantly, they remind us of those ancient times when families gathered by the fire to warm up and chat with each other.

We placed the living room, kitchen and boy's room on the ground floor. This part of the apartment is more private.

On the second floor, the owners will be able to arrange receptions on the open terrace without disturbing the child. To do this, we have created all the conditions - a comfortable lounge area with a fireplace and a soft group.

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