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Belgium is a country of chocolate, the tradition of eating which was laid down by the Spaniards who dominated there in the 17th century. They brought cocoa beans from South America and taught the Belgian aristocrats to eat hot chocolate.

The Belgian colonies in Africa, which supplied cocoa beans to Europe, added fuel to the fire. Then Belgium became a leader in the production of high-quality chocolate. This was facilitated by the invention in the country of a device for maximum grinding of beans, which made the texture of chocolate very delicate. Belgium now produces 700,000 tons of chocolate a year.

Belgium is the country of beer. The tradition of brewing brewing is even older than that of making chocolate – it is about 500 years old. Almost every monastery or abbey in the country had its own brewery.

Belgium produces about 900 types of beer. Belgian beer has even been included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. It is so diverse that even lovers of other alcoholic beverages will find something to their taste. For example, beer "guess" is called Belgian champagne because of the special bottles in which the beer matures during the secondary fermentation. And, of course, because of the taste. Those who prefer sweet ciders will definitely appreciate the "shout" - a lambic that is infused with sour cherries.

Wine lovers will definitely love faro. This is another type of lambic that has sugar added for secondary fermentation. Faro is famous for its refreshing, light, vinous taste.

Belgium is a country of comics. The first comics appeared in Belgium relatively recently - in 1908. It is no longer clear why the drawings imported from America became so popular among the Belgians. Much more than among the inhabitants of other countries.

30 years after comics were brought to the country, the Spirou magazine dedicated to comics began to be published in Belgium. It was on its pages that one of the most famous heroes first appeared - the reporter Tintin and his dog Snowball. Their father was the self-taught artist Georges Remy, who entered the history of art under the name Hergé. He invented a special drawing technique, outlining the contours of the figures with a black line of the same thickness and filling the volumes with color. This drawing method was later adopted by American pop art stars such as Roy Lichtenstein.

Many of us love the blue gnomes in white suits - the Smurfs, comic book characters of another Belgian, Pierre Cullifort, who worked under the pseudonym Peyo. They are so fond of readers that cartoons, films and even games have been dedicated to them.

And among the comics that appeared in Belgium, the most famous are the Marsupils, whose heroes were fantasy animals similar to a combination of a monkey and a leopard. You definitely know Asterix and Obelix, two funny Gauls, heroes of the Franco-Belgian comic strip of the same name.

Belgium is a country of design. The fantastic designer Xavier Lust works here, who seems to know all the secrets of metal. Decorator Gert Vorjans conquered color - the interiors of his authorship amaze with a riot of color, which, it seems, should brighten up all the shortcomings of the country's rainy, cloudy weather. Decorator, gallery owner, collector Axel Vervoordt, who, together with fellow Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen, created the interiors of a new home for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Factories producing furniture and lighting operate here, one of which is the family-owned Delta Light. With lamps from this company, we decorated our new project, an apartment of 50 and a half square meters, for a married couple of the same age, 28 years old, and their one-year-old cat. Husband and wife work as a programmer and journalist. It seems that these are diametrically opposed professions. Perhaps it is. However, they have the same hobbies - board games, series, VR games.

Contact the Belik design studio and we will reflect all your interests in the interior, tell you how long the apartment renovation takes, the cost for it in Kyiv, tell you about the stages of implementing the design of apartments and show photos of already created objects.

The kitchen-living room does not limit its functions to these two spaces. It also includes an office, playroom and dining room. We placed all these zones in a relatively small space of 20.7 square meters.

For the floor of the living room, we offered a parquet board from the Polish manufacturer Barlinek from the Senses collection.

For the backsplash, we offered the Italian Flaviker porcelain stoneware of the Supreme collection, imitating natural marble.

The grandiose circles hanging from the living room ceiling are Delta Light's Superloop luminaires.

Luminaires are produced in different diameters, suitable for spaces of different sizes. As a finishing color, the factory offers Flemish bronze, Flemish gold, black and white. We settled on the neutral last option.

The Belgian factory Delta Light is also responsible for lighting the kitchen working group. We used her collection of built-in Splitline profiles.

We complemented the architectural ceiling lighting with hidden lighting under the top drawers of kitchen furniture.

For the floor of the entrance group, we proposed the Polish Tubadzin porcelain stoneware of the Cielo e Terra collection, which means “heaven and earth”.

To the left of the front door is an ottoman with a hanging shelf on the mirror. For comfortable lighting of the entrance, we installed LED cords in the mirror canvas.

The graphic work decorating the corridor embodies all the colors of the furniture, walls, materials - from deep black to pale pink.

The bedroom of the owners of the apartment is a very small space, only 13.1 square meters. The smaller the room, the more time we devote to lighting and furniture arrangement.

The bedroom has a complex lighting scenario. On either side of the bed hang triple pendants with black shades and white sconces from Nowodvorski.

Our designers designed the bed specifically for this interior. Her headboard is a roomy shelf with a side cabinet and cabinet.

In addition to pendant lamps for lighting the bedroom, a flush-mounted LED cord is planned to illuminate the textured wall.

To the right of the bed, at the request of the clients, we designed a floor-length mirror and a small hanging shelf with drawers for cosmetics.

A narrow closet is used to store clothes and bed linen. We installed a backlight with a motion sensor in it.

Spectacular tiles of rich aquamarine color were created by the Italian factory Marca Corona.

For walls and floors, we offered the same Polish factory Tubadzin and its Cielo e Terra collection.

Mirrors visually expand the space. Knowing this, our designers placed a mirror to the right of the bathroom door, which not only makes the space bigger, but also makes the ceilings higher.

Against the background of light tiles, shower heads, faucets and installation buttons in black look like decor.

We planned the apartment in such a way that when the family is replenished with a baby, there will be more options for changing the functions of the rooms with minimal investment.

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