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Undoubtedly, the biggest buzz in 2020 among fans of the long film was made by the series "The Bridgertons". The charm of the actors who played the main roles, Rege-Jean Page and Phoebe Dinevor, played a role. However, the biggest controversy was between those who doubted the wisdom of choosing black actors to play British aristocrats. Particularly heated discussions were held around the British Queen Charlotte, whose image was embodied by the black actress Golda Rochavel.

In fact, rumors about the origin of this real-life queen have been circulating since the middle of the last century. She was born into a family of dukes who ruled one of the regions in the north of the Holy Roman Empire. Before her marriage to the British monarch George III, she did not even speak English. Some of the researchers, based on lifetime portraits of the queen, make assumptions about her African origin. Others base their theories on the fact that one of Charlotte's Portuguese ancestors was from the black branch of the royal house.

Now it is difficult to say exactly which of the guesses corresponds to reality. We can only rely on facts. And they are talking about the following. Charlotte pie was born thanks to Queen Charlotte. She introduced the tradition of Christmas trees to the UK. The queen was a passionate admirer of music - her teacher was the son of the great composer Bach, Johann Christian. At her invitation, eight-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrived in the country and lived in it for a year, who dedicated six sonatas to her. Thanks to her, the Royal Gardens of Kew expanded. She was dedicated to the flower Strelitzia Royale, found in South Africa.

A new design for a porcelain service produced by the Worcester factory was also named after her. She helped the hospital for pregnant women, which now bears her name - Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital. Two cities and one bay bear her name.

Few people know that in design we owe something to her. Queen Charlotte, wanting to expand her wardrobe, announced a color contest. It was won by a community of tailors from Somerset who offered their interpretation of the royal dress, which was a complex shade of cerulean blue. So this color went down in history. It is known under the name "royal" or "imperial blue". Over time, it became very popular. For example, it is the official color of King's College London, the Birmingham football team, Ford racing cars, the flags of the Philippines, Samoa, the Cayman Islands, Israel, Texas and New Zealand. This color was used as an accent color by our designers in a new project by the Belik design studio.

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In the center of Chernihiv there is a new residential complex of premium class KievSKY. There is our new project - an apartment of 109.3 square meters.

A family of three will live in the apartment - a married couple of 36 and 34 years old and their son, who is not yet two years old.

The center of the apartment is a living room with an area of ​​25.8 square meters, which includes a dining and lounge area.

When designing dining room furniture, we proposed an option that has recently attracted more and more supporters - the integration of a dining table into a bar counter. This option saves space and creates a more integral design solution.

The “old gold” finish was suggested by our designers for all metal accessories and interior details, including wall sconces from Eglo.

Above the dining area, we placed spectacular spherical pendants Sculptural Glass.

We think that you have already noticed the details for which we have proposed imperial or royal blue. In the living room, this is the upholstery of armchairs, pillows and a carpet made in the now fashionable tie-dye technique, brought to our interiors and clothes by the hippie subculture.

The floor of the living room is covered with a parquet board from the Polish factory Barlinek in a color called “rich cappuccino”.

In addition to gold pendants, the bar counter is illuminated by Nowodvorski overhead spotlights.

The marble panel, on which we installed the TV, was created using Chinese porcelain stoneware from the Megagres factory from the Carrara collection.

The Ukrainian factory Golden Tile has developed the Calacatta Extra collection, the porcelain stoneware of which we used for the kitchen backsplash.

Hidden under the upper kitchen drawers, an LED string creates an exciting play of marble texture, highlighting the pattern of porcelain stoneware.

The top drawers of the kitchen are not only part of the storage system, but also part of the lighting scenario thanks to LED interior lighting.

The kitchen storage system includes several types of drawers. In addition to the classic closed bottom and top hanging, it also includes illuminated glass shelves and closed cases located under the ceiling.

Pietrasanta is a small Italian city that had a chance to get lost among other picturesque cities in the country. However, this did not happen due to the fact that quarries are located next to it, where high-quality marble is mined. Michelangelo came here to choose the material for the tomb of Pope Julius II himself.

And Pietrasanta is a collection of porcelain tiles developed by the Polish company Tubadzin. We used this white porcelain stoneware to create the centerpiece of the entryway.

Along the perimeter of the entrance is porcelain stoneware also from the Polish factory Paradyz Ceramika of the Paradyz My Way premium series of the Paradyz Baro collection.

On a loggia with an area of ​​just over 5 square meters, we have created a cozy lounge area.

The atmosphere of relaxation is created by climbing plants, which we placed in a planter on the wall.

On both sides of the bed, we placed table lamps from the German factory Maytoni on spectacular crystal legs.

Curzon Street suspended ceiling light provides central lighting.

The lighting of the bedroom is complemented by LED cords built into the mirror.

Built-in spotlights from the German factory Maytoni add variety to the lighting scenario of the bedroom.

For the private lighting of the bedroom, our designers planned LED lighting built into the niche between the ceiling and the wall.

A bedroom connected to an office is no longer an exception to the rule, but the realities of our life. In this bedroom, we placed a computer desk with a comfortable reclining chair by the window.

The workplace is illuminated by LED spotlights built under the shelves of the bookcase.

For the walls of the bathroom, we selected Spanish porcelain stoneware from the Ibero factory from the Slatestone collection in pearl color.

You have already noticed that our designers love recessed lighting. This room is no exception. We chose a large mirror and an additional make-up mirror with built-in LED lighting.

On the rest of the walls of the bathroom there is also Polish Tubadzin porcelain stoneware from a collection also named after the small Italian town of Pietrasanta.

Above the toilet and bidet with a hidden installation, we placed a built-in niche with lighting.

Above the niche for towels are also closed drawers for storing linen.

We have integrated hidden lighting under the bathtub to create a feeling of lightness.

The owners of this apartment can safely plan the expansion of the family and the birth of children. Our designers have created the interior of the nursery "for growth".

Over time, the play area located on the second floor can become a bedroom for an older child, and the younger one will get the bottom bed.

The rope curtain performs two functions in the children's room at once - it can be used as a climbing frame, and it is a fence for the upper floor of the sleeping area.

The entire interior of the children's room is filled with images of animals. Even the big easy chair is made in the form of a big rabbit.

In the children's room, everything is designed to develop the imagination of a two-year-old boy. On the walls, we depicted countless balloons with fluffy clouds floating between them.

Looking closely, you will see that the clouds are the shelves on which the boy will place his favorite books.

In the center of the room, our designers placed a pendant lamp with three Stars shades. And the bed is illuminated by a decorative garland with frosted balls.

In one of the partitions, we built in shelves for books and toys with chiseled LED built-in lights.

On the second balcony, we organized a recreation area, which can also be a place to work.

We placed there a comfortable daybed with hidden drawers for storing pillows and blankets and a small coffee table.

In a small bathroom measuring 2.5 square meters, located right at the entrance to the apartment, we placed a sink, a toilet bowl, and a built-in storage system.

Above the toilet is a niche for towels.

Under the sink, located on a hanging pedestal, a hidden backlight with a motion sensor is installed.

The floor of the bathroom is covered with ceramic granite from the Spanish factory Ceramica Deseo of the Gales collection of rich chocolate color.

We designed storage cabinets to the ceiling, which allowed us to take the upper shelves for luggage and boxes with seasonal shoes.

For the floor of the dressing room, we selected porcelain stoneware from the Italgraniti Group factory from the Allure collection, which repeats the texture of natural wood.

The dressing room is illuminated by spot recessed square lamps Azardo.

The shape of the apartment allowed us to place public areas directly opposite the entrance to the apartment, leaving private rooms, the bedrooms of the owners and their son, to the left of the entrance group. This layout preserves the privacy of the life of the inhabitants of the apartment.

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