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We all know what the word “pocket” means, the Indonesian language also has this word and it means “karma”.

When David Diamantini decided to start a new lighting company in 2005, he chose Karman as his name. Perhaps he meant that all his accumulated life experience led him to create a company and understand what kind of design and what kind of light his clients would like.

And the design of Karman offers an unusual one. Collaborating with the most interesting, if not eccentric, designers, the company creates lamps that are both decoration and some art objects, each of them tells their own story - funny, funny, touching. For example, the Bibendum pendant lamp, created by Italian design legend Paola Navone, tells the story of the famous rubber man, the symbol of the tire manufacturer and retailer Michelin.

Designers Luca De Bona, Dario De Meo and Matteo Ugolini use the Gonzaga lamp to illustrate the encyclopedia of fashion, those pages devoted to round starched collars, an integral part of the costume of European aristocrats in the 16th and 17th centuries. They first appeared in Spain thanks, so to speak, to a noble lady who sought to cover her not very successful neck. And now the lamps, which appeared due to its lack, decorate the interiors and create an artistic atmosphere in them.

Belik studio designers also created a certain spirit when they chose one of the lamps from the Italian factory Karman for our new project. What spirit will be in your future home? Let's decide together.

Do you want to know the cost of designing an apartment - a studio apartment in Kyiv or another city? Houses, duplex, apartments for rent or for your children? Call us - we will answer your questions, show 3D interior design, photos of apartment design, implemented by designers and builders of the Belik studio.

A family of 4 people will live in the apartment - a husband and wife who work in the IT business and their children - an 8-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter. Guests or relatives who come to visit are a rare occurrence for them, so the functionality of the apartment reflects only the hobbies and activities of family members.

Husband and wife work from home. Given this feature, we have created a single space for work, relaxation, joint breakfasts and dinners, games with children. We used zoning to mark the boundaries between spaces of different functions.

For example, the kitchen area is separated from the rest of the common space by another tile on the floor, as well as a slightly lowered plasterboard ceiling, painted in that shade of purple called "purple haze".

For the floor, we selected porcelain stoneware from the Ukrainian factory InterCerama from the InterCerama Ivory collection.

For the floor of the living room, we offered brushed parquet of the Ukrainian factory Falcone in the color of natural oak.

Along the wall, we placed a suspended shelf from the Swedish company Ikea from the Kallax collection. Our customers read a lot and play board games with their children - now their favorite books and games will be at their fingertips.

The family is fond of photography, collects their family photos and it was important for them to create an exposition of photographs, which found its place above the hanging shelf.

The insulated loggia has become part of the common space. It contains workplaces that can be isolated by closing the sliding doors.

In a small alcove is the bedroom of our customers. We placed a resting place on the podium, separating it from the rest of the living room with a mobile partition. It is realized partly from solid wood, partly from wooden planks that let daylight into the bedroom.

The bar counter is illuminated by a spectacular Sparrow White chandelier, which is decorated with figurines of small white birds.

Podium steps not only visually separate the bedroom from the living room. In them we hid roll-out cabinets for bed linen.

On the former loggia there are two separate workplaces. We have done everything to make it clear from the external details who they belong to. To the left is the owner's work area, with dark furniture and a black-painted wall.

The workplace of his wife is decided in milky white and sandy colors.

We furnished the entire working space with the help of the Swedish company Ikea. We chose Langfjall office chairs, Lagkapten desks.

The entrance group has become the very cherry that puts an impressive end to the creation of any cake. We have done everything so that the energetic, cheerful and light character of the house is read from the first minutes of your stay in it.

The wall of the hall was decorated and illuminated by the Ugo Rilla wall lamp from the Italian factory Karman. It is a convex relief depicting a gorilla holding a lamp in its mouth.

Ugo Rilla designer Matteo Ugolini had no intention of entertaining or amusing others. He wanted to remind about environmental problems and thoughtless attitude towards animals.

Many mistakenly believe that metlakh tiles came to Europe from the East. Not at all, it began to be made in Germany in the Middle Ages. The name refers to the place of origin - the city of Mettlach in the Rhine River Valley, famous for its clay. From it in the local abbey began to produce pottery.

For the floor of the entrance group, we picked up metlakh tiles from the Winckelmans factory, which is located in the French city of Lille.

The bedroom space does not have its own window. Therefore, we allowed daylight into it as much as possible with the help of wooden slatted inserts. In addition, we installed LED cords in the ceiling and wall niches.

The bedroom is illuminated by Tonil LED lamps on flexible legs of the Polish factory Kanlux.

In each of the rooms there are natural motifs. The owners of the apartment, despite their busyness, try to spend more time with their children in the forest or parks.

The motives of nature, only completely different - the jungle, are fully reflected in the children's rooms. In the boy's room, we used wallpapers with funny African animals.

In several of our projects, we have already used children's furniture from the Hemnes collection of the Swedish company Ikea. The beds are convenient because thanks to the high backs they can be used as sofas during the daytime, and three drawers turn it into a storage system.

The Swedes specialize in storage systems like no other. We proposed to equip children's rooms with Trofast modules from Ikea. They are available in different sizes and with a different number of pull-out plastic drawers for storing toys.

We have already spoken more than once about the importance of functional zoning, especially in children's rooms. The child's understanding of the functions of every piece of furniture and every corner of his room gives him a sense of composure and discipline, which is especially true in hyperactive children.

We attached a loggia to the boy's room and separated it from the rest of the space with a mobile partition, which is a rack for toys and books.

On the left wall of the play area, we placed a built-in wardrobe, at the bottom of which there are pull-out boxes for storing the designer.

Opposite the bed, we planned the storage system of the Smastad collection from Ikea. It includes four full wardrobes for clothes and shoes.

The room is illuminated by double built-in lamps from Pride.

Closets are not just for storing clothes, they limit the work area. Clearly defining boundaries in the children's room helps to instill in the child the rules of order and schedule.

One of the tasks for the parents to decorate the children's room was to allocate a place for a magnetic board, where they and the girl would learn the alphabet in the future.

We put a large storage system for books and clothes to the left of the window, integrating a desk into it - a single furniture solution avoided unnecessary details and saved space in order to place a still sufficient seating area with wardrobes in the room.

The theme of animals and nature continues in this children's room – the floor was decorated with a carpet in the form of a funny lion cub, and a funny bear cub hung in a balloon under the ceiling.

While the girl is small, we suggested making a small table for her, which will be extended if necessary - there is enough space in the room for this.

The girl's bedroom is small - 9.8 square meters. Nevertheless, we placed on them all the necessary functional areas - recreation, study, storage, games.

The total length of the cabinets is 2600 millimeters. This is enough for the rational storage of clothes, shoes, toys, books and textbooks.

In addition to closed cabinets, to the right of the front door, we placed open shelves for your favorite toys. The family collects Barbie dolls and needed a display area for them.

What is a girl's room without a mirror and an ottoman for a little fashionista? Already none! Toddlers grow fast, their hobbies change with them, and we must take into account all the age-related transformations of their interests.

We decorated one of the walls with a sticker depicting a lion cub, the favorite animal of the little mistress of this room.

For the walls and the concealed door, we have chosen Decoprint non-woven wallpaper with a picture of hearts from the Sweet Dreams collection.

For the bathroom floor, we chose deep blue tiles from the Ukrainian company Zeus Ceramica from the Absolute Zeus Ceramica collection.

The knowledge of ergonomics laws by our designers allowed them to place in a small bathroom with an area of ​​4.2 square meters, a sink with a cupboard for storing clothes, a shower cabin and a rack with a washer and dryer.

On the walls of the bathroom there are also white tiles from the collection of the Ukrainian company Absolute Zeus Ceramica.

In the resulting niche, we installed a wall-hung toilet with a hidden installation - this solution is especially relevant when there is a shortage of space.

Above the sink is a mirror with LED lighting, hidden under the mirror surface. o reacts to the motion sensor - it is especially comfortable for the eyes at night.

To the right of the door, the wall is painted with Finnish Tikkurila paint from the Magnetic collection - it turns any surface into a magnet, and children can play in the bathroom too.

The area of ​​the dressing room is 1.9 square meters. Despite the obvious small size of the room, we placed in it a storage system for clothes and shoes, a safe, allocated places for boxes and suitcases.

Shelves are placed on both sides of the front door. The door from the dressing room is covered with a mirror. First, the mirror in this room is a necessity. Secondly, the reflective surface visually expands the space.

Being in a room without a window is a difficult scenario for any person. We added an intense saffron color to the walls to make up for the lack of natural sunlight.

The room is illuminated by an Anzazo model Kier ceiling light.

The small size of the apartment was not a hindrance but an incentive for our designers to devote more time to planning and organizing space for each of the family members.

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